Dexstar Tires and Wheels – Wheel Only – AM20783 Review –

Dexstar Tires and Wheels – Wheel Only – AM20783 Review –

Today were going to review part number, AM20783. This is the Dexstar Dual Wheel. This wheel is built of a sturdy steel construction. The finish is a silver powder coat finish
over a e-coat primer. This will give excellent corrosion resistance,
and on the dual wheels as you can say has a very high positive offset and this will
put the wheel closer to your trailer frame. This
wheel is a high
quality wheel which will meet the DOT specifications.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know. I've fixed the product link provided above and we will work on uploading a new version of the video to YouTube. It has been fixed at if you'd like to hear it out of both the left and right speakers 🙂 Thanks!

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