Detroit Rubber S1 Ep. 2 of 6 –  Party in the D

Detroit Rubber S1 Ep. 2 of 6 – Party in the D

[MUSIC PLAYING] RICK: So there’s gonna
be three shelves– 1, 2, 3– painted all black. And then– -Painted what color? RICK: Black. So today I asked Jay John and
AZ to install three shelves. RO: Completely laid
it out for them. RICK: Yeah, completely. I told them I wanted
black shelves. RO: The dimensions. RICK: The dimensions,
everything. JAY JOHN: Remember “Tool Time?”
They were all white. The boss was black. So I’m with y’all. RICK: Oh you– [LAUGHS] JAY JOHN: So we got Bob Villa. What color is he? RO: White. JAY JOHN: OK, you
have Al Borland. -He’s definitely white. JAY JOHN: He’s clearly white. AZ: Norm Abrams. JAY JOHN: Who’s that? AZ: “This Old House.” -Who’s Norm? JAY JOHN: It makes the point. RO: It makes the point. JAY JOHN: I don’t build. I’m a plumber by trade. I do shit with pipes. RICK: You lay pipe
for a living. AZ: He’s not hanging shelves. Those hands touch
money and women. JAY JOHN: How do you think
this is going to come out, for real? The last thing I ever built
was with LEGOs. It was always straight up. -It was something. JAY JOHN: It was straight-up
bullshit. AZ: Building the shelves is the
biggest pain in the ass. Yo, give Devin a holler. JAY JOHN: Little baby. AZ: We gotta get him in here
if we gotta jet out there. JAY JOHN: Little baby Devin. JAY JOHN: Where you at? JAY JOHN: You all still
do field trips? We need you to hurry up and
get to the shop, bro. So while we’re gone, we
leave little baby Devin at the store. This is pretty much his first
time being alone at the store. -We running out, and you
gotta man the ship. DEVIN: For sure. RO: Little baby Devin calls me
and says my boy tells him that I told him that he could
come in the store and get some clothes. DEVIN: Before you take anything,
just I’m calling Ro. [PHONE RINGING] DEVIN: What up, bro? You told a few people they can
come and get some stuff for a photo shoot? DEVIN: You told a few people
they can come and get some stuff for a photo shoot? DEVIN: Hey, they’re
walking out. Hey, hey, hey. RO: He’s on the phone, like
going crazy, like, no, you can’t leave with that, you
can’t leave with that. And it sounded like
a hear a tussle. -Hey, come on. DEVIN: Hey, chill. Hey, hey, hey! Hey, y’all gotta bring
that back. I’m about to call the police. RO: Why you calling me? Call the police. DEVIN: Bro, can you call them? I don’t know the number. RO: So you need me to
call the police. DEVIN: Yeah. JAY JOHN: We’re in the
hardware store. AZ is lollygagging, taking
his good old time. AZ: We have arrived. I feel at home in the
hardware store. Jay John, I don’t
know so much. JAY JOHN: I gotta
get the [BLEEP] out of here. -8 by 10s. All the lumber’s right here. Go ahead and look it over. AZ: We both came to a
drastically different suggestion that we– JAY JOHN: What’s [INAUDIBLE]? AZ: Some shit that they
didn’t say to get. JAY JOHN: Bag these up, and then
these are the ones we do. I make all the executive
decisions. All the CEO calls
come from thus. AZ wanted to build some
shit from scratch. Might as well get
these finished shelves, call it a night. You– AZ: Rock, paper, scissors. JAY JOHN: Rock, paper, wrench. AZ: World champ, baby. JAY JOHN: Here we go. Woo! AZ: That’s how you
[INAUDIBLE]. JAY JOHN: Yeah, this one now. AZ: You broke that one. Remember that. JAY JOHN: You broke that one. AZ: Now, I’m telling you, man,
they want black ones. JAY JOHN: No, this is fine. We good. Hey, man. DEVIN: Y’all ain’t bring
me back a hot dog? JAY JOHN: So what’s been good? DEVIN: Yeah. No, to be honest. JAY JOHN: Yeah, no? DEVIN: Dog, some people came
in, and they got away with some stuff. AZ: Devin is, in fact,
responsible for said robbery. He lost control of
the situation. DEVIN: So I chased the
dudes outside. I got one of the shoes back. We could have scrapped, but they
just wanted to get away. JAY JOHN: You could have
scrapped, but they wanted to get away. DEVIN: Give me a gun,
so if some– JAY JOHN: Give me a gun? You’re stupid. You’re a [INAUDIBLE] yourself. AZ: [LAUGHS] JAY JOHN: Shoot every
customer. DEVIN: But I’m nervous, bro,
that we just got robbed. JAY JOHN: No, you
just got robbed. AZ: You got robbed. JAY JOHN: There we go. DEVIN: We got ro– like,
it wasn’t my fault. AZ: You. DEVIN: So what you gonna
tell Rick and Ro? AZ: That you got robbed. DEVIN: Y’all ain’t even trying
to help me out with the robbery or nothing. JAY JOHN: Little baby [BLEEP] Devin. RO: We were trying to test
Devin, see if he gonna be OK. So we call Mo Beatz. This is Big Sean’s
DJ, world famous. And we tell him, yo,
Devin’s gonna be in the store by himself. Go in the store, grab the
clothes and go, and see what baby Devin does. Little baby Devin
passed the test. And I knew he would, man. The clothes are back here
in our possession. It was all fun and games. JAY JOHN: AZ. AZ: Huh? JAY JOHN: What’s
this look like? Baby Devin drawing dicks. AZ: Hey, he signed his name. [LAUGHTER] AZ: Constantly just doodling
dicks, doodling dicks, doodling dicks. JAY JOHN: AZ comes up with
the doodling dicks song. It was pretty catchy. The doodling dicks,
the doodling, doodling, doodling dicks. AZ: It’s what I do in my spare
time, doodle the dicks. DEVIN: Come on. JAY JOHN: [INAUDIBLE]. DEVIN: No. I’m trying to throw this away. JAY JOHN: [INAUDIBLE]. DEVIN: Trash. AZ: Doodling dicks. Doodling dicks. Long day at work, killing
time doodling dicks. You got a stud finder? JAY JOHN: Yeah. There’s one right here. See that? Same sound. It’s not panning out well,
by any stretch of the imagination. Look good to me. Good and [BLEEP] up. I’m supervising this. AZ: Don’t you know somebody? JAY JOHN: I had to wrap this
shit up quick, ended up calling my guy. AZ: So we call Kendal. [PHONE RINGING] JAY JOHN: What’s good? What you got up for
the night, bro? JAY JOHN: That’s what’s up. Hey, Rick and Ro are trying to
get us to build some shelves. And if you can swing by,
man, that’d be love. JAY JOHN: Well, bring her too. She can put up a shelf, too. AZ: We pay Kendal
in tennis shoes. JAY JOHN: That shall
not be mentioned. I’m paying him off per check. AZ: I can’t believe Devin’s
doodling dicks, bro. JAY JOHN: That’s your boy. You hired him. KENDAL: Damn, boy. What’s good? JAY JOHN: Yo, come over here
and give me a hug, man. Give me a hug. KENDAL: What I’m gonna need
you to do is put my shoes right next to my tools. JAY JOHN: I got you. [INAUDIBLE]. KENDAL: Thank you, sir. JAY JOHN: He good. AZ: I can’t do nothing. KENDAL: All right, fellas,
shelf number one. JAY JOHN: There we go. We ain’t do too bad
on this one. KENDAL: We? JAY JOHN: Yeah, we was
all here, right? All Rick and Ro want to see
is a finished product. And that’s what I’m
giving them. -Hey, guys. RICK: What up, what
up, what up? [INAUDIBLE]. -How are things? RO: Y’all, this is not
what we asked for. AZ: Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. RO: Didn’t I say
black shelves? AZ: That was going to be almost
impossible to do. RO: There’s a hole in
the wall right here. AZ: We can fix that. RICK: The shelves are
white, first of all. They’re these generic
L-brackets. They’re not even screwed into
the studs on the wall. Maybe we should have asked
a professional contractor to do this. But at the end of the day– RO: They put up the shelves. RICK: They put up the shelves. And it was like, let’s
just go have fun. Let’s go relax. Y’all, they got music. That’s the Lord’s music. JAY JOHN: Downtown. And I’m hearing, like, some
new new age, new wave electro-pop funk pop. RO: Lord Jesus this is– RICK: So when I see someone
talking about the Lord, let’s go see. RO: You walk towards
the light, bro. RICK: Go to the light. [MUSIC PLAYING] RO: What? RICK: What? Jesus love the Tigers. RO: What? RICK: Jesus loves
the East Side. RO: What? -[INAUDIBLE]. [MUSIC PLAYING] RICK: He breaks off into his
patented Baryshnikov thing. RO: Freeze on the heel. RICK: Freeze on the heel. RO: Bring it back. RICK: OK. [MUSIC PLAYING] RO: It’s like Jesus was
there with him. RICK: Really, honestly, the
whole situation was amazing. [MUSIC PLAYING] JAY JOHN: There’s more music. I mean, damn, downtown
is a musical place. I gotta join the party. AZ: Jay John just basically
kicks this man off his own bucket. RO: And Jay John got on these
buckets, though, and went to work, man. [MUSIC PLAYING] RICK: He tried to steal the
show tonight, and he did. RO: And he did, and he did. RICK: As he does. After the drums, we
ate like kings. JAY JOHN: I don’t believe that
this is your mother. [INTERPOSING VOICES] JAY JOHN: I can’t go for it. RO: I’m gonna go with
sister, bro. AZ: Jay John manages to pull a
cougar and her innocent cub. JAY JOHN: Titties, ass, ass,
titties, ass, titties, racks. RO: And the cougar and the
tigress are having a blast. They invite us to this party
that, at the drop of a dime, Jay John is like, I’m there,
and I’m going to have sex. -You guys will actually come? RO: Yeah. JAY JOHN: Bring it in. Bring it in, doll. All right, you– Have you seen that movie “Almost
Famous?” It’s going to be just like that, with
black people. [INTERPOSING VOICES] -You want your usuals, man? Fried chicken, pink
lemonade, fries? RO: I want the spicy chicken. AZ: That’s racist. JAY JOHN: Ba-doom, tsh. RO: What we always get, bro. You’re really trying to
go to that party? JAY JOHN: I am trying to have
sex with that girl, because you already know how I do
with white girls, is bare hand ass grabs. AZ: I see. JAY JOHN: You know
what I’m saying? RO: It starts with
the hug, though. JAY JOHN: It starts with the
hug, the open-handed, unthreatening. This is not threatening
right here. RO: That’s definitely
not threatening. JAY JOHN: You don’t wanna go? RO: I really don’t wanna go. AZ: I’ll go. I want to go. But Rick’ll work. JAY JOHN: I need you to go. AZ: You need a translator
for all the– JAY JOHN: You right. AZ: –whiteness that’s gonna
happen at this party. JAY JOHN: Hoo, “huwhite.” AZ: “Huwhite.” RO: AZ’s coming to the party,
and he felt that we would need a white person translator. Really, he was just trying to
come to the party, bro. AZ: It’s gonna be an interesting
night, watching all these ultra-white
sorostitute chicks running around. -That’s a bad sign, bro. RICK: So I’m at the shop
wondering how the party’s going, what are the
guys getting into? RO: Weird white girls
gone wild. You know, Halloween is already
an excuse when you’re dealing with the other persuasion. It’s a step out there into the
sluttiness world and the slurrish world. [CHANTING “SHOT”] -[INAUDIBLE]. [CHANTING “SHOT”] -Si se puede. JAY JOHN: Lift it up. -[INAUDIBLE]. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa. [INTERPOSING VOICES] JAY JOHN: Damn. AZ: Every time we
go somewhere, it never plays out normal. Because this shit
has to happen. Some dude gotta get
all up in arms. JAY JOHN: I wanted to uppercut
somebody so bad tonight. This is arm and hammer. I am arm and hammer. RO: Let’s get to the
crib, y’all. I gotta go home. -Next week on “Detroit

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  5. For all you dumb asses its in Royal Oak a suburb of Detroit it is a real store and they do work there, -_- i have been there. 

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