Design Chat With Jonny—Head 2 Head Preview Ep. 107

Design Chat With Jonny—Head 2 Head Preview Ep. 107

(high-energy music) (car engines purring) – We’re coming up on
this crazy ghost town. – Look at this place. Wow. – Nelson. – This is a proper road trip location. (upbeat music) – Wow. – Right? – This place is awesome. – I know, this is Nelson’s Ghost Town. It’s in the middle of nowhere. – Well, it looks amazing. – Speaking of amazing, now
would be a perfect time to stop and talk about the
design of these two huge sedans. – Let me stop you for a moment. You’re going to start saying
things like dash-to-axle– – Dash-to-axle is a perfect
place to start actually. – ‘Kay Jonny.
– Yeah. – You can tell everyone
how these cars look. – Yep.
– I know they can see on video but you will fill in many more details. I’m just going to look around
here ’cause this place is great. – Alright, watch out for rattlesnakes. Anyways, dash-to-axle, what that means is the space between the
centerline of the hub and the steering wheel, essentially. And the longer it is, the
more elegant cars look and that’s why full-size cars and front-engine sports
cars just look so good. Now the Jag XJ, I think this is. – Whoa. What the hell is this thing. – It’s hard to have
something that’s really large look athletic, you know, if
you go to the animal kingdom. – There’s no one around and Jonny’s talking about all the things I hate. So what if I flicked this. (truck engine starting)
(Jethro laughing) – Elephants–
(truck engine revving) Look, I’m talking here.
(Jethro laughing) – [Jethro] Oh, check this out. Yes. (Jethro laughing) – Do you even know how to drive that? (truck horn honking) (Jethro laughing) Are you supposed to drive that? Not very good dash-to-axle. (upbeat music) Jag is so smart to come out with this car because, since 1968,
XJ’s has looked the same and really since the Mark X before that. – Oh, I’m never going to get
this around this turn (laughing). He’s an absolute beast. Oh my God. (Jethro laughing) – Part of the reason why is it’s extreme tumblehome, now both these cars have that. What is tumblehome? Basically it’s relationship
of the belt line, the part that sticks out the most in the top of the roof, in nautical term. – This is a lot more fun than listening to Jonny talk about tumblehome, all that weird stuff that was designers talk about. – And basically like a van, a old traditional van, is just square, straight up and– (truck engine roaring) – There’s, oh there’s Jonny. Still going on. Yeah, we survived. This thing’s wicked. – [Jonny] You know I am working here. – Jonny. – [Jonny] Huh? (Jethro laughing) – [Jethro] Woo. – [Jonny] I cannot hear you. (truck horn high-pitched honking) (laughing) – [Jonny] Oh, I couldn’t even see you. – [Jethro] This thing’s awesome. – Having fun? – A lot of fun.
– Yeah. – And did I manage to ruin
your design discussion? – Yeah, I mean we were just
gettin’ to tumblehomes, so. – Perfect, perfect, I ruined it. And people watching will be so happy. Anyway, listen, we’re in
the middle of nowhere. – True.
– I’m havin’ a lot of fun in this, but, there’s
some long, straight roads around here.
– Yeah. – Why don’t we just get in the cars and, go as fast as we can? – You mean like a standing mile? – No, I don’t mean a standing mile, there’s no one here. We’ll just keep going
till the road runs out. – [Jonny] For those of you
who want more design chat, please direct message me on Instagram. (upbeat music)

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  1. You when they said they’d put these videos up a month later after they appear on the On Demand service. Guess they stopped doing that, so what’s the point anymore

  2. For the first time ever I'm thinking about unsubscribing because I haven't clicked on any of their vids in months. I still visit their website (what they want us to do) to watch the most current episodes of my favorite MT shows but this YT channel is for the birds.

  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THEM LOOK AT IT. So I just came up with this idea for roadkill meet up with Ken Block and make a new project car

  4. I see the same butthurt commentors in almost every video. If you don't wanna for subscription, no one is forcing you. Go away 😂😂

  5. Pointless video. Desperately trying to have chemistry between Jon and Jethro, to be entertaining, failing miserably. Jethro, good journalist, can not replace Jason.

  6. The show gets worse and you have to pay to watch the full videos lmao. No wonder I haven’t watched you clowns since my sophomore year

  7. This is ridiculous. Another Eff’n preview video. The ghost town at the beginning of the video will be motor-trend if they keep this up.

  8. Like die-hard fan of you channel, i have to unsubscribe now. I don't like your new business model, it seems like your management team is just too greedy and just wants more money (or you can not keep expences down), there are also quality car content creators who manage to make money and keep their videos free, i will just watch them.

  9. WTF happened to the old Head to Heads?? Serious question….what is the point of this? I assume it’s supposed to be funny but there is nothing even remotely entertaining happening here 🤦🏻‍♂️

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