Defender Bonnet Protector Installation

Defender Bonnet Protector Installation

I’ve purchased a chequer plate bonnet protector,
had it powder coated and I’ll install that now. I’m making a gasket from closed cell foam
to stop any metal on metal contact to reduce vibrations between the bonnet and bonnet protector and I’m using some butyl mastic to form a
bead around the outside perimeter to stop water from getting stuck underneath.

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  1. I bet the hood (bonnet) was a lot heavier after you put that checker plate metal on. Great idea with the rivets and silicone!

  2. If it was aluminium bonnet, with aluminium checker plate and aluminium rivets, why bother with a gasket? No dis-similar metal contact. Nicely done anyway. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. Yes it is a bit heavier. Probably couldn't lift it off myself now like I did in the beginning. Though it's really only about 5kgs more.

  4. I added the gasket to reduce any vibration between the bonnet and protector, just in case there was sufficient space in the central area for the panels to move. Otherwise yes, the gasket wouldn't be necessary.Thanks

  5. Another job done properly Brett! The gasket is a really good idea. I have some spare checker plate lying around I might cut one out and do your process. Cheers mate, long live the defender.

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