Deaf and Hearing Couple Vlog: San Francisco Road Trip part 1

Deaf and Hearing Couple Vlog: San Francisco Road Trip part 1

Hello my friends! We’re in San Luis Obispo What do you got there on your pack? My birthday present from my girlfriend. It’s a gopro chest thingy. Feels so weird. Whaaa? E: (laughing) E: It’s just funny E: because we’re just going shopping E: or we’re just going to walk around. E: Oh! We’re going to the gum wall too Nah, probably not. E: Babe go ahead Nah. E: I’m happy you’re excited about your gift though E: Now we’re in a guy’s shop E: Babe, I think this would look good on you E: Dam! That actually fits! Hey! We’re at the weird “Gum Wall” It’s so gross seriously! woooow E: I thought you were going to run into it E: Ewww E: That’s so narley E: Ewww E: Oh. It smells really bad E: Babe, it smells so bad Because… You know what gum is made out of? E: Rubber Rubber!! It’s made of rubber! So all this is rubber! Old, smells like old tires because it’s rubber. That’s why it becomes black. Because it’s rubber. E: Good E: Found it We have left San Luis Obispo, and now we are going to Morro Bay And they have a huge rock. I guess we’re going to look at it. For Funnsies! We’re kinda just winging this trip. We just booked our hotel in San Francisco and we’re looking for restaurants to eat at tonight in Morro Bay on Yelp. Its actually a good app if you’re traveling. What’s wrong? ok. That’s fine. Wait a minute I don’t see a rock. You see the rock? I don’t see the rock. You know the restaurant is right next to the rock. Should we just go there? ok. well it says that that’s the natural park but I don’t know if that means anything. E: What is this? E: Is it a swamp? E: Or a lake? E: Babe, what is this place? It looks like a swamp but I can see a river. I’m going down. E: You’re going to go down? E: Why?! E: Why are you going to go down? E: Don’t go. I don’t want to loose you. E: Okay, fine I’ll come E: But let’s not die okay E: Nobody knows we’re out here E: It is kinda chilly now E: Probably should change my cloths E: Wo E: It’s pretty E: What is this? E: What if this is just sewer E: I guess it would smell if it were sewer Very cold but very beautiful, very cool. We’re in, oh near, oh we’re in Morro Bay State Park. and this is a lot different than home a lot different. E: So how do you like the trip so far? i like the trip. its good so far. so far we’ve been chilling. that’s the purpose of vacations right? Just to chill take a break, from life. Sign: Road Trip Road- Trip. V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n Vacation. E: With your V’s, right? E: Is it V’s? E: Oh, like with your 3’s E: 3’s. Vacation. E: Restaurants? E: We eat out a lot so restaurants maybe. r-e-s-t-a-u-r-a-n-t restaurant. E: With an R E: Restaurants n-a-t-u-r-e E: Nature nature. with a n. Nature. E: Cities c-i-t-y City. c-i-t-i-e-s Cities. E: Why? E: Why? E: I think that’s a cool sign E: Cuz houses City- why, because the two hands represent top of a house roof so when you put together multiple houses, you get city. that means a lot of houses in one place. E: I like that sign E: It’s a good sign E: Lakes E: I think we’re near a lake lake. R-i-v-e-r There’s two signs. river with straight hands. and river with r on both hands. But I prefer river with straight hands. That’s it! Stop! E: There’s the rock E: We found the rock E: Rock, rock, rock Tonight Ryan turns 23 years old.(actually tomorrow) E: Thank you so much E: Happy birthday WOW! That’s rich. DISCLAIMER: WE BOTH ATE THE DESSERT TOGETHER Happy Birthday, Happy early birthday Thank yooooou I’m sooo full me too. sooo full. ready to go to sleep. Now we’re going to drive to San Francisco. Ryan is gonna sleep in the car while I drive he’s gonna knock out. Byeeeee

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  1. Hey you two 🙂 a late Happy Birthday to Ryan 🙂 Looks like you had a great time! I really appreciate your vlog. The 'funny' thing: What you guys have I always wished for myself. Strange isn't it? I mean, I'm really trying to learn sign language but it's always kind of doomed because there's no possibility of really using and practising…
    Another question: Did Titan came with you or was he staying home?
    Greetings and btw I'm pamina89 from insta

  2. I love your videos, you two are so lovely and Im learning so much about deaf culture! It's cool that you guys give us hearing folks so much insight into your lifes, so I just want to say thanks!

    Also super jealous of your road trip to SF <3

  3. Happy Birthday Ryan! I loooove your vlog! I have been kept eyes on vlog when you posted. I was so excited to watch it. 😂😀 keep it up! Great job vlog! 🙂

    Would like to introduce myself- My name is Candice. I am Deaf. Was from South Africa and live in New Zealand. I knw ASL/SASL/NZSL. You both are super cool people! 😀👍

  4. I love these vlogs, many cute funny moments, loved the little pit stop when she says to herself "what if this is just the sewer" had me laughing, that's exactly what I've would've thought in that same situation

  5. hey! i have a question! how do you sign if you only have one hand free? is the meaning "gotten" ? is there a separate way to sign if you only have one hand? i was wondering because it seems like signing and driving would be hard

  6. Hey I'm 12 years old and you inspired me to learn sign language your so inspirational and wanted to say I love you guys I have a question why did you go to sanfrusico 💗😜

  7. Have fun on your road trip! 😀 Hahaha is Ryan shy? But thankyou anyways for teaching us signs like Road Trip and Vacation and Lakes! The Cities was interesting too! I really appreciate your sharing

    And Happy Birthday Ryan!

  8. Good afternoon! I am from Belarus. I love your videos. It is very interesting to learn your sign language. I am deaf and I know Russian Sign Language (RSL), love your video about the trip. You are such a cute couple. I admire you. Thank you!!!

  9. Your vlogs are such great quality. And I love that you're showcasing your relationship so that people can see the dynamic of a Deaf/hearing couple, and that it can work. So guys are so cute. Happy Bday Ryan!

  10. I love your videos and you guys but I liked when you guys put in the subtitles, it was a nice way to learn how to sign the words being said if you don't already know how. it would be cool if you could do that

  11. Enjoy your videos! You all look like such a happy couple, continue to enjoy your journey of traveling and thanks for sharing your life!

  12. Like to ask u what the name of song and it was good music and I'm full deaf and I us headphone and can u tell me what the name of song and u can inbox me on my page of Facebook

  13. It wouldn't be too voyeuristic to ask to see a clip or moment where you two sign and you're not talking as well? I'm just interested in seeing how you sign when you don't have to think about talking

  14. I just came across your videos today and I'm seriously addicted to watching your videos! I've been taking a full year course at my university for about 4 months now and Im so happy that I could understand half of what you guys are signing! i love it!! I'm addicted to watching your videos and learning along the way!!

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