hey guys what’s up and welcome to a new video from Walmart San Diego the last time I have been to California I went to Walmart with Marc and sam pilgrim and we tested a beach cruiser to its fullest lets take a look now we are back at Walmart and I have asked you guys in the community section which bike you like to see in a new cheap bike episode cheap bmx cheap Mtb or a beachcruiser once again you have chosen the Mtb they have so many mtbs. this one is way to good, look i have seen one over here which is ridiculous but this one is so cheap, it looks like it will break right away when I hop on to afraid I would brake this and brake myself but this one is pretty good mtn bike, fits perfect lets take that one have to survive the first test tho the fork is so bad, omg bike is laying in the truck, 137$ with taxes now lets go to spot number 1 arrived at a pretty famous street skate spot but it has to survive the truck drop off before we can hit an other drop lets drop of this than side story I have ordered a bit of a smaller rental but when we arrived this particular one was out of stock so they gave us the truck. hell yeah! lets move on the fork completely messed up right now and this thing is even, about 30 cm higher than the drop before was and look the handlebar is moving already don’t know how the spot is called exactly but it has been in so many skate and bmx videos so lets drop with this thing from up there to flat here but higher I would say, right and the chain is down aswell. man o man before we even move on I have to tighten the handle bar why do the y make it so lose beforehand always make sure to check all the screws whenever you get a new bike guys! so everything survived the first drops. insane lets change to the real cam now. we have to pick it up at the apartment as its still loading now at the beach and here are some nice cliffs leading into the beach they are no such things as bike parks around here so lets bomb these hills down than leading all the way into the sand dont slip a foot oh the brakes do absolutely not work and the pedal is already destroyed, oh no brake doesn’t work at all we moved down the beach a little bit. come over here we have found a nice little stair set 20 set I guess. lets send it on this rig for sure this thing has to be able to send stairs lets get out of here, they probably think we are stupid short break down of what happened. insane massage for my arms, trrrr the fork is not to good haha next spot is this little pump track we just found lets try to ride hot on here bit dusty it is first challenge, lets try to double those whoops I might be showing it to you the first (*2nd) time in this video now, but the chain went of the 4th time now its no kmc… now lets go full speed into the chain and clear those bad boys 2 out of 3 made it. but already spied out another set of jumps in here take off, landing take off, landing and a slightly hipped one 3 meter, quite a challenge with this beast worked better than the other line of whoops way easier it was. quick side note. this bike actually works quite good on here tires could grip a bit more, more air pressure would be nice, but other than that its really good in here but it feels way to small for me. 24” and such a small frame. feels like a bmx bike and the handlebar width is like 65cm and I already shifted a couple of times because these grips have the integrated shifter handle fork is not so good obviously lets send another set but its so much fun actually on here more in the air than on the ground so you don’t even notice how crazy this bike is haha wenn jumping I always pulled the handlebar up, on the landing it turned down again up down up down, so sketchy look at this marks are visible we are now at the skatepark before we go lets tighten those handle bars so loose and I have tightened them quite a bit earlier that’s the final spot: OB skatepark chad Kerley, bmx pro, is riding here quite often quite crowded with skaters and scooter riders. have to dodge them i will try to ride it and then a 180 out the fork pushs you into orbit what else can we do. its quite sketchy with all those people riding in here another move over here would have thought it works better. bmx would be better here but I have asked you in the community section what you guys want to see so the cheap Mtb bike it is its a bmx, fork doesn’t work the way it should anyways haha still holds on quite well for the stuff we have did already only broken part is the one pedal lets do the final move now around the park and final move joke. now! dude I thought I have landed on my rims every time on a cheap bike, the flip works so well sure I have one trick in mind, the flair. BUT this bike is still working so well this time I will rather give it to some one than to totally destroy this bike i will put it to the park out there. and as San Diego has quite some homeless people, one of them will be stoked to get a new one or a kid will take it and ride it and he has a new bike, which works quite good and isn’t destroyed yet soembody will be really happy with this bike I feel like hope you guys have liked the first video from San Diego for sure there is a 2nd one coming leave a like and subscribe to the channel if you did like it see you guys in the next one, you are the best! peace! there it goes hope it finds a new owner soon cheers old mate

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  1. Billig Bike aber Top Backflip. Du schaffst echt alles. Freu mich schon auf mehr Videos von Dir. 😊

  2. Ich glaube, dass ist bestimmt das zehnte YT-Video, das ich mir angucke in dem Leute ein Wallmart-Bike kaufen und es kaputt fahren.
    Absolut unoriginell. Aber wenn die Community das eben so will.

  3. Hi Lukas ich habe eine Frage zu deinen merch store zu den camo Handschuhe ob es die bald wieder geben wird??? 🤔🤔

  4. Jetzt heisst es für mich die nächsten Wochen erstmal Pause und kein Downhill mehr fahren. Hab mir heute erstmal mein Bein, meinen Arm und die Nase gebrochen, also hau mal ordentlich Videos raus.

  5. Da hält mein normalo-Fahrrad mit 20 Zoll Reifen und 3 Gang Nabenschaltung mehr aus, und zwar OHNE verdrehen des Lenkers XD

  6. Die Idee hatte Anthony Panza oder Billy Perry schon vor 2 Jahren.Noch langweiliger hätte man das Video gar nicht machen können.

  7. Ich mag deine Videos sehr, aber das hättest du dir schenken können. Spende das nächste mal lieber die Kohle an Obdachlose. Wir wissen nun schon seit geraumer Zeit das 120 Tacken Bikes nix taugen.
    Dreh doch den Spiess mal um und lass die armen Kids mal mit deinem Porno Downhiller Treppen runterballern 😛

  8. Das Video wieder in San Diego das war schon wieder hammer geil ich find's cool mache weiter so einen ich finde jedes Video von dir cool

  9. Ich wusste gar nicht, dass man für so wenig Geld eine MTB bekommen kann. Sicher schrott, aber als Bahnhofsfahrrad, so für die 900 Meter nach Hause oder so, sicher doch ganz ok…

  10. Aber alles was teuer ist ist nicht gleich hohe Qualität und alles was billig ist nicht unbedingt schlecht also das würde ich nicht unbedingt so darstellen
    Ps kein hate

  11. Give away properly and specifically. Better to put note that the bike is to be given away. Just leaving them out will encourage people to know its okay to take away any random bike.

  12. Wie immer klasse Video mit einem sehr natürlichem Lukas. Gefällt mir und meinem Sohn, der dich immer und immer wieder bestaunt. In diesem Video sind aber einige Merkwürde Dinge. Du monierst den zu geringen Luftdruck? Denke an deinem HighEnd Rad pumpst du da auch Luft auf. Lenker/Vorbau und andere wichtige Verbindungen sind selbst bei deutschen "Discounterbikes" nicht endmontiert. Uriges "product placement"… KMC ist sicherlich eine führende Marke (und dein Sponsor) für Ketten. Das die Kette abfliegt liegt aber zu 90% an dem billigsten Schaltwerk was verbaut ist, dass einfach keine Spannung aufbaut. Da ist das Tadeln an der falschen Stelle.
    Im ganzen ist es ein tolles und unterhaltsames Video. Danke dir dafür. Mach so weiter und bleib so natürlich.

  13. Ist ja normal das die Federgabel nach gibt bei deinen Gewicht.Das ist ein Kinder MTB du Hirnie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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