Danica Patrick Breaks Down Racing Movies | GQ Sports

Danica Patrick Breaks Down Racing Movies | GQ Sports

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  1. Wtf does she know about racing? She’s one of the worse drivers in history. And that’s not a dig… that’s a fact.

  2. I love this chick. I bet she'd be the aunty that dishes out harsh truths about the world, and lowkey scars you emotionally ❤

  3. Is anyone really taking what Danica Patrick is say about the driving? She's still considered the absolute worst driver in NASCAR history and every Indy driver hated her for her crybaby attitude!

  4. Just a comment about jumping cars. I was in New York for a contract job, and the first time I was heading to my hotel, I hit a fold in the road that I didn't see until it was too late. I was going a little too fast, and found myself completely airborne for about a second and a half…and I kid you not, that was the scariest second and a half of my life. I was probably only a about 2 or 3 inches off the ground, but it felt so much higher, and time slowed down as it occurred, and it felt so long and scary.. when I hit the road, it made the loudest bang, and I could feel the compression go right down my spine. I was afraid I'd messed my car up.. Because it really felt like the kind of landing that should just tear the front right off of your car…After going through that, I can't even imagine that Italian Job jump out of the pipe, or the Bo and Luke Dukes of Hazzard jumps.. Its really insane..

  5. Danica Patrick is just as dreamy as ever, I see. I love how philosophically thoughtful she is about seemingly simple stuff, and she's a super gearhead and knows sooo much about her craft.

  6. I'm actually surprised at how little a racing driver knew about cars/Motorsport. Most of what she said was either common sense, irrelevant to the clip or wrong.

    When it comes to cars, she should stick to driving them…

  7. Thanks for letting me know that a fictional super powered snail wouldn't be able to beat an Indy Car IRL, Danica. Yeesh.

  8. Okay, I am kind of confused, is she wearing pants, or are the pants a strange color that makes it look like she's not wearing pants? Cause it really looks like she's not wearing pants.

  9. Please stop this madness…..LeMans starts on the Rolex that is on the Start/Finish line at 1500hrs and with the waiving of the Tri-Color Flag. How does someone who considers themselves a racer not know this? C'mon Danica, you should know better.

  10. You are way more famous and rich because you are a woman. A guy with your stats would not have lasted very long. It’s that female privilege shining bright

  11. Скока же она пиздит и половина не по теме и 300 раз повторила про ловушки. Пожалуй самый худший выпуск брейкдауна. Минус.

  12. 120-140 mph in a mustang through the storm water channel with debris all over it and water puddles to boot, could you really keep control of the car? She didn't even mention the possible reality of that segment.

  13. Since when does being a pro driver allows you to not respect rules on the road? It's like a cop thinking he can kill because he's a cop. She really shouldn't brag about it because she's being an idiot.

  14. Having anyone who has actually reached the level of competition she has there to explain the path and the object of staying at the edge of grip and the goal of being a little faster than the next guy, gave me more insight than the vendettas and crashes that Hollywood seems to glorify. Her referring to wearing out brakes on her first car reminded me of my first go cart race. The disks were blue at the end!

  15. she's not breaking any of the scene ,any scene she's comparing it to racing ,racing ,racing,i watched another guy break down scenes and he actually gave actual explanations to why some scenes are exaggerated or would never happened in real life,this is just talking about her herself and her sport.

  16. "it's my job to pass the car in front of me…pass them and drive away. and there's no point in complaining about what they're doing"
    "a dumber level of bravery, I think, when you don't know where you're going but you go there anyway"
    "it's fun to live in the world of fantasy"

    now…why y'all gotta hate?

  17. Why would you have one of the worst drivers ever doing this? She was a marketing ploy. A horrible driver who blamed everyone else and was in it for attention and money.

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