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  1. I don't feel bad one bit for people who put themselves in situations like that or even those who live to talk about, you knew the dangers and yet your dumbass took the job anyway knowing the possibility of one day a tire may explode by your doing.

  2. These tires are probably higher pressure tires than your common 36 psi car tire a truck tires got some massive force behind when they blow

  3. You idiots ever heard of a tire pressure gauge you know the one that tells you how much air is in a tire

  4. Witnessed this back ln jamaica when doing this kind of work we do it outside .One blew off with such force it took a month to find it a neighbor found it in a tree .Lock rims , as we called them aint no joke.


  6. I believe some of the people in the video are no longer with us. Please use a tyre cage when working with a split rim.

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  8. Don't they ever use a tire cage that keeps tires from hitting you when they explode?
    Especially split rim tires

  9. Оказывается перекачанный баллон обладает свойством телепортации, портки лихо ушли от владельца.

  10. Я фигею.теперь колеса надувать не буду))) сегодня хотел на детском велике накачать…..

  11. Lots of US servicemen died inflating tires during the Iraq invasion. The LA Times used to report the deaths and causes. I was surprised by the number of guys that went out like this

  12. A split ring tire is always supposed to be in a tire cage when you air it up. Saw a guy lose half his hand airing up a deuce and a half tire on the floor @ Ft.Riley Ks.

  13. That 1st one was really brutal, took out 2 people 😭😭!! Video's like this are good safety training & the main reason why nowadays you have to have the tires in a solid metal cage/brace before inflating/airing them up 🖒🖒!!

  14. I do apologize but the first one cracked me up. I however realize i was watching this at work and everyone heard me laughing.

  15. I’m looking up explosions while filling up a split rim style tire… I’m so fuckin terrified now..

  16. I could probably use this technique to defeat my enemy 'that can turn solid object into a liquid so that he can go underground and listen to my footstep' by exploding a car tire next to his ear to damage his eardrums.

  17. Those first 2 clips were insane! That 1st guy is lucky his head didn’t get ripped clean off.. possible brain damage.. and that 2nd guy probably broke his spine!

  18. I love how theres an air bag prank in here and its slow motion so you can see clear as day it was an air bag lmfao

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