Cycling Tips: How to Fix a Flat Tire

Cycling Tips: How to Fix a Flat Tire

[Music] no matter what type of writing you do flat tires happen from time to time but fixing that flat is simple with a couple basic tools and some know-how there are four steps in this process pull the wheel off the bike remove the tube patch or replace the tube and finally put the wheel back on the bike change in flat tire is a great skill for anybody who rides a bike to know so to get the wheel off the bike loosen the quick-release or the nut and remove the wheel your tire may be wide but don’t worry your brakes can be released to accommodate that to get the tube out of the tire one complete side of the tire has to come over the edge of the rim the mechanical advantage of using tire levers makes this job a lot easier [Music] now with the tube removed find and patch the hole or replace the tube entirely don’t forget to check the tire for something that caused the flat in the first place [Music] to get your bike back together put a little air in the tube to give it some shape line up the stem with the hole in the rim and then put the rest the tube in the tire use levers to put the tire on the rim pump up the tire and replace the wheel on the bike [Music] don’t forget to tighten your quick-release and make sure your brakes are functioning so if you always carry a pump a patch kit and levers a flat tire might slow you down but it’ll never stop you so get out there and go for a ride

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  1. I watched this video just to see how normal people fix flat tires I just yank the tire off with my hands and that is the easiest way I feel.

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