Custom Offsets Matchup: 325/60R20 on a 20×10

– What’s going on guys, Fuller
here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV, I lead you with another
quick matchup for ya. So if you haven’t seen this series before, don’t know what it is,
basically, we’re showing you what a certain size tire looks like on a particular sized wheel. So today we actually have
a Fuel on Fuel matchup. So this is a Fuel Gripper,
and this is the Fuel Rebel. So this wheel’s a 20 by
10 negative 24 offset. Ah, gonna stop you right there. Whoever told you it’s
negative 24 is wrong, it’s a negative 18. But we’re really gonna focus
on those first two numbers, 20 by 10. So what I’m saying, uh-oh,
almost broke the tape measurer, 20 is gonna be a 20 inch
diameter, by 10 inches wide. The tire we’re looking
at is a three 25 60 R 20. So metric sized tires can get
kinda confusing to understand, but you can actually convert this out right on the calculators on our website, and you’ll see that it
is a 35 point four tall. So that’s this measurement, 35 point four by 12 point eight for your width. So three 25 being your section width, 60 being the ratio, and
then 20 being the diameter for the wheel. So all of those numbers,
the three 25 60 20, can be kinda confusing. That’s why I just converted it out. 35 point 4 by 12 point eight. So it’s bigger than your
typical 35 by twelve and a half that you might see. We kinda did that so the,
Zach actually, who works here, is gonna be putting this on his truck, and he’s more of that outdoorsy, hunt, fish, camp kinda guy. So he wants as much sidewall protection as he can get, and still
fit it under the truck with the lift that he’s selected. So you’ll see that, because this is still a 12 point eight wide on a 10 wide wheel, there’s a decent amount of sidewall bulge just to give him a little
bit of wheel protection in case he takes this
thing through some rocks, and doesn’t wanna bash up these wheels. ‘Cause they are really,
really sharp looking. Obviously this is a bronze finish on here, with the black simulated bead lock. I think it looks really nice. As far as the actual tread design goes, it’s got your Fuel F in it, because they’re cool like that,
and they just wanna do that. The actual traction path,
when you measure it out, it’s probably about, it’s
about 12 inches exactly, I would say, and then bulge to bulge, that’s where you’re
gonna see 12 point eight. The sidewall is not super
aggressive on these things either, but the tread design is fairly good, and I think Zach will be
happy with these tires. Fuel kind of revamped their tires. They had a couple bad
reviews back in the day, but they’ve completely
gone through and changed enough things that the new
ones are still pretty decent. So, that’s your matchup. Let me get you the sidewall height here, so about six and a half inches roughly, to the top of the tread. Right to the seam, you’re looking
at five and three quarters roughly, so five and
three quarters to here. Six and a half or so all the
way to the top of the tread. So that’s your matchup,
20 by 10 negative 24, on a three 25 60 Fuel on Fuel. Peace. (rock music)

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