Custom LED Light Bar Build (Part 1 “Project Night Light”)

Custom LED Light Bar Build (Part 1 “Project Night Light”)

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  1. Jesus, Chris, $630 for a light bar?! I know you said it wasn't an ebay cheapo but I was expecting like 85 bucks!

  2. After watching a lot of your video, I think I wanna change my plans for my career and maybe become a mechanic or engineer.
    You're awesome dude! seeing this just makes me want to alter up my truck. you make it look so simple and easy

  3. I would not recommend that welder because I had one like it and I melted the tip on it and couldn’t find any replacement ones so I had to throw it out if you ever want a better one look on Craigslist

  4. Take your grinder and run a thin cut like bevel to where your weld will be. It will help your welds be stronger

  5. Great videos Chris, on you light bar you made for your truck you didn't drill and prep any " weep" holes for moisture to escape. Without "weep " holes moisture can cause rust to form on interior of metal ,eventually weakening the assembly and cause it to fail.😃

  6. The welds are fairly decent, they will be enough to hold that together. But you are not burning into both pieces of metal enough.

  7. Chrisfix, will you be planning on installing led ( Light Emitting Diodes ) interior lights for the mazda?

  8. You missed 1/4 to half of that weld you can see it didn't fuse. On the welde you said "didn't look bad if I don't say so myself" your right it's a pretty weld it's just not fused together like its supposed to be.

  9. Remember the bed of truck rocks differently than cab so raise the overhead to allow for travel without damaginh top of cab

  10. My dream car needs a off road light bar! How do I do that? (CLICK) Here is my answer! Here we go now! (CLICK) Hey guys ChrisFix here! I have subscribed!

  11. Can you tell me how can I wire a light into my car so it comes on and off with the high beams and I dont need a switch

  12. my schools welding masks fucking suck and are too dark, whilst i can still do a decent weld sometimes its mostly guided by experimenting with how fast to move and watching the silhuets to stay on track

  13. To get a nice strong weld don't drag it also you could use a little more heat in that weld to flow it in a bit more but should hold for what you are doing it for but structural welds are normally inspected with special equipment

  14. Chris would have a 3mm difference while the cretin i am my measurements will definitely offset by 3m and warp the bars before the welds touch them

  15. Thank you so much for making this video I been trying to see how to install a light bar and seen videos and they don’t explain it enough but you explain stuff way easier thank you.

  16. Don't forget too disconnect your battery before welding on any vehicle. Looks great chris!

  17. Welding on the cement is dangerous. The heat caused by welding can expand the cement causing it to explode kinda if that makes sense. Lol

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