(fun music) – Go, momma, go! Go, momma, go! – [Bryan] Turn, oh my gosh. (crashing) ♪ This is our life this is our fun ♪ ♪ This is who we are ♪ ♪ This is our dream, this is our team ♪ ♪ Shot among the stars ♪ ♪ Take this shield and you’ll be fine ♪ ♪ Take this hand and watch us shine ♪ ♪ This is our life, let’s
live it live it forever ♪ – Good morning, guys, from
Carl and Jinger’s house. We are all drinking coffee
this morning, French press. What do you think, babe? – I am really impressed; I’ve
never liked coffee and it– – What is going on with the world? My wife likes coffee, what? – It’s very sweet. It doesn’t have that coffee
flavor that I’m used to. – [Bryan] Yeah, you love it? – It smells like it. It smells like strong coffee. – [Bryan] Yeah. – But it doesn’t taste like that. – [Bryan] Good morning, Finn and Kyle! What are we doing here, Kyle? – Nerf Blaster! – [Bryan] Nerf Blaster! Say “good morning”, Ollie. – Good morning! – [Bryan] Are you so excited that we are at Carl and Jinger’s house? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah, they
have Nerf guns galore. Oh my god, ah! – My favorite gun is this one. – [Bryan] Whoa, can I see you fire it? Grab a dart, there you go. (clicking) Whoa, nice, dude! You can do it; that’s pretty cool. Hey, Ollie, are you having so much fun playing with your friends? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Yeah? How about you introduce them to everyone who’s watching, ‘kay? – Okay. – [Bryan] Okay. – This is Gage, this is– – [Bryan] Gage. – This is… – Luke. – [Bryan] Luke. – [Finn] Kyle. – [Bryan] Kyle and who’s this? – [Kids] Finn! – ‘urprise for you guys! – We have a surprise! I actually have something really cool that I’ve been wanting to give the boys because I feel like
they would appreciate it a lot more than I would, so I’m gonna give it to ’em now. Go show ’em! Look what we got, you guys! – [All] Whoa! – [Bryan] Have you guys ever
played with a real lightsaber? – [All] No. – [Bryan] It’s not going to
work without the head-gear. – Oh my gosh, this is the– – [Bryan] It’s Star Wars A.R. So, you can see your house
through there and you can, like, fight bad guys with your lightsaber. – What, okay, I’m gonna take– – [Bryan] You’ve never seen that? Oh, now they’re fighting
over who gets to do it first. (relaxing music) What are you doing, dude? – Battling droids. – Get up! So, if you guys missed yesterday’s
vlog, we are hanging out at my buddy Carl, and Jinger’s, house. What is this, dude? – This is a plasma blaster. It launches two-liter
bottles, like bottle rockets, off the end of it. – [Bryan] Dude I love that you
made it look like a Nerf gun. That is so cool. – I know, it’s like it’s a real
Nerf bullet and everything. Shall we see how it launches? – [Bryan] Let’s see. – Let’s do it.
– Okay. – Are you ready? – It’s so cool, dude. – You ready? – [Bryan] Ready! – Three, two, one, go! (laughing) Isn’t that amazing? – [Bryan] That is so cool, dude! – 60 feet, down there. – That is awesome. Carl just put up a video today. I was watching him upload it. I’m gonna have it linked in the iCard. You gotta check this thing out in action. – Thanks, man. – ‘Cause they push it to the limit, dude. – Oh, it’s so cool. We did this versus a real Nerf blaster. It turned out awesome. – I totally feel like Papa
could build something like this. – Oh, he totally should. – Papa, if you’re watching, let’s start doing something like this. This is so cool. It’s so cool. – [Carl] So, it’s already on. All you gotta do is halfway squeeze. – Okay. – [Carl] And, then, when
you pull in the trigger all the way, it’s gonna go. – Okay, are you ready? – [Carl] Uh-huh. Oh, little, baby one! Try it again, you gotta try it again! – Alright, we’re gonna
try again, you ready? – [Carl] Yup. – I’ll see how I look like, holding this. – [Carl] You looks so awesome, man. Okay, let’s see what you got. Whoa, that went almost all
the way to the swimming pool! – What, where’d it go? – [Carl] It’s like weee! – I can’t hear anything, what’s going on. – [Carl] Nice shot, dude. – I got some Skittles. – [Bryan] What did you just do, buddy? – He made the magic or the genie! – [Bryan] Oh, no way. What did you guys do, Kyle? – We made candy store
with a candy-dispenser. – Yeah, so Ollie just
filmed a video with Kyle, over on Kyle’s channel,
Kyle Toys and Games. I’ll have it linked up in the iCard so that you can check it out. Video will probably be
up in a little bit, but. That’s so cool. How did Ollie do, did he do good? – Yeah, he did really good. – [Bryan] And you guys
got candy out of it? – [Kyle] Yup. – [Bryan] Holla. Yeah, that was a cool, little
contraption you guys made. – The huge blaster! – [Bryan] I know, Daddy was firing it off. You wanna see it go? – Mm-hmm. – Here, you can come help me do it. You wanna help me fire it off? – No. (laughing) – Oh, that’s okay, I understand. – [Bryan] Okay, watch Ollie, watch. – Here we go. Ready, three, two, one! (relaxing music) – [Bryan] Isn’t that crazy? – [Carl] You see how far that went? – That was so cool! – [Bryan] It is so cool, dude. – That was awesome, huh? Bryan, you should try to
launch that plasma Nerf blaster through this obstacle,
this inflatable obstacle. Let’s see, I’m gonna get this angle. I think I’ll be safe, go ahead and go for it when you’re ready. Whoa, it came all the
way through, right here! Good job, it went right
through, that was awesome! (relaxing music) – [Bryan] Alright, Finn has
found himself in a wild thing, but a little bit souped
up, so what is this? – This is a Crazy Cart. It’s basically the same
kind of plan, the same idea, but this one, you choose when
to drift by pulling this bar and it has no brake. – And it also has a ton more power, so I think Finn is going to love it. (clunking) – Ow! – Woo! That is so cool! Finn loves it. Here comes Luke, whoa! Yeah, he loves spinning in circles. – Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! – [Bryan] Finn! At Carl and Jinger’s house,
they have so many cool toys, I am just so excited to play because sometimes, adults need to play. Okay, I am going to hop
on the Crazy Cart XL for the first time. I’ve never been on one of these things. I’ve always wanted to. Okay. – [Carl] Be careful; there’s no brakes. – So this, oh, there’s no brakes? – [Carl] There’s no brakes; you just have to drift and turn, yeah. – So, this is the gas? – [Carl] Yeah. – And this is the drifter? – [Carl] Yeah, and, then,
like, if you turn really hard, it will turn like how
you go, so it’s crazy. – Okay, can I flip it? – [Carl] There goes Finn! (dramatic music) – Oh, God, there it goes! – [Carl] Here, I’d better take that. (laughing) Let’s see what happened, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! It’s totally wiped out. I think it’s totally fine. You’re good; it’s all good. – Finn, this is not the
first time Finn has just grabbed an R.C. controller and
started pulling the trigger. – [Carl] That was my fault; I left it sitting there, turned on. – Oh, look, it snapped this off. – [Carl] Oh no, oh no! That’s okay, don’t worry about it. – [Bryan] I’m sorry, dude. – [Carl] We’ll fix it. Back to the drift carts. – Take two. Okay, here we go, I’m gonna
try it for the first time. Oh. – [Carl] Reverse, yeah, there you go. – What the? – [Carl] Wha! Whoa! You did it. – Dude, this thing is nuts! – [Carl] It’s really cool, huh? – I’ve never been on anything like this. Oh my gosh, okay. – [Carl] Now you got it! (whirring) Turn! (laughing) It’s really fun. Just try to spin in a fast
donut, like, do a big circle. There you go. – Whoa! Alright, Santa, I want one
of these for Christmas. – [Carl] Heck yeah,
those are awesome, huh? (relaxing music) – How many times have I wiped out, now? – [Carl] Probably five, I don’t know. – This is the coolest thing ever. – [Carl] I think you
guys should have a race. – I think we should because there’s no brakes on these things, so that makes that super-fun
and dangerous, right? – Yeah! – High five! – [Carl] So, let’s start
at this line and, then, you guys race to the end of
the driveway, down there. Ready? – I hope we don’t smash into the garage. (gasps) – [Carl] Okay? – Call it. – [Child] Two! – [Carl] One, go! – No! Oh, Gage totally won. Whoo, good race, that was awesome. (squeaking) (laughing) Nice. Whoa, you made a pizza, look at that. – Yeah! – [Carl] Is that why they call it donuts? – Oh, ’cause you go nuts? – [Carl] Yeah. (relaxing music) – [Bryan] Alright, Missy’s
trying out the Crazy Cart. What do you think? – It’s so fast. – [Bryan] You’re going so slow, babe. – I know; I don’t think
this thing goes any faster. (relaxing music) – [Ollie] Go, momma, go! – [Bryan] Turn, oh my gosh. (child shouting) – Go, momma, go, go, momma, go! Go, momma, go, go, momma, go! Go, momma, go! (screaming) – [Bryan] Hey, Finn, what
are we eating for dinner? (baby mumbling) Say pizza! – Ay-yah. (laughing) – [Bryan] We are having a pizza party! – Woo! – [Bryan] We worked up a
sweat, didn’t we, Ollie? Yeah, we had a lot of fun today? – Yeah. – [Bryan] Someone’s tired. – We had such a fun day
with all these boys. – It was so fun. – So many boys here. – We are so outnumbered in a big way. – But, anyways, I think we’re
gonna end today’s video, but the fun is not over. Tomorrow, we’re having
more fun, okay, boys? – [Ollie] ‘Kay. – Sound good?
– You guys ready for fun? – Alright, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Make sure you give this
video a big thumbs up if you enjoyed it and we’ll
see you guys tomorrow, again. – Bye! – [All] Bye! – [Missy] Oop. (fun music)

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