Crazy Crosswinds, Flat Tire on the Runway, Flying to Sun n Fun

Crazy Crosswinds, Flat Tire on the Runway, Flying to Sun n Fun

(upbeat guitar music) -[Matt] Lawrence Ground, Bonanza
three six seven Hotel Papa looking for an IFR to Oscar Foxtrot Papa. -[Controller] Bonanza N367
Hotel Papa, Lawrence Ground. Good afternoon, I have a full
route for ya, just a second. -[Matt] Just a quick
overnight stay here in Boston, and now we’re gonna head down
to Richmond, Virginia tonight and then the rest of the
way to SUN ‘n FUN tomorrow. That’s kinda the point where
all of the cheap fuel starts. So once we get there, then
the fuel’s not cheap there, but then it’s just a quick hop to anywhere with cheap fuel after that. And then shoot down the rest of the way. -[Controller] Bonanza seven Hotel Papa. Turn right heading two
three zero, runway one four, cleared for takeoff. -[Matt] Right turn two
three zero one four, cleared for takeoff, N367 Hotel Papa. (upbeat music) -[Controller] Quebec
Sierra Boston departure, turn left heading zero four zero, climb and maintain 3000. -[Quebec Sierra] Zero four zero degrees, up to 3000 feet, five
two nine Quebec Sierra. -[Controller] Three six seven Hotel Papa, maintain 2000 for traffic. -[Matt] 2000, seven Hotel Pop. I was gonna say, I don’t think
I’ve ever been to Richmond. But then I remember, I,
that’s where TGI Friday’s was. Okay, so I gotta watch for ice. -[Pilot 1] 2875 Brickyard. -[Matt] Maybe have to go down. -[Pilot 2] 4541, see ya. -[Matt] Probably gonna be
fine, we’re just in the bases. It’s a little bumpy
out here, but basically we’re just running down
the coast here to Richmond. And then tomorrow we’ll
go the rest of the way down to Florida. To Lakeland. -[Controller] Hotel Papa, got
an amendment to your route, advise ready to copy. -[Matt] That’s the fourth one! Seven Hotel Papa, go ahead. -[Controller] Seven Hotel Papa, destination, you’re cleared
to Oscar Foxtrot Papa via Victor 16, to Richmond direct, is what I’m showing now, maintain 6000. -[Matt] Okay, we’re on Victor one six, Richmond direct to Oscar
Foxtrot Papa 6000, seven hotel papa. -[Controller] Thank you. Jetwing 5999, as you roll out
of the heading between your– -[Matt] Ugh. The third time I’ve gotten that clearance. -[Controller] Seven Hotel Papa,
descend and maintain 4000. -[Matt] That was 4000
for seven Hotel Papa? -[Controller] Affirmative. -[Matt] Any chance for something higher? -[Controller] Seven Hotel
Papa, if you want 6000 or 8000 I can offer you a reroute
for either of those. -[Matt] Can I take a look at what the reroute would look like? -[Controller] Standby. November Seven Hotel
Papa, contact Washington Center on one two seven point seven, good night. -[Matt] Center one two seven
point seven, Seven Pop, thanks for the help, good night. -[Controller] No problem -[Matt] This worked out well, now we got a one knot tailwind. These cookies are so good. -[Matt] Approach Bonanza Seven Hotel Papa, any chance direct Hanover County? -[Controller] Seven Hotel Papa,
yep, just crossed my sector and cleared direct Hanover. -[Matt] Direct Hanover, Seven Pop. -[Controller] Alright, Seven Hotel Pop, I’ll have that up for
you in just a few miles, I need to get a regional
jet under you first. Seven Hotel Papa, descend and maintain 3000. -[Matt] 3000 Seven Hotel Papa -[Controller] Bravo
Kilo, roger, be advised, it is your discretion -[Matt] Okay prop’s full forward, gear’s three green Mixture is good, we’re on the fullest tank. Annoying Diamond. Okay, welcome to Virginia. (plane spinning down) -[Radio] Hanover County Municipal Airport, Richmond, Virginia. Automated Weather Observation. -[Matt] I’ll head down to,
what is it, MTV Martinsville? Somewhere in Virginia, I’m
gonna meet a friend for lunch in Martinsville, Virginia. Gonna grab lunch there
with a friend of mine, and then fly down to SUN ‘n FUN. -[Plane] Terrain system test okay. -[Radio] Temperature two three celsius. -[Matt] Looks like we
have a crosswind gusting to 18 knots across the runway. Okay, so controls are free and correct, instruments, that’s all good. Wait for the oil temp to come
up just a few more degrees. Yeah, so we have enough
fuel, we’re on the fullest tank. Attitude and autopilot, that’s good. Hanover Country Traffic, Bonanza Seven Hotel Papa departing on runway one six, Hanover County. Piece of cake. I’ll go ahead and activate
my flight plan here. Should’ve done that on the
ground, but that’s okay. So we’ll be there in about an hour. This guy I just met at the airport here was asking about my personal minimums, ’cause it’s a little windy today. So I was telling him,
basically, in this airplane, I don’t like above about
a 20 knot crosswind, 40 or 45 knots total, but
that varies a little bit. Like, that’s in this airplane
on a comfortable runway. Not gonna go that much of a crosswind on a 25 foot wide strip or something. I could do it, but
there’s just no reason to. As far as clouds and visibility, I usually don’t really care. Depends if there’s a potential for icing or something like that, what kind of options are available. But for the most part this thing, you have so much information, even if the engine quits or something, you just have so many options, just look, go for a lake
or a river or some roads, just whatever. Look at this, we’re doing
like 1600 feet per minute at 110 knots. -[Controller] Bonanza Seven Hotel Papa, radar contact one four miles
northwest of Richmond airport, maintain VFR, proceed on course. -[Matt] Seven Hotel Papa. Yeah, it’s such a pretty
part of the country, though. You get these awesome
little rolling hills. Rivers, valleys. I guess one of the most
common questions I get -[Controller] Seven Hotel Papa, contact Roanoke approach
one three five point zero, 35 O, you have a good one. -[Matt] One three five
point zero, Seven Hotel Papa, you have a good day. One of the most common requests I get is for a little tour of the panel here, so I’ll go ahead and do that right now. Looks like the latest
weather at Martinsville is two four zero at 10, gusting 17. So that’s basically just
right across the runway, so we’ll get another crosswind
gusting to about 17 knots. We’re kinda coming from
the east northeast, gonna enter a left downwind for runway one two and… Something like that. Blue Ridge Traffic, Bonanza
Seven Hotel Papa is entering the left downwind runway
one two, Blue Ridge. Just gettin’ thrown all
over the place down here! Last notch of flaps. Approach is clear. Gotta really watch for traffic today, ’cause it could be
going really either way. The wind’s just right across the runway. I think I like one two
just a little bit better. Nice little bit of wind shear there. -[Nate] How was the landing, Matt? -[Matt] Bumpy as hell. -[Nate] Good. -[Matt] What’re you flyin’? -[Nate] Beech Skipper. -[Matt] Nice. (peaceful synth music) We had a nice little bite to eat here at the cafe at the
airport in Martinsville. We’d normally have a nice little view of planes taking off and landing, but today it’s pretty windy and we’re about the only people crazy enough to come in here. So this is Nate, he flew in this, was it a Beech…? -[Nate] It was a Beech Skipper. -[Matt] Skipper. So you got a Beech and a Beech, but I think his is probably
a little trickier to land in this weather. But it was good. Now we’re gonna get some
fuel, head down to Florida. (rhythmic, upbeat music) Okay, so we just had a
nice little lunch here at Blue Ridge airport in
Martinsville, Virginia. Now we’ll head down to Winter
Haven, just east of Lakeland, go to SUN ‘n FUN. But yeah, super nice time. Nate’s awesome, good pilot. I think we’ve talked a
little about maybe buying some little Pitts or
something to go race at Reno. Maybe we’ll do that sometime, I dunno. We’ll see. But his dad does all my insurance, too. It’s not a familiar plane to him, this is just a friend’s plane. ‘Cause his plane, someone
else is flying today, and I was like, “Hey, let’s go get lunch.” So he didn’t have a plane. -[Controller] Blue Ridge traffic, November three eight six Zulu Bravo departing runway three zero. Blue Ridge. -[Nate] Pretty rough right
above the treeline, Matt. -[Matt] Yeah, looked like it. ‘Kay. Everything is good, got airspeed. Gonna be a little longer
takeoff roll ’cause we’re heavy, and the wind is just
straight across the runway, so we got a little extra drag
from the crosswind correction. Plus… There we go. We got plenty of speed,
but we’ll get the gear up. Eh, it’s just a little bumpy. -[Nate] Yeah, not too pleasant. -[Matt] Yeah, given what that
was just like in this thing, I can’t even imagine
what it was like for you. -[Nate] Yeah, got a bit
dicey, but it wasn’t that bad. -[Matt] See you later. -[Nate] Safe travels. -[Matt] Bonanza three
six seven Hotel Papa, just off of Blue Ridge, looking for an IFR to Golf India Foxtrot. -[Controller] Bonanza seven Hotel Papa squawk three one five one. Seven Hotel Papa, radar
contact three miles southwest of Martinsville airport, the Greensboro altimeter three zero zero five. -[Matt] Seven Hotel Papa, three zero zero five, that checks, we’re climbing through 3400. -[Controller] Seven Hotel Papa, are you on course at this time? -[Matt] Affirm. -[Controller] Alright, I’m
gonna have to give you a reroute if you wanna stay at 12000, I can take you almost on a
250 heading out to the west, or I can take you southbound at 8000, let me know what you prefer. -[Matt] How much of a reroute? -[Controller] Just maintain VFR and I’ll get back to you in a sec. Seven Hotel Papa, from
your present position, I’m gonna have to take you, so basically a 190 heading
at 8000 if you prefer that, or take you on a 250 heading, I don’t know how far it will
be, out to the west at 12000. -[Matt] Seven Hotel Papa let’s
just go VFR for now and just leave the IFR in
the system if you could. -[Controller] November seven Hotel Papa, maintain VFR at or below 12000. -[Matt] If we can get above this haze, it’ll probably smooth out quite a bit. I think that’s what it looks
like the winds are saying at 12 is just calm. Just looking at the navlog here. The winds up here go
from a 9 knot headwind at both eight and ten, to a
4 knot tailwind at 12. That’s pretty cool, we’re still
doin’ 900 feet per minute. And we’re doing 112 knots over the ground. Okay, we should use 53 gallons
of gas, take three hours. Oh, and 26 minutes, I guess. It’s crazy how accurate this is. Like, right as we, I was like, “There’s no way we’re actually gonna have a four knot tailwind here”, ’cause we were at like 11200 and we still had a couple knot headwind. Now we’re at 11800 and
got a two knot tailwind. I bet in the next 200
we’re actually gonna have a four or five knot tailwind. Four knot tailwind, wow. That’s crazy. Exactly as predicted in the ForeFlight navlog. I’m gonna text Nate, tell him
it’s just so smooth at 12. He’s gonna get tossed all over the place at like three or four. That’s pretty nice, we’re doing 171 knots here at 12000 feet. And we’re only burning 15
and a half gallons an hour. So we’re doing about 11
nautical miles per gallon, so that’s, we’re doing
12 miles per gallon. That’s pretty good for
goin’ 200 miles an hour and being able to carry
five people if we wanted. The nice thing up here at 12, it’s nice and smooth, we got
a little bit of a tailwind, and there’s not gonna
be any traffic concerns You know anybody up here is
gonna have a transponder We’re talking to ATC, we got traffic, ADS-B, and all kinds of stuff. Even on a nice hazy day like today, where you can barely see in
that direction towards the sun, you don’t have to worry
about running into anybody. I was just down this way not too long ago to see the Falcon Heavy launch. It’s really nice out today. I mean, it’s kinda hazy, but other than that it’s
just a beautiful night to go flying. And I see here they’ve
got a, ULA has a launch coming up this weekend. So there’s this TFR that’ll
be in effect about then. -[Controller] Bonanza November
three six seven Hotel Papa, If approach left you level at 12000, VFR climb to 12500 is approved. -[Matt] We’re happy at 12
if we can stay here for now, for seven Hotel Pop. -[Controller] Yeah, that’ll work for now. -[Matt] Thank you. Nice little cloud layer here, kinda breaks away right up ahead. So we’ll be just perfect. -[Controller] Seven Hotel Papa, descend and maintain
6500 clear into Bravo. -[Matt] 6500 cleared into
the Bravo, seven Hotel Papa. Gonna time this just so we
gonna shoot between these cloud layers here. Cool, you got this temperature inversion. Got this little haze layer
that’s just all colorful in the sunset. The air smells like Florida. Hot and humid. Yeah, so we’re gonna land. We’ll meet JP, Owen, and Brad. And they all flew in in the Mustang today. And we’re gonna grab a bite
to eat, go to the hotel, and check out SUN ‘n FUN tomorrow. Flying into Winter Haven
instead of Lakeland is just a little more convenient,
easier to get in and out, that kind of thing. People ask me if flying at night over the Appalachian Mountains or flying at night or low IFR
or something in this plane, if that’s safe or if it
scares me or anything. Flying over the Everglades
here, flying over Florida scares me a lot more. It’s all wetland. You go down, all of your, what would normally be
best landing options are now swamps with alligators, venomous snakes, probably like some boa constrictors. It’s just, this, the idea
of losing the engine right here terrifies me far more than losing it over some rugged terrain,
or at night, or in IMC. Winter Haven Traffic, Bonanza
seven Hotel Papa entering the left downwind runway one one, have the traffic ahead, Winter Haven. -[Two Golf Charlie] Winter Haven traffic, two Golf Charlie, short final runway one one -[Matt] Okay, gear’s down, three green. Got him on like a short final. Winter Haven, Bonanza seven Hotel Papa is final runway one one, Winter Haven. -[Two Golf Charlie] Winter Haven landing traffic, we just developed a flat tire, we’re off pulled over to the side, so we’re not gonna move until
you go by, is that okay? -[Matt] Okay, sounds good. If you’re okay just there,
we’ll land short of you. -[Pilot] Roger that. -[Matt] So this guy’s got a flat tire. -[Fuel Truck] Landing traffic that developed a flat
tire, this is fuel truck. -[Two Golf Charlie] Roger, we’re
gonna need a tow in, yeah. Two Golf Charlie. -[Plane] Terrain system not available. -[Matt] Interesting, I just lost GPS -[Fuel Truck] Alright, gimme
a second to top off the truck and I’ll be over to lend a hand. -[Two Golf Charlie] Alright, roger that. -[Matt] So we’re just gonna land on the right side of the runway here, keep it nice and short. -[Plane] Traffic ten o’clock.
Same altitude. Zero miles. Traffic twelve o’clock. Same altitude. (playful trumpet and bass music) Meetin’ all kinds of cool
people here at SUN ‘n FUN. Just having a fun time taking
in all sorts of cool planes, watching the airshow. And yeah, it’s just awesome
hanging out in these places, ’cause the people are so
cool, the planes are so cool, there’s just so much to do and see, it’s really really awesome.

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    Imagine having to do a holding pattern with only one VOR with no GPS or autopilot or an ipad? Imagine you are flying along and the FAA examiner suddenly says: "go direct to the ABC VOR, hold on the 060 radial, with left turns. Report level at 3,000 thence climb while holding to 5,000 ft. Thence report level. After that, if you succeeded, he would direct you to land, while under the hood to the nearest airport with an ILS. He would be kind enough to give you a 30-degree intercept to the ILS or LOC. God forbid you blasted through and let the localizer go full-scale deflection. That was a pass or fail maneuver. If you guys think it was easier to get an instrument rating back in the 70s, you are wrong. To this day, I'm convinced there is only one reason why I passed the test. "God was my co-pilot". Or maybe I should have said, "God was my pilot, I was only the co-pilot". After 50 years of flying, I must admit that I've been saved a few times by something more than pure luck.
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