Crashed My Truck & Do I have a Girlfriend?! – AskJerryRig #4

Crashed My Truck & Do I have a Girlfriend?! – AskJerryRig #4

Alright. So, it’s been about 5 months since my last
Q and A, and I figured it was high time for another one. So I asked over on Twitter what questions
you guys had for me, and here are a couple of them. A question I got a lot of actually is: What’s
my daily driver? I’m still using the Galaxy S8 Plus. I don’t think the Galaxy S9 was enough of
a change to warrant a full switch of my device. But I’m a hardware guy, not a software guy,
and the Galaxy S8 is working just fine for me. Alright so first question is: When are you
going to do some mods for your Tacoma? Um this might be a surprise to some of you
but I do have a second channel which I’ve done a couple small mods on. I mostly reserve that channel for smaller
things. I don’t want it to turn into a full scale
production for this channel, but I put a roof rack on my truck, and at the end of this week
I will be getting a lift for my truck. I’m going to jack it up about 3 inches and
put some bigger tires on it. That I’ll put on this main channel. I’ll link my second channel down in the description,
it’s just ZacksJerryRig…same as all my social medias. And then I will also be putting a light bar
on my truck inbetween the roof racks, but I’m not sure if I’m going to stick that on
the main channel or the second channel. But the Tacoma is still running great. I’ve put about 6,000 miles on it and I’ve
had it for about 3 months. Still love it. Next question: Where do the phones go after
you test them? I actually have a stack of phones over there
in the corner. I actually keep all of the phones that I do
tests on just in case I need to reference them in other videos. So I don’t give them away. But at the end of their lifespan, you know,
after they aren’t relevant anymore after a couple years, I do harvest the parts and use
them for other broken phones, or I sell them or recycle them. Nothing ever gets wasted and nothing ever
gets thrown out here on my channel. Speaking of breaking things: Have you ever
broken something, like a leg or an arm? So I’ve never actually broken a bone. I’ve sprained my ankle a couple times jumping
off of buildings, but no broken bones. I have had stitches a lot though, which brings
us to our next question: What’s your worst injury from trying to fix things? When I was about 8 years old I had a coping
saw, it’s a little handheld saw that my grandpa gave me, Grandpa Jerry. And I was actually…it’s the scare you can
see on my thumb in the majority of my videos. I was making flying pencil people out of wood. I had a little artwork that I drew on the
piece of wood and I was using the coping saw to cut around it, and the saw was so sharp
I cut right through my finger. It was deep enough that I needed stitches,
but not deep enough that I was worried about losing my thumb or anything. But yeah, if you’ve ever wondered why I have
that scar in some of my videos, it’s because 8 year old me had some projects he was working
on. Next tweet was: Have you ever crashed a car? And the answer to that is yes. Back in high school I was working construction
and I pulled an all-nighter with a concrete pour, that you have to start at night and
then finish the huge slab during the day. And so I drove back home after like 24 hours
of no sleep and working hard, and I ended up crashing my truck and totaling it. So this is a picture of that. And the hair you see in the picture is real. And the damage to the truck is also real. I’ve had a few minor dents and things in my
vehicles since then, but nothing as serious as that one. Have you ever thought about opening a PO Box? Yes actually. I do have a PO Box. I’ve put it in some of the descriptions of
my videos. I will put that also right here. If you want to send me stuff for review or
just send me stuff in general, you can always do that. I will also have it linked in the About section
of my channel. So if you’re watching this video a couple
years from now, make sure it’s up to date. I like this question: Do you have an engineering
degree or any higher education degree, and do you consider it as something important? Something important – yes, and no. I did graduate college with a bachelors in
business, so I do have that, you know, higher degree, but I’ve never actually used it. I always knew that I was going to work for
myself after I was done with school. I’ve always had that entrepreneurial mindset
even as a little kid. But I was never the biggest fan of school
in general, where you had to sit down and look at the teacher and learn a bunch of fluff
stuff in order to get to the more important materials. And it was super irksome when they would pull
up a YouTube video, that I could find for free on the internet myself, and they would
play it in class that I was paying thousands of dollars for. That was frustrating. So I feel like a motivated person can learn
the exact same thing for free online and they don’t necessarily need to go to college to
get that piece of paper, the degree. But that piece of paper is incredibly important
if you’re going to be hired for a job in the future, so that companies know you actually
put in the effort and learned something. People always point out that, oh, Steve Jobs
dropped out of school, or Bill Gates dropped out of school, and yeah that’s true. They didn’t graduate from college, but at
the same time they already had something in place making them money before they dropped
out. So if you have a plan and it’s successful,
then maybe school is not the most important thing, but until you have something in place
that is working, stay in school, graduate, and get that degree as a good back up plan. Plus being in school around people in the
same degree as you is like the best way to network, and you can use those connections
throughout your entire life. Networking is almost more important than the
actual knowledge you have. But yeah, I did graduate, and school is good
for the most part. Another question: Why are newer phones getting
harder and harder to repair? And to answer this I would have to say aesthetics
for one. I mean first and foremost, people want to
buy phones that look good and hard to repair phones, you know, that hide the screws and
are using premium materials, those look good and people want to buy them. But also, very close to that first point,
a repairable phone lasts longer and therefore companies like Apple or Samsung make less
money if people can easily fix them. And personally, I’m hoping that by running
the largest cellphone repair channel on the Internet, that I’m helping you, the viewer,
the customer, save money and keep money in their own pocket. Because the best way to recycle a cellphone
is to keep it alive as long as possible and prolong that lifespan before you have to buy
something else. Which is kind of why I’m still using the Galaxy
S8 and not directly switching to the Galaxy S9 because I just don’t need it right now. Are you a full time YouTuber? Yes. I’ve had my channel for about 6 years now,
and for the last 3 of those I’ve been full time YouTube. I still have side projects here and there
that I do, but YouTube is my main venture. And surprisingly there are a lot of questions
about this too: How much time per week do you put in at the gym? So since YouTube is my full-time job and I
work for myself, the gym is one of the only places where I get social interaction, and
so I go there pretty much every day. I got a lot of questions on what I do at the
gym. I usually start off with cardio and try to
burn anywhere from 300-600 calories doing cardio, and then the rest of the week I space
out different weight lifting activities with free weights and benching and stuff like that. I don’t feel like I can legitimately start
my day until I’ve already been to the gym. It’s become a habit at this point. And I really enjoy it so it’s fun. What percentage of my audience is from different
parts of the world? So I actually looked this up and the last
30 days… I’ll put this right here…about 30% of my
audience is from the United States, 12% is from India, 6% from the UK, 3% from Germany,
and 3% from Canada. You can kind of see it cycling down along
the bottom there. The other 48% is from the rest of the country,
so it’s a pretty world wide audience. Most of those are from the ages of 18-35 and
they are male. For example, if you look at the last video
I put out, “This is a Drone” where I reviewed that egg drone, 1% of the viewers of that
video were female. Which brings us to our next question: Do you
have a girlfriend? And no, I do not. I have to work on getting those female metrics
up past 1%. Can you speak Spanish? Si hombre. Hablo un poco. Aprendi mi espaniol in Guatemala. I learned my Spanish in Guatemala. I lived in Guatemala for 2 years when I was
19 years old serving a mission for my church. Have you ever seen those two guys walking
around in a white shirt and tie? I was one of those Mormon missionaries. But after the 2 year mission is up, you go
home and live your life like a normal person just as a normal member of the church again. It was definitely a cool experience. And while I was there, I learned Spanish. Next question: Did you always live in Utah,
and how did you meet What’s Inside? So I did all of my high school years here
in Utah, so I count that as pretty much growing up, you know, besides the 2 years in Guatemala. And I actually…so What’s Inside lives here
in Utah as well, but we actually met in Ireland at a video conference called the Power of
Video talking about YouTube and stuff to the people of Northern Ireland. But after that we came back, that was about
2 years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since. YouTube is kind of a very unique career choice,
and so it’s nice having someone who does the same thing that you can kind of connect with. Plus, we both like taking stuff apart, so
it’s a win-win situation. If you have any questions that I didn’t get
around to answering or I haven’t answered in my other Q and A’s, go ahead and leave
them down in the comments. I’ll be there for a couple hours after this
video is posted answering those questions. Hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already. I got a bunch more truck videos, cellphone
repair videos, and durability tests, coming up in the near future. Come follow me on Twitter so you can be part
of the next question and answer. And I’ll see you on Instagram. Thanks a ton for watching, and I will see
you around.

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