Couple Mocks Struggling Mom At Walmart. That’s When A Stranger Steps In

Couple Mocks Struggling Mom At Walmart. That’s When A Stranger Steps In

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE ! Couple Mocks Struggling Mom At Walmart. That’s When A Stranger Steps In You would think that most people watching
a young mom with five kids struggle in the checkout line at Walmart would show some compassion
and maybe even offer to help, but unfortunately people don’t always act the way we hope
they would. Lindsay Rae was in line to check out at Walmart
when she noticed a scene that broke her heart. In front of her was a woman trying to wrangle
five kids as she unloaded her cart onto the conveyor belt. Lindsay herself is a mom of nine – two biological
and seven adopted – so the scene was a familiar one to her. What happened in line behind her, though,
caught her off guard. A well-dressed couple who were also waiting
in line began to loudly whisper rude comments about the struggling mom. “How many baby daddies do you think she
has?” they asked, noticing that the kids were a mixture of Hispanic and Caucasian. “Can’t even dress those kids for weather,”
they mocked. “Just wait until she whips out the food
stamps.” Then, when the woman did pull out a food stamp
card, they dramatically sighed. “There’s our tax dollars neatly at work,”
they mocked. Lindsay was horrified. Yes, it was true the darker-skinned children
were wearing shorts and flip flops in the cold weather, and the woman was using food
stamps, but Lindsay suspected there was more to the story than what first met the eye. She shot the couple behind her a “death
glare only a mother of 9 can execute to perfection” and then turned to the woman in front of her. “Can I help?” Lindsay asked the woman. “These things are so confusing.” Then she quietly asked, “Foster or adopted?” adding, “I have 9 kiddos…two bio, I get
it, please let me help.” The embarrassed woman smiled at her. “New foster mom,” she told Lindsay. “This is my first time using one of these. [The kids] came 3 days ago, gonna be with
us for a while.” She explained that she had been given food,
but the kids had no winter clothes and the stipend hadn’t come through yet. Lindsay explained how the card worked and
helped the woman finish up her transaction. Then she looked at the kids, smiled, and turned
back to the woman. “Beautiful children,” she told her. “I am glad you all have each other.” As the woman handed the kids their new coats
and headed out the door, Lindsay hugged her and told her, “You have got this.” But Lindsay wasn’t done yet. As soon as the mom and her kids were out of
earshot, she turned to the rude couple who were still chortling behind her. “Those children? They lost the right to live with their parents
just days ago,” she told them. “Those clothes? Probably the only clothes they own, or got
to leave their home with. THAT woman? Opened her home to kids, kids that needed
a safe place to go when the one they lived in no longer proved safe enough or secure
enough for them. The food stamps, something health and welfare
[gives to help a mother of] two feed three new mouths. There are not nearly enough women or people
like her this world.” Lindsay started putting her groceries on the
belt, then turned around to say one more thing, her voice shaking: “AND even IF those kids were all hers, and
she had a dozen ‘baby daddies’ and was on food child in this country or
any other deserves to be cold or hungry, I am sorry, but your behavior? Poorly done, VERY poorly done.” Speechless, the couple quietly left the checkout
line and went to another. As she finished putting her groceries on the
belt, the girl checking her out smiled and winked. “Single mother on WIC,” she told Lindsay. “What you said? Rocked!” As Linsday loaded her groceries into her car
and buckled her own baby in, she began to weep. She knew she had to share her story to encourage
other foster moms to keep doing what they are doing and to open other’s eyes to see
that there is often more to the story than what is first evident. “You foster mama’s out there…hold your
heads high,” she wrote in a Facebook post, “you are the hands and hearts that are the
strong and the steady for small ones when they need it most. Hats off and so much love today to you.” Do you think Lindsay did the right thing in
confronting that couple? If you like our video then do subscribe to
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  1. Crazy how we humans can be SO judgemental. Children NEVER ask to be born and should never have to hear a rude, mean, or dehumanizing comment. EVER! Thank you to all those wonderful truly caring people who care about children so much and can open up their hearts and homes for them.

  2. Absolutely. People judge all the time and gave no idea what the story is behind. It doesn't matter no child should be hungry or cold not in this country

  3. this must be interesting because it has so many views and likes, so I'm kinda sad I had to shut it off after 2 seconds of hearing the voice

  4. Doesn't matter their origin kids are kids and sometimes the guardian needs a helping hand. Instead of laughing, they should have tried to help. Sometimes I'm able to help by entertaining unruly kids by talkig to them.

  5. If it was me I wouldn't have been so damn nice about that. I take my heart and give to you Linsey you rock.

  6. Confronting that couple yes she had all the right to. No foster children, I was a Single parent with five children. And yes I am a man

  7. Well said..some people with cold hearts must be shaken now and then..later life will also teach them more lesson..

  8. If a woman has children w/ a man, and the man does not want to be a good man, or father to his family , sometimes the woman needs assistance, but this woman , will go on to college, own businesses, and pay her bills responsibly, and her children grow up , go to college, the mom has little to eat but does not take any more assistance, she pays much in taxes yearly and pays 10x back to the system that helped her , per year, so think of this scenerio, the mom is disabled with a brain tumor, still working 2 businesses, paying her own bills, do you all see the future of the children and the mom, or what you paid out in taxes? The government takes back tenfold what they hand out to you …. if they can, and they will , till you starve and are forced to support other families that are not your own, and pay for their schooling..

    Do we call it fair, or corruption?

    Freedom of speech &Press USA copyrighted.

  9. The couple is most likely white and clueless. Wouldn't share a THOUGHT with others in their little smug world. I sincerely hope their embarrassment didn't fade with the line switch.
    These two are the poor ones; love is perhaps a mere abstraction to them.

  10. rudely behavior are learned from an early age. their public display of bad manners will earn them a place when karma catches up with them. what will they say then? To lindsay…what a mom! 9 kids! thank you for standing up for the other mom.

  11. Yes absolutely Lindsey did the right thing. That couple was lucky they got Lindsey and not me as I would not of been that kind. I would of said some
    Things that really would of Stung them. Loud mouth Ignorant POS !!

  12. Nobody who shops at WalMart has the right to make fun or negative comments about someone else who shops at WalMart. That's not a put down on people who shop at WalMart. I'm lucky enough that I can continue to boycott WalMart because of the way they treated their employees for so many years. It looks like they finally got tired of being the butt end of so many jokes about retail operations. Terms like Walmartians to describe their customers made an impact, I'm sure. I know people save money shopping there. I hate the family that owns them because they obviously have little regard for people. If you treat your employees like shit, then chances are you treat others the same way. I never laugh at those less fortunate than me and I will never, ever shop at WalMart.

  13. It didn't matter of my blindness me and my husband raised two of our grchildren. Many sacrifices but the Lord was with us. Our hearts sing.

  14. Being a foster parent is not easy them to 5% don't care but he really did so heads up foster mom I wish I had one win I . need one

  15. Yes! I think she ‘did the right thing’. More to the point, by posting this event to Social Media, she may have ‘educated’ some of us who are not so much ‘mean’ as simply ‘ignorant’.

  16. God Bless You, Lindsay Rae. If your actions did nothing but startle the couple behind you. Good Deal. That's two people in the World that had their eyes opened wide. If you'd have stomped, and yelled, and cursed at them, you would not have driven your point into their souls. You acted in the way pleasing to The Creator…You Made A Difference.
    Way to go sister.

  17. Yes and i am glad it was Lindsay and not je i don't think i could have been so nice,thanks again Lindsay

  18. before people make stupid comments why don't they find out the facts the truth matters and then when they find the truth see if they can help this set of patronising brother to the two women 1 Who taking the children in he gave these children's support and the other one the Stood and trying to help her brother to you both you are both exceptional ladies (the wife)

  19. I have a couple I have to be around who are "born again christians". They are the same ones who make those horrid awful comments out loud, then believe that if they hid behind "God", then they are forgiven for their ugliness. God made us to be like this woman who came to their rescue, NOT like the entitled couple who believed they were above all of this and felt entitled. Shame on them. Bless ANY OF YOU who stand up for someone else. A HERO a TRUE Hero is someone who helps others when they have NO stake in the game at all.

  20. COUPLE: No care for kid's feelings; think they cant pick up on your hate? If I ever see you in Walmart, get ready! I'm NOT politically or otherwise correct when defending KIDS!

  21. How people like that (I mean they’re apparently well off) can be like that towards another human is beyond me. I’ll never get over how down right mean some people can be.

  22. May god bless the struggling mom and all her kids.
    May god guide the couple into a different path and remember THERE’S ALWAYS KARMA!

  23. Even if this particular story isn't true it does happen all the time, the rude couple "who is also shopping at Walmart" are just ignorant.. like so many others, their cowards and judge too quickly, I wish someone would have put them into their place a bit more… by calling them out louder where everyone knew what they were saying.

  24. Many stories like these on YouTube without live images, names of people who were involved, names of places where it happened, etc.etc.. Just "emotional" music at the background and a voice telling a story. But are these stories really true ? Nobody can prove it. So why do we believe them and listen to them ? These stories could be scams from people looking to make money via Youtube. Very unsatisfactory.

  25. Pukes…regardless of where the kids came from…that couple is nothing short of rude and cruel. Good for Lindsey and the Mom!!

  26. Hey there LINDSAY… U ROCK girl, u just absolutely totally and completely ROCK. That was the bestest most heart warming story that I have heard about in recent memory. Please continue to tell the jerks that litter our world that they ain't the big shots that they think they are!!! I wish that I was in that check out line.(No, actually I really do not, cuz I wood have been arrested 4 assault on those folks that think they are the bees knees and the rest of us are not important.) Thanks 4 standing up 4 that NEWEST VERY IMPORTANT MOMMY. The world needs many more folks like u Miss Lindsay. Folks that believe in bringing up/out the GOOD things in our lives and not degrading people because they can. Soo many thanks 2 peeps like yourself Mz Lindsay( Not sure how u prefer 2 state ur honorific and bee-u-ti-fulll name there) But u r the bestest methinks here. Sim[ply the best, helping out another beautiful person who is again helping outv people living in our world. Living and Giving, the bestest thing that does still survive. thx again girl, just thx a whole lot of bunches of help that u r giving those of us who need the help. Again, you ROCK and many apologies 4 any misspelling of ur name honey. Hard to see the keyboard right now, but I have learned that keyboards don't rust, not from tears anyway!!!! Please continue doing this fantastic n excellent work helping out where it is needed, and 2 who is needing and wanting that kind of LOVE. Wow, just WOW!!!

  27. The jerk couple that vote Dimmocrapic, which encourages people not to work and more people to be on assistance anyhow .

  28. I was about to give up on all humans. We all have to do better. Adult bullies? How disgusting. The effing shaming at the grocery gives many people panic attacks.
    Even if this lady wasn't a foster parent, no one needs to shame her. I have never been more sad or disgusted than reading comments about we who need help. It's so cruel.

  29. You're AMAZINGNESS, HELPED a mother & guardian angel, believe in herself. Also, let the ignorance of others, learn to kerp their trap Shut!!! I hope so anyways. Hreat job ladies❣

  30. Yes. She definately did the right thing. It takes a strong mother's heart to defend, protect and care for children in need. Unfortunately not all women have one and sad to say some women are so selfishly self absorbed that no one else fits in their heart. God bless these women that care and do something about helping children in need. 🌿🌹🌿

  31. Oh I would have been let RIP at that couple no matter what they had no right to criticise the lady with the children,

  32. This is the rare exception. I see mothers on medicaid , wic, most have tatoes andother beauty shop services they can afford not having to buy food.

  33. Hate when a Robot ruins what would have been a good story.. STOP using those stupid robot voices. No one wants to listen to this anymore.

  34. Sadly, people are quick to criticize, judge, mock, and attack the character of perfect strangers all the time, without knowing anything about what they are going through or have gone through in their lives. I don't believe it's a coincidence these ladies were standing next to each other in line. The woman taking care of all of those kids, may have needed some encouragement, or just to feel like someone gets it, and the other woman rose to the occasion. With her incredible reaction to the bullying behavior, she put others (by the way – all over the world thanks to the internet) on notice about the plight of this Mom and Superwomen like her. They are misjudged, misunderstood, and underappreciated. And just a little FYI for anyone that might be on the multi-dad bandwagon with those bullying nitwits, I was in a long relationship with a guy for years that had two boys with his ex. He is white, and she is Mexican (descent) (their description). The boys (young men now) don't look anything alike, as clearly, one took after their Dad, and the other took after their Mom. (I realize there are a few questions that will probably come up from that simple statement, so let me answer preemptively: Yes, they (the Mom and boys I am referring to) all are born & raised in the USA, English-speaking, Mexican-Americans, and they're legally here.) Lastly, I just want to say God Bless both of those ladies and their children. I also hope this made an impression on that couple, even if they didn't show it then. The seed was planted in many places, and is something very beautiful to grow! Much Love to All! Remember to share kindness, compassion, a compliment, and a smile! All free to give, but everyone becomes richer every time they shared!💗

  35. Great job sticking up for the lady and kids. People can be so heartless when they only see how well they have it and think what they have will last. The people mocking her where ignorant and self righteous. The 2 Mother’s here are to be honored because they have given their lives to raise and pour into other little ones that can change this world. Hats off to all who help those who can’t help themselves.

  36. I grew up as a welfare/food stamps kid. I was recently told by a right wing conservative Christian that it would have been better if I had died rather than be given food handouts paid out of tax dollars. Yes, there are people out there who have no problem with the idea of children starving if they aren't lucky enough to be born into an affluent family.

  37. Forgiveness. To those who have Much, Much Is Expected. Kindness 🕊From A Mother's Heart Of 5,
    One In Spirit… Integrity And Respect For Our Mothers Who Give Their Lives To Their Little Ones! 🦋

  38. A lady was bad mouthing a poor lady with kids she wa a dollar and some change short of the few food items at the store. My son said I've got this and handed the teller two dollars. I'm proud of the man I raised

  39. A big fat YES!! Too many damn degenerates in the world thinking their shit dont stink. If I was there I would have done the same thing. You dont have to be rich to live in this country. You dont have to have money this, fancy that to give a child a temporary home to stay in for a little while. That's what the county is for. They snatch, you grab. If she could afford them as time goes on she can easily adopt them if she wanted to.

  40. Well you can see what's rong what is up them that don't understand when this lady is helping kids that need them if there was more like her it would be a good place to live good on you angel

  41. Just because a parent has a lot of kids this is not up to the rich to put them down tell them that all kids have a right to be warm, fed and loved. Just because I know of no child that asked to be born anybody that opens their heart to a child not only deserves respect but should be left alone without the hassle of ignorance .just because that some folks don't have as much as you don't make them less keep it mothers of foster kids they need you!

  42. this is a well-crafted story – the truth of its message is not dependent on whether an incident like this happened in real life

  43. You are right Herbert. It's so much easier to criticize someone who is down on their luck than to raise their spirit with kindness. I'm sure this is an example of how many people feel who do not have to worry about their next meal, warm coats, or a full belly. How sad for humanity.

  44. And for all of you jerks that just want to comment to bitch about the voice…don't watch the video. Problem solved. There is an actual story here.

  45. Before you insult someone walk in their shoes first. You have no idea of the hardship someone is going through and someday that could be you! After learning this mother was taking on foster kids along with her own children to go to Walmart to make purchases for their needs she deserves praise and assistance. That was very sweet to hear this woman helped her when she needed help and stood up for her against the bullies of this world.

  46. I think she was admirably restrained when confronting those rude people! I would have told them that if they were not Repubs, they were certainly acting like it and they need to go home and read the first four books of the New Testament again!!

  47. Great for Lindsay. The world needs more of her type too. As for the people behind her, how did you grow up without empathy or sympathy. How did you become soooo arrogant you feel you have the right to say those things. Life has obviously been good to you but instead of being grateful you are smug. Too many people forget that life can change in the blink of an eye…… are not a judge. Everyone has a story and unless you know it shut your mouth because if you are a decent human being I guarantee you would not be so quick with your opinions if you did know the story. Also for that rude couple, next time you are shopping get yourself a couple bottle of CLASS you seem to be down a couple of gallons to the ASS mark

  48. Someone peeling Onions in here? shame on you , I'm just going to get a tissu… ah drink.. yes a drink…sniff damn onions:)

  49. Great story and i have adopted but the computer voice on this is annoying just get a normal narrater lol these computer voices are on all kinds of videos now but.. Great story bad print lol

  50. I'm a mother of one and I felt this. Crying. So touching. Need people like those ladies. The one that opened up her home to those children/ her children and the one that spoke up.. Xoxox

  51. Sad is my word! People have no idea what another person's life is all about so to pass judgement w/out knowledge is mean and stupid! Try getting by everyday,alone with a life threatening disease and almost every cent you ever earned is gone due to treatment. not quite the same,yet I pray………………….

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