Cooper Tire Review

Cooper Tire Review

hey welcome back to another accidentaly
video hopefully you are doing well today we’re doing a tire review because we
have put a lot of miles on these cooper tires now these are the Cooper s PT pro they
are 265 75 are 16 hey if you are new to this channel we welcome you or got it
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truck because we’re hitting the road today so we’re going from here all the
way over to Seattle and Taylor’s gonna hop on a plane she’s going to Florida
for about five days or so and I’m gonna hang out in Seattle with one of my
really good friends and then go see my sister I have my record book here we
record everything that we do with the truck all the maintenance and everything
and I have here that it was June 14th of 2017 that we bought these Cooper s TT
pro tires and put them on the truck and at that point our truck had three
hundred and two thousand kilometers on it and currently the truck has three
hundred and thirty eight thousand kilometers on it so let’s do the math
there that means we put thirty six thousand kilometers on the tires which
we’re in the US so I don’t need to use kilometers but my truck is from Canada
and so that’s why the odometer is in kilometers but if we take thirty six
thousand times point six two that’s twenty two thousand three hundred and
twenty miles that’s how many miles we put on these tires and when I bought
them I bought them brand new off of Amazon it was a lot cheaper to buy them
off of the Amazon and then put them on the wheels myself I had the ability to
do that and so that was the cheapest option for
the temp lie you know heavy-duty strong tire
we were living out on a ranch and it was two-hour drive into town there was a 16
mile dirt road it was our driveway basically and so I
wanted something really tough that would last a long time
then we found out that we were leaving the ranch and that we were going on this
long road trip we drove all the way around the whole entire country for ten
months we did a lot of off-roading a lot of camping we put a lot of highway miles
on these tires I’ve rotated the tires every time we did
an oil change which is about every 6,000 miles I’m using full synthetic oil and
when we were about halfway through the trip I took the tires into a tire shop
and I had them actually you know measure the details on all the different parts
of the tires just to see how they were wearing and they said that they were
wearing perfectly they said they didn’t notice any any type of wear that was
uneven and so that was really good to hear and right now as I’m looking at
them again just kind of inspecting them cuz we’re about to head over Snoqualmie
Pass and we just got a bunch of snow last night I just want to make sure the
tires are are doing well so I got them all at 45 psi and just inspecting the
tread on them they still have a lot of life left in them they are still wearing
evenly the tires themselves when I originally bought them we’re really
quiet as they have worn down they’ve become louder and that’s something to
keep in mind if you’re buying bigger tires that are gonna be louder and they
are gonna knock down your miles per gallon I would say these tires probably
knocked down my miles per gallon maybe one mile per gallon so it wasn’t a huge
deal to me I really wanted the beefy tires
something really strong now right before we left on their trip we were about to
pull out and I noticed that there was a screw
in one of these tires I had just bought them I’m super frustrated and there was
a screw in the tire and I pulled that screw out I put a I pulled the the tire
off and then I put a patch on the the tire and I haven’t had any problems with
that tire there’s no leak or anything and so that’s been awesome I haven’t had
any other leaks in the other flats or anything with these tires they have been
amazing and even though they’re not the best for a super long road trip I’m
really glad that we had them because we never had any problems we were able to
go off-road and drive through and you know creeks and and dirt and mud and be
able to be confident that the tires are gonna take us where we wanted to go and
at the same time when you get on the the freeway or the highway you know they
were great they weren’t super wobbly or anything and as long as I had a good psi
going I was getting great miles per gallon for this type of tire so my total
review on these tires is that I would buy them again 22,000 miles these these
tires are doing great and I’m gonna keep running them probably until they they go
bald or I sell the truck so my review of the tires is that they’re a really good
tire quality product and I would consider buying them off Amazon you can
buy the tires off Amazon have them shipped to your house and then take them
in to a place and they’ll mount them for you so there’s a link down in the
description you can check them out see what the prices right now on Amazon and
they’re a great tire cooper stt pro so there’s another action lee review taylor
and i gotta load up the truck and we’re gonna hit the road again hey we’ll see
you guys in the next one hats off to you

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  1. Hi there Cody,miss you guys๐Ÿ˜ข I am in axe fam withdrawal ! but what can you expect from a Canadian eh?? My brother bought a car from the U.S. and it reads in miles,drives me crazy! It was good to watch Taylorโ€™s video all by herself this week and she did awesome ๐Ÿ˜ Hope Chief is well. ๐Ÿขโ„๏ธ๐Ÿขโ„๏ธ๐Ÿข

  2. My grandfather owned a Cooper Tires tire store for several decades. He passed away in 2017, but his tire store is in the family! Love Cooper Tires!

  3. Nice review!!! Nice thumbnail….and looks like you're in the top 10 ranking videos for "Cooper Tire Review" ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Good to see the tires working for you. I've run the Cooper AT3, ST/Maxx, and the STTPros. Each one has it's pros and cons but all around good tires.

  5. They did better then some wild country I got from a tire store starts with les. Lost 2 tires going on a gravel road in the woods. Sounds like you got a big time deal. Wish I could afford these right now.

  6. Thank God someone gave an actual review after some miles!!! All I seem to find is people do a "review" of a tire with 500 miles!!

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