Cooper Discoverer ATP Tires | Discount Tire

Cooper Discoverer ATP Tires | Discount Tire

The Cooper Discoverer ATP is more than all terrain. It’s you’re terrain. On the highway or off the beaten path the Discoverer ATP delivers confidence and dependable performance for light trucks and sport utility vehicles. Found exclusively at Discount Tire, The Cooper Discoverer ATP is available in sizes from 15″ to 20″ to fit most light trucks and sport utility vehicles. Its the right choice for anywhere you want to go, at any time of year, and it carries a 55,000 mile limited treadwear warranty. The tough five rib design with large lugs gives you excellent grip on or off road. On dry, wet, icy, and snowy pavement you’ll have reliable traction thanks to the serpentine
sipes and silica-infused tread compound. When the going gets tough, the scalloped shoulders and substantial tread lugs power you through mud, sand and rocks. No matter where you
drive, you’ll experience excellent stability and handling under some of the most extreme conditions on road or off with the Discoverer ATP’s linked blocks and superior balanced
capability. Learn more about the Cooper Discoverer ATP at a Discount Tire near you or online

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  1. Discount put these on my work truck/snowplow at the end of 2015. (2013 Ram 3/4 quad cab.) I'm happy overall, but they destroyed my fuel economy. And the tires "might" make it to the full 55k. "MIGHT"! I am at 46K and almost down to the tread wear indicators now No problems with plowing my dirt road with them. But there wasn't any problem with the stock tires either.

  2. I have 25000 miles on mine and you can't even tell they're one of the best of the tires I've ever owned perfect Traction in the rain sand rocks great and all conditions quiet on the highway with great handling

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