Coolster 110cc SportMax Kids ATV C-ATV-3050C

The Coolster 3050C features a electric start an automatic
4-stroke engine and 6.2 horsepower to give you a top
speed of 20 miles an hour but don’t worry if you want to slow your
kids down this cool straight TV does feature the throtle governor so you can
slow it way down this ATV also features the remote
control kill switch which is a must-have for parents teaching
their new kids how to ride the remote also comes with an alarm so that it
cannot be started or stolen the seat height is 24 inches from the
ground in eighteen inches from the foot rest it features drum brakes in the
front and hydraulic disc in the rear this is a great a ATV for a great price value just doesn’t get better than this
we’re not going to charge you shipping and we’re not going to charge you tax
it’s just in all-around value package for more information and see other
products by Coolster visit our website we’ve been in business since 2004 and
we’re number one customer service we’re here Monday through Friday to
answer any questions and address any concerns you may have give us a call
so we can help you find the right a ATV today it good it

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