Continental ControlContact Tour A/S – A tire that takes you further! – Discount Tire

Continental ControlContact Tour A/S – A tire that takes you further! – Discount Tire

The Continental ControlContact Tour is an all-season tire that delivers powerful grip and strong wet braking performance, combined with the quiet comfort and fuel efficiency you demand. Backed by a 90,000 mile limited treadwear warranty the ControlContact Tour will take you further. Continental EcoPlus Technology means better fuel economy for added savings The specially engineered rubber compound provides extended treadwear and reduces rolling resistance helping you save money and lower your total cost per mile. The ControlContact Tour A/S is ready to take on any weather. Full-depth sipes create thousands of biting edges to provide additional traction in slippery conditions while the Plus Silane tread compound additives reduce stopping distances wet or dry. You’ll also experience exceptionally smooth, comfortable driving. Continental’s quiet ride design locates a comfort band between the belt and tread to absorb and reduce road vibrations. For total piece of mind the Continental ControlContact Tour All Season tire is covered by Continental’s Total Confidence Plan. There’s three years of complimentary road side assistance, twelve months of manufacturerer road hazard coverage, and a 90-day trial period to ensure your complete satisfaction. When you need long lasting, fuel efficient tires that provide a smooth comfortable ride and confident all weather traction, the Continental ControlContact Tour All Season delivers. The Continental ControlContact Tour All Season is the future in motion. Available exclusively at Discount Tire.

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  1. Be careful with this tire. I purchased these for my wifes car and one of them has a major factory defect that was causing the tire to be out of round. Took a long time for Discount Tire to find out that the issue was being caused by a tire out of round. Next time I'm sticking with GoodYear.

  2. Does anyone else have any feedback on this specific tire. Particularly in Winter, its time for new tires and this one in the running.

  3. Got this today, at 47,777 miles for my corolla. So far they feel very good and the steering wheel feels smoother that before with the stock Goodyears.

  4. What is the difference between the (Continental ControlContact Tour A/S) and the (Continental True Contact) ???

  5. This Tire Sucked It didn't even last a year for us!
    Next time I'm getting Michelin Radial Lt or Goodyear Integrity

  6. Just installed last week. On my first hour of driving, I knew without a doubt they are much better than my last set of Defenders. Very low noise on bad roads. Seem more solid in corners. just a much smoother ride.

  7. These tires are great! Best overall tires ever. I'm in southern Arizona and these take the heat no problem! 6 out of 5 stars

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