Compare cheap tires with more expensive tires [Vredestein]

Compare cheap tires with more expensive tires [Vredestein]

Welcome to our tire test. We’ll show you the difference between
discount tires and premium tires… …Vredesteins in this case. You’ve had a little taste of the action
and the difference is quite staggering. We’ll be doing three tests;
an evasion maneuver or a lane change… …a brake test and a lane change on a dry track. Maybe it’s understandable that a cheaper tire
performs less in wet conditions. We’re going to find out how much difference
it makes to buy more expensive tires. Test 1 on the Vredesteins:
a simple evasion maneuver at 62 mph. We have a GPS so we can
more or less exactly drive at that speed. I’m going to drive past the cones
and go left or right. And I’m hoping I won’t lose control. Let’s keep some faith. Vredestein tires Now I’m going to do the same maneuver
on the discount tires. Let’s see what difference it makes. I do want to emphasize that this isn’t staged. I’ll try to drive at the same speed. And besides that the test’ll be exactly the same. I’d love to know the results. Discount tires That went wrong
in a spectacular fashion, but why? You can say that again.
Here’s why. The tire’s construction is key
to its handling in dry or wet conditions. Most of the developments are taking place here,
in the tread. Especially in its compound. And what’s the difference between
a discount tire and this Vredestein tire? The difference mostly comes
from the secret rubber compound. So it’s not just a slab of rubber
that you press into the shape of a tire? If only it was that easy. A lot of research goes into the development
of the tread compound, it’s not that simple. But you can brake well with every tire, right? You can brake with every tire… …but you need a good construction
and especially a good compound to brake well. I’m going to try it. Test 2: braking. I’ll be braking hard from 62 mph
to see what the braking distance is. It’s not that exciting,
there’s nothing for me to hit. Vredestein tires This is the braking distance
with Vredestein tires. Now we’ll place a little inflatable car right here… …and see if discount tires
also stop the car in time. Discount tires That went well. How does braking work exactly? A tire and thus a car brakes parabolically. This graph shows the relation between
a car’s speed and braking distance. The blue line, tire A, is parabolic. The graph shows that when
the car with the blue tires has stopped… …the other car is still doing 25 mph.
We’ve tested that on an official test track. That’s quite fast.
-Especially for the blue car. It doesn’t rain every day of course,
so we’re also going to test in dry conditions. We’re going to do
the lane change again at 62 mph. First we’ll do the Vredesteins
and after that the discount tires. Vredestein tires Discount tires The difference in those tests is very clear. The price difference is also very clear. But don’t forget that the price difference
is there for a reason. Lots of R&D, but the materials used
in a premium tire are also more expensive. You buy a little extra safety. This wasn’t a scientific test
in which we drove exactly 62 mph. We just wanted to show
what happens with a discount tire. If you’d ask me what tires you should buy… …I would tell you to invest just that little bit
more. It makes such a big difference. My assistants, there they are, are picking it up. And then we’ll just do it again, because it’s fun.

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  1. well to make it a fair test. he shouldnt be allowed to know which tires are which in the first place. do the test, THEN tell him which ones are the premium ones

  2. @xdragosx I just think that it looks more dramatic because the tires aren't as good. You could see in the first test, that the cheap tires didn't have the turn-in grip, making the front end wash out. Hence more aggressive and more dramatic correcting was needed. The Vredesteins are just so good (at this test), that they look boring. It's like how the SLS F1 pace car is squealing, drifting and looking very dramatic, while the F1 cars are just driving slowly behind him.

  3. Goed punt, maar mix het niet zo in met slechts een enkel merk (maar helaas zal dat wel moeten om zo'n testdag te regelen).


    Bedankt dat je het met zoiets voorspelbaars doet voor Kia opeens helemaal de hemel in wordt geprezen en jij in een dikke Benz rijdt.
    Niet meer zulke bagger AUB


  5. goede test!!! uiteraard een stukje reclame maja what the hell… ben zelf ook wel benieuwd wat bijvoorbeeld continental banden op zulke tests zouden doen, en dan vooral de verschillen in grip tussen eco,- premium en sportcontacts.

    echt leuke filmpje goed werk weer!

  6. Dit is helemaal geen reclamemakerij, want de nadruk ligt in dit filmpje gewoon op Premium banden, niet per se op Vredestein banden. Die zijn zo te zien ook een stuk veiliger.

  7. @nic3Chris Dit is geen reclame. Dit is informatief, en tsja, dat ze Vredestein gebruiken kan ik me ook wel voorstellen, omdat Vredesteins in Enschede gemaakt worden. Ikzelf werk er ook, maar ik rij zelf op Michelin's.
    Dit filmpje is puur informatief dus, en heeft vrij weinig met reclame te maken. Maar deze test is ook medemogelijk gemaakt door Vredestein. En die discountbanden, dat zijn wat ik op Intranet gelezen heb Kuhmo's 😉

  8. @xdragosx he said before the test that he was gonna make it more or less the same, and maybe he was a bit more aggresive with the cheap tires, but it wouldnt have been by much.

  9. @Zuffenhausener We don't even have them here in the States. I'm a big fan of Continental tires. They are priced less than a comparable Pirelli or Michelin but seem to perform just as well.

  10. @Frdmstang
    My experience with Continental Sport Contact 2 and 3 has not been very good… On normal roads they perform very well, but on the track they produce strong understeering. I prefer other tires, e. g. Hankook S1 Evo (very good pricing, suprisingly very good track performance). Continental released new tire which should perform very well on the track – Force Contact which I will probably buy in the future.

  11. @Zuffenhausener I have the ExtremeContact DW on my daily driver. I'm probably going to get another set for another one of my Mustangs. I don't go to the track so I don't have any feedback there. On the street they perform very well though.

  12. @nic3Chris Ja natuurlijk, als jij een product hebt dat beter is dan een ander product. Zou hij dan geen test uitvoeren en laten zien waarin dit bewezen wordt? Zodat jij meer geld verdient. Of zouden ze lekker niks moeten doen omdat ze anders volgens sommige "stoer doen" of "geldwolven" zijn?

  13. Wat lul jij nou man met je north dutch accent? Presentator praat gewoon ABN en de man van Vredestein heeft een licht Twents accent, logisch, want daar komt Vredestein vandaan. En dat is niet het noorden. Je kan beter je topografie bijspijkeren ipv je Engels.

  14. I had a set of Vredestein on my Peugeot 5008, and I found they may outperform the Michelin, specially on wet. They don"t last as long though (40 000 km for the Michelin, 35000 for the Vredestein). Would I buy Vredestien again ? Yes if they weren't so hard to find in France.

  15. I've had VREDESTEIN ULTRAC SESSANTA on a 650i and a supercharged range rover. They are amazing better than the Michelin continental and Dunlop's I have before. It's a shame they don't make them anymore I've had M3 M6 and M5. I had to have the sit on the front as they don't make them over 265. (275 and 285 on m6 and m5 rear) can't be best in the wet.

  16. I have 295 35 21 vredestein ultrac sessanta they have cracks the rubber is damaged in the outer face of the front wheels stay away from this tires they are a waist of money

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