Common BMX Repairs

Common BMX Repairs

one of the many great things about BMX bikes is that they’re really easy to work on for the vast majority of repairs you’ll need only allen keys in a ratchet with fifteen millimeter and seventeen millimeter sockets if you have pegs you’ll need an extension and it’s also good to have a pedal wrench as is the case with any bike I recommend investing three dollars on a lifetime supply of general-purpose grease even on a new BMX you may have issues with your bars moving when you land to fix this first remove the bolts clamping them to your stem then clean all of the areas that make contact as good as you can this will prevent any debris or loose paint from allowing the bars to move before you put everything back together grease the threads in the bolts so that you can get them really tight without any issues when reinstalling the handlebars most riders make them about parallel with the fork but this can be tweaked to your liking tighten each bolt a little at a time so that everything sits flat and even you’ll want to use a calibrated torque wrench to apply exactly eight Newton metres of force to each bolt I’m kidding it’s a BMX so tighten the crap out of them next is the headset which consists of the bearings in the head tube a loose headset is common in BMX because the bike is subject to hard landings and crashes to test for a loose headset you can stand in front of the bike and apply force to your bars if you feel anything besides steering it’s probably your headset to correct this loosen the pinch bolts on the stem evenly until your bars can move independently of the fork then tighten the bolt on the stem cap slightly and test the headset again don’t over tighten this bolt as it could make it hard to steer or crush your bearings once the headset feels right you can line up the bars and tighten the pinch bolts again with all the abuse that BMX cranks take it’s common for them to develop a creaking sound this usually means the spindle wasn’t greased properly during installation unlike road and mountain bikes BMX cranks don’t usually need a crank puller for removal on these cranks will loosen the pinch bolt and remove the cap at the base of the crank getting the crank off the spindle may take some effort if you’ve been running them without grease for a while but these ones came off pretty easy make sure there’s a light coating of grease in the spindle and then reinstall the crank arm by tie the cap first and then the pinch bolt do this for both crank arms and the annoying creaking sound should be gone any other sounds like popping or grinding are probably your bottom bracket and we won’t be going over that in this video like most single speed bikes the chain tension on a BMX is set by positioning the rear wheel in the slotted dropouts some people have trouble getting the chain tension right and the rear wheel lined up properly it’s actually pretty simple though first let’s talk about chain tension when you turn the cranks and observe the chain on a BMX you’ll notice the drivetrain will have a tight spot and a loose pot the better your parts the less the disparity between these two extremes we’ll get back to this in a minute to adjust your chain tension loosen the axle nuts and move the wheel within the drop out when you get it to a good spot tighten just the drive side lightly now turn the cranks and check the tension if it’s harder to turn the crank when you get to the tight spot the chain may be too tight this can stretch and weaken the chain Plus make it harder to pedal to correct this keep the crank in the tight spot and loosen the nut on the drive side a little the tension on the chain should cause the wheel to move inward slightly and then you can retighten the nut now it’s time to line up the wheel usually the wheel will be almost perfect at this point but if not apply some pressure with your thumb to get the wheel into the right spot and tighten the nut on the other side until it stays in place now test your chain again and you’re done you should also grease the threads in the inner part of the rear axle so the nuts can be tightened more easily so those are just a few of the most common repairs you should be able to perform on your BMX most other repairs require the same tools and some common sense BMX bikes can handle all sorts of abuse as long as you’re willing to tweak things back into place every now and then in the next video we’re going to learn the first BMX techniques you’ll need to know thanks for riding with me today and I’ll see you next time what is all this crap

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  1. Whats the trick you might have with crank spin upon the majestic un-footing of the peddles on 26" DJ bikes? Been playing loose or tight with the chain stay adjusters on the drop outs… only to get a ghost peddle now. all I got, is holding the brake… that make's the rear drop. "Learning… this new P.3 from a 20" S&M C.C.R." Use: Carving Single Track, rental bike passer in the rock garden, park. Hope you have some idea!

  2. I was having problems with the wheel alignment until watching this video. I followed every step and got it first time. Thanks Seth!

  3. I just push my tire back till the chain is fairly tense and step on my break lever n tighten them makes the wheel perfectly straight

  4. love your vids Seth! I've been mountain biking for a few years now. I just bought a new bmx and am looking to get back into it as well. Keep the videos coming

  5. Hi seth, im just getting into bmx and considering to get the mongoose legion l100 or l80, wonder if you could review any or the bikes, thanks.

  6. Hey Seth, I have a single speed MTB that I am rebuilding. I'm a heavier rider and need a stiffer ride than what I am getting from my 68×113 sq tapered BB. I mainly ride street and on some gravel. I'm looking at a 3-piece BMX or Hollow Tech ii conversion. Not sure what to pick and why. Please help! thanks.

  7. I got a bmx with brakes with a special item which makes the bars move freely. What it's called?

  8. I never grease threads thats not a good idea in the longrun as well as seatposts just dont leave it in the rain bend it or leave it dirty and it wont get stuck

  9. holy crap dude i remember watching this in 2015 not having my own bike but wanting one now i googled this and saw it again i got my own bike now its was about $300 from saving up now i watch this video cause the cranck keaps squeeking ty

  10. Louis Frank to do the Harry Potter, and when your hitting bike parts right it stops the week is stilts the muffin man the big parts Facebook blue tick on it

  11. Hay I got a problem there’s like some play in the stem of my bmx like if I’m just sitting on the bike and I push the bars forward the whole stem will kind of move forward

  12. My spindal keeps loosening what do I do to fix it ? I can’t ride more than a mile before having to read bolt it in

  13. What is the crank start popping out when you're riding and you tight it to the normal spec

  14. I hate those 3 piece crank set ups I prefer the old style one solid crank new bmx bikes are all the same pieces of shit

  15. When i start riding and make 1 crank spin it makes a crack sound but then runs smoother than a greased bullet

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