Come Visit Us to See Our Large Inventory of Wheels and Tires!

Hi everyone, this is Armin from Siesta Tires I would like to show you a couple of wheels we got here in stock! Wheel and tire packages that we can set you up with. We got some off-read wheels with mud-terrain tires that we have available. We got replica wheels from 28 inch We got replicas 24 inch. You want to stand out from the rest? Fuel Forge Wheels, top of the line wheels. Available here in Siesta Tires. We got your “Moto Metals” We got your “XM” You know that we can color match the inserts to your vehicle. We got the chrome wheels, we got the mud-terrain tires We can always do a package with the mud-terrain tires. We got the All-Terrain tires. We even have drag tires available! For those street racers We got a promotion going on with the 6 months financing available! We got it all, we got different variety of Off-Road Wheels We got your spike lugs We got you “K&N” for your performance vehicles. We got it all, we got a large variety of things available for your rides! Back here we got your 22 by 14s, 22 by 12s 24 by 12s, fully polished wheels We got a large variety of different styles available for your rides! Got a car? We got them also, we got wheels for your cars available! Those 300s, those Mustangs, Chargers, we got them here. Over here we have a large variety of Off-Road wheels. You can see this nice gold wheel, painted. So you can stand out from the rest! So stop on by Siesta Tires Custom & Wheels for the best prices in town! Guaranteed Ask for the real Armin!

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