Cold Air Intakes Mythbusted [Naturally Aspirated]

Cold Air Intakes Mythbusted [Naturally Aspirated]

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  1. I don't know if you're still answering questions but here it goes. How about some how adding dry ice to the cold intake. Would that make it faster??? Excited to that mod on your channel!!!😀😀😀😀

  2. I wish you would have been able to use the same filter on the stock intake. Ether way, sometimes it could help, sometimes it could hurt

  3. You cant test this kind of modification with the vechicle at a standstill… you cant utilize a ram air system without ramming dense, cold, oxygen rich air in to that aem air filter. Dipshits

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  5. Are any of you big name YouTubers living in a generally hot climate like me? (Florida) it's hot year-round but we get a week of actual winter in December and everything with a gas pedal gets off the line and accelerates faster noticably without modding, soo….

  6. All this video proves is that the stock s2000 intake was engineered very well, leaving little room for improvement. Not the case on a lot of cars.

  7. It's only now I see that aftermarket intakes don't have resonators. It would be interesting to see what a helmholtz resonator on a larger diameter intake could do if you tuned for it. I personally run a 3" intake with velocity stack, with the filter in front of the radiator of my 350z. No short tubes for me lol

  8. How would a cold air intake work on a dyno doesn't the car need to be driving for it to actually work, moving air is colder air

  9. if your car has a standard ass no effort put into janky ass intake then a cold air will not hurt. I bet its like 2 hp tops

  10. You started with a cold air intake to begin with so it stands to reason the car was tuned to take that mod. So when you broke it down back to stock the car is now acting as though it has asthma so of course you're going to lose horsepower. For people looking to this video to see if it's worth purchasing cold air intake for your stock Civics and Toyotas, Camrys and Accords don't waste your time. You're not going to get more horsepower unless you $tune$ the car after you've installed the cold air intake, Ram Air or whatever. You just going to ruin your gas mileage ended up having to pay under the table for a fake inspection sticker.

  11. My cai is right in front of the driver wheel. Whenever I hit a puddle, steam comes out of the exhaust. While I could run a filter bag or water bypass, it makes me laugh that my engine with 220k doesn't hydralock. You Honda boys need tougher motors.

  12. I'm extra glad that I removed and threw away a stock intake, and installed a high performance intake on my ETEC engine. Thank you for the video.

  13. So I love your posts guys don’t get me wrong, but the thing is if installed correctly away from the engine heat it does increase power I couldn’t not with more dense oxygen. Also I’ve yet to here you guys mention to actually get power from them you need to know the basics, must increase flow out of car (headers, high flow cat, catback exhaust), increase burn bigger injectors better spark plugs/ignition packs (my fav E3 dual electrode plugs), and either a piggy back ecu or standalone. Like yes just slapping one on isn’t going to do shit yes but proper and keeping the 3 most important things in mind air, combination, fuel.

  14. This test needs to be done in real world. The in an air conditioned building. I don't drive my car in air conditioned buildings

  15. The factory air box is actually a true cold air intake.  Just install a K&N drop in filter for $35 instead of paying $300 for an intake that just sucks in hot engine compartment air.

  16. I'm only just rewatching through everything and something has been bugging me with this car…

    Why is it 60hp (45kW) down on the claimed stock factory number??
    Even allowing for their figure being at the flywheel and this being at the wheels that's a considerable loss.

  17. Looks like your S2000 is fucked to start with. You're getting 177bhp out of a car that's rated at 240bhp normally. I know you're going to talk about transmission losses but losing 63bhp seems excessive

  18. Honda claims 240 at the crank and here we see 214hp at the crank. Typical S2000, has less power than claimed and it likes drinking oil 🙂 apart of that it's a hell of a roadster, if not the best

  19. The RX8 does not have a 2 stroke engine. The 2 ROTOR 13b rotary engine powering it is most definitely a 4 stroke.

  20. A colder engine runs better and your car is sitting still sucking in hot air where if you were driving it and pulling in cold air you will make a little more horse power.

  21. Why no one tested all these gash aftermarket towing eyes you see on shit box cars you see in supermarkets if a evening normally with because ford stickers down there windscreen

  22. I dont have access to a dyno. I would like to see test results where the air filter is in wheel well, area AND heat insulation the pipe from filter all the way to, say 3 inches after Mas airflow sensor. This is what I've always done when going cold air. What better way to prevent heat soak? I might be wrong. Let's hear you.

  23. 7 hp for 150-200$ and easy to install is great. You should try spending thousands for 30 whp lol that takes a lot more work to install especially on an NA car

  24. This isnt a proper test. The cai works by the car actually moving tho that said a CAI is not going to give you more than 1 hp

  25. talks about sound with a CAI installed, then proceeds to play loud music over the factory intake so you can't compare the noise smh

  26. 4 hp???? What a friggin' waste of time! Especially without looking at and adjusting the fuel trims! Betcha it wouldn't even make that 4 hp over stock IF they ran the car for a few days with the factory set up so the ECU could
    have adjusted. Waste of time "test!"👎👎👎👎👎

  27. An S2000? You guys are kidding yourselves. Either use a V8 or don't bother with this stupid test. You could always redeem yourselves by doing a stage by stage upgrade of a 2010 300c SRT8 with its 6.1 HEMI.

  28. So when you have a car with not a big intake it will do more right? Also is having a better exhaust a good thing or a myth aswell?

  29. You mean the cold air system that grabs all the hot are under your hood? Automotive manufacturers put quite a bit of time in the research and development. I think it's funny some kid would buy a plastic tube with a K&N air filter and think that it was better?

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