CM Chipping Shredder – Turnkey Whole Tire To Chip System

CM Chipping Shredder – Turnkey Whole Tire To Chip System

CM recycling solutions has over 35
years of experience in the design and manufacture of systems specifically for
tire shredding entire recycling applications all systems are american-made and
manufactured to the highest quality standards and specifications in its
Sarasota Florida manufacturing facility cm recycling solutions manufactures
systems for all stages of tire processing and cm chipping shredders are at the core of the company’s line of products CM chipping shredders are capable of
processing still belted car SUV and truck tires up to tire sizes been 22
point 5-inch the shredder has two speeds 22 rpm for passenger and SUV tires and
11 rpm for large semi tractor-trailer tires it can process eight to twelve
tons per hour of hold tires that’s 1,000 passenger tires or up to 200 truck tires
per hour in a single step while producing consistently size tire chips
for tire derived aggregates TDA tire derived fuels TDF or for pre-processing
for crumb rubber applications or rough shred for landfill these machines are
the most versatile machines in the industry and can be supplied in
stationary or mobile configurations unlike any other shredders cm shipping
shredders come as a turnkey package and include in feed conveyor discharge
conveyor subframe stands and platforms as well as a control panel with PLC
controls all systems are pre-wired and tested at the factory this unique
feature allows systems to be quickly installed and commissioned in the field
most systems are operational in two to three days after arrival on-site this
saves thousands of dollars in Freight site preparation and field installation
costs CM chipping shredders utilize a
patented internal screen and patented recirculation conveyor drum that work in
combination to remove acceptable size chips from the system and recirculate
oversized pieces to the shredder for additional processing this unique design
allows the system to operate on a very small platform which drastically reduces
the space required for the system the internal screen can be easily changed to
allow in product sizes to vary from rough shred for landfill to 4 to 6 inch
chip for tire derived aggregates or 2 inch chips for tire derived fuel seams
patented disc screening system can be easily rolled back for servicing and in
addition the chip size can be changed by removing one unit and replacing it with
a different size unit this allows the CM chipping shredder to be highly versatile
in the marketplace cm shipping shredders are the industry leader for processing
whole tires – chips GM’s patented multi stack and double stack knife technology
allows it to process more tires at lower costs than competitive systems the CM
knife technology utilizes replaceable knife inserts that are made of through
hardened tool steel these knives can be repositioned pre-ground and reused up to
three to six times in the shredder this patented feature also uses the closest
knife to knife tolerances possible which allows the system to produce the
cleanest cut chips with the least exposed wire the cost of knives and the
associated cost with knife changes is the leading cost driver to operating a
shredder seems replaceable knife systems run longer between knife changes take
less time to change and cost less to replace these systems provide the least
cost of ownership of any shredder on the market you tire chips that are cleanly cut with
very little exposed steel are critical to the efficiency of the system and when
producing syllable tire chips for markets cm customer service is available 24
hours and in most cases someone can be on site in 48 hours or less cm shipping
shredders are the most versatile shredders in the industry
nothing beats them for speed efficiency and the ability to solve major
processing issues you

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  1. This perfect shredder works even better if you feed it with the db technologies tyre feeding system. We have seen capacities of 25t/h achieved by the CM, just achieved by proper feeding

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