Clean Matte Wheels Without Water – Chemical Guys EcoSmart

Clean Matte Wheels Without Water – Chemical Guys EcoSmart

Today we’re cleaning some– let me do that one more time… (That’s good because I had to reframe that! Fantastic, alright…) Fantastic! See? We did that on purpose! So today, we’re cleaning some Porsche wheels, and this Porsche has a custom matte paintwork finish on these rims. Now matte may pose a challenge for some detailers, and some enthusiasts may not know how to care for matte paintwork or wraps properly. Normal detailing products that contain lots of wax or gloss enhancers can damage the matte finish, and that’ll ruin the look, so you don’t want to do that! I’m gonna clean these wheels without using any water with a few Chemical Guys products for great results. To clean the actual wheel, there’s a lot of brake dust, road grime, and dirt all over the wheel. I need to take that off without scratching any of the sensitive finish underneath. For that, I’m going to use EcoSmart. EcoSmart is a waterless detailing solution that cleans, shines, and protects any car part in one step. Because this contains a little bit of wax, and I don’t want to leave any on this matte surface, I’ll follow it up immediately with Meticulous Matte Detail Spray and Spray Sealant. This will help remove any of the wax that EcoSmart may leave behind, and it’s also going to enhance the crisp matte look, and the spray sealant will help protect the wheel from future brake dust, dirt, and UV sun damage. I’ll also clean off the tire with EcoSmart, and finish it with some Silk Shine. Whoever cleaned this car before put a really greasy wet-looking tire shine on the tire, and it’s letting down the look against the crisp matte wheel. So I want to put a very crisp dry looking tire shine, and Silk Shine will be great for that. To get started, I’ll take my EcoSmart, shake up the solution, and saturate all this brake dust to knock it off the wheel. And I’ll also spray down the tire. Working quickly here in the sun, I’ll take my microfiber towel, and wipe the dirt off in one direction. Whenever you’re removing dirt from a vehicle, whether washing with water or with EcoSmart, it’s important to use the proper method. You don’t want to scrub the dirt back and forth into the surface: you’ll cause scratches and swirls. Instead, wipe in one direction with the towel, and flip it often to ensure that you’re not pushing dirt back and forth. I’ll take a corner of the towel, and wrap it around my finger to clean out these lug nuts. Now I’ve removed all the dirt, grime, and brake dust from the wheel and the tire. But I have some spotting left from the wax solution, so I’ll take the Meticulous Matte Detail Spray, and spray down the face of this rim. Meticulous Matte has no gloss enhancers, no wax: it’s a slick detail spray to remove any light dirt or stains, and finishes with spray sealant technology to help protect the sensitive surface from future contamination. I’ll wipe all the detail spray off the face of the wheel… and buff off any streaks. There we go this wheel is looking very fresh. It’s important to use a product like EcoSmart whenever you’re cleaning a wheel or paintwork. It’s very slick, and helps prevent any swirls and scratches as you work. And as you can see this matte wheel looks very crisp and clean with no extra shine or scratches. Finally, to finish this off, I’m going to put some nice dressing on this tire. I’m going with Silk Shine and the brand new Durafoam Applicator Pad. Instead of a curved shape, the pad has a wave design etched into the foam. The wave design helps push dressings deep into uneven surfaces like big tire tread. As always, whenever we put dressing on tires, we never spray anything onto the face of the wheel. If you get any product pooling in the tread, when you drive away, you get tire sling all over your car. So I’ll spray the applicator instead, then spread this all over the face of the tire. Take care not to touch the face of the wheel… Silk Shine will help protect the rubber and enhance a crisp satin look on rubber and plastic. Finally, just to make sure we have a crisp look, I’ll take my towel and buff off any excess. There we go! So that’s how you can clean and protect any matte surfaces like wheels. You can use this same method on paintwork, or any trim pieces wrapped or painted matte. You can use EcoSmart and Meticulous Matte Detail Spray to get the job done. If you have any questions about the products we used today, you can check out the descriptions on our website, the link is right below. If you want to learn more about how to detail any part of your car, Subscribe to our YouTube channel, we have over 600 videos showing you how to detail just about anything. You’ve got a nice car, so let’s keep it clean with
Chemical Guys.

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  1. Hey I was wondering for your products that can be diluted 3:1 or 10:1 if Im in a pinch and dont feel like diluting can I just use it out of the bottle? And I have a bottle of lighting fast stain remover diluted from 2 weeks ago can I still use it? Same goes for your other products, may I pre dilute them for future use? Thanks,


  2. wouldn't nonsense instead of ecosmart work just as well for the first step since there's no gloss enhancers?

  3. You guys need to stop talking about what "the previous detailer" did that was wrong. I've seen you do it on a few videos and it does nothing but make you guys look bad. Just stick to what you are doing and don't point out other's mistakes, it's just petty.

  4. Can I use matte jetseal for my matte rims? If so, what process would I use to do so? Should I clean them first with clean slate or maticulous matte soap? Should I clay them before applying matte jet seal? Also, what should I use to remove hard core brake dust that’s on them? How should I maintain them afterwards?

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