CITROËN HERITAGE – La dernière Traction

CITROËN HERITAGE – La dernière Traction

It’s the 18th of July 1957 that we have
assembled in the factory of Javel in Paris the elements
from last Traction It was Mr. Dufour, Citroën dealer in Saint-Malo, France that belonged from the order book to take delivery
of this 11D. By writing the word “Fin” on the license plate, Citroën’s delivery service symbolized the end of a remarkable chapter
in the history of the automobile.. At that time, Citroën beat
the world record of longevity with the Traction Avant
which was built for 23 years 4 months and 15 days The first Traction, the 7A, was a 4-stroke 4-cylinder It was replaced by 7C
and followed by 11 Légère the 46 hp effective
and penetrating lines allowed to reach the speed
exceptional for the time of 100 km/h Month after month,
this car has been modernized and endowed with considerable refinement…
but the shape, the familiar aspect that we knew never varied. His engine was treated
before the WW2 in 2 versions of administrative power :
7 & 11 hp n 1939 the 3 Traction models were called 7 Eco, 11 Légère and 11 Normale,
with its Perfo engine. On May 4, 1955, we used
the new 11D engine which came to crown the progress made during
of this prestigious career. At the 1956 Salon de l’Auto, we were still exhibiting
successfully family and commercial sedan 11D at a time when builders
Americans had already presented their dream cars,
like the Sabers or other Firebird. One of the reasons, maybe the main one,
of this success was the front-wheel drive system who gave to the world
a concrete definition of handling. If the career of the Traction stops this day of 1957, she will not leave
least an indelible trace in the history of Citroën

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  1. Houlà là … Que d'erreurs dans le commentaire ! On oublie la 15 Six avant guerre (entre autres)? Vidéo à voir sans le son, de préférence !

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