Choosing the right wheelbarrow wheels

Choosing the right wheelbarrow wheels

Hello again to top tips from Ross
Handling. A series of videos designed to help you choose the right product for you. As a stockist of Hamelin wheelbarrow wheels, we are going to use this video to look at some hints and tips when choosing the right wheel barrow wheel. Firstly you need to know the overall diameter of the
wheel. For an accurate measurement, Make sure you measure from the outside edge to the opposite outside edge. As shown
on screen. Next you have to measure the diameter of the
hub bore. This measurement is the inside edge of the hole in the middle of the wheel to its opposite
side. Now that the diameters have been measured,
it is time to measure the hub length. This is the width of the hole which runs through
the centre of the wheel as we can see here on screen. A simple way to measure the hub length is by using a pen or pencil, and pushing this through
the hole and measuring how far it goes through. Whatever you are looking for, here at Ross Handling we offer an extensive range of wheels, both with and without bearings, with plastic or metal wheel centres. and a range of puncture proof wheels. Fixing kits are also available for all of our wheelbarrow wheels and just speak to a member of our team to find our more about that. And if you are still unsure about the right wheelbarrow wheel for you then please contact one of our expert team, and we would be delighted to help. And there we have it, some top tips on choosing
the right wheel for you. Backed by over 40 year’s experience in the
castors and wheels industry, we have an extensive range of products to suit your requirements. To find out more, just visit our website at or call us on 0116
276 4987.

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  1. Best cart ever⌯⌯⌯   The ability to use as a wheelbarrow for hauling firewood to using the dolly feature for hauling appliances up and down stairs. I moved a metal lathe with this… very stable. I've used it to leverage equipment into place. I've had it for well over a year now. No complaints!

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