Choosing the Right Farm Tractor Tire

Choosing the Right Farm Tractor Tire

choosing the right farm tractor tire what you need to know before you buy before you buy, you should know you tire
size your carrying capacity bias versus radial and others buying options a tire size is located on the side wall
of the tractor tire there are usually two sets of numbers tire width sidewall to sidewall and the rim diameter for example thirteen point six by
twenty four the tire is thirteen point six inches
wide and then diameter is twenty four inches if the tire is biased, then there will be an “X” before the twenty-four it’s the tire is radial, there will be an “R” before the 24 the size of the tractor and workload
determines the weight requirements of the tires or the tire ply rating many farm tractors come in six ply and up to 12 ply the higher the ply ratings…the more weight carrying capacity of the tire A tires ply rating is found on the sidewall of the tire biased tires are the less expensive tire option compared to a radial tire these tires have more durable sidewalls and are less prone to bruising from stumps and rocks radial tires are the more expensive
choice. With the higher prices comes a smoother ride, longer tread life, and less soil compaction. ken jones tires carries a large variety
of farm tractor tires we carried the best selection of Titan, Goodyear, Carlisle, BKT, Deestone, and Alliance Tires! our farm tractor tire experts are here to help! call 1-877-844-2010 Today!

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