Cheapest way to clean wheels like a PRO (Under 1,5$) 🧴🚿

very good my friend a we are going to take a look to my rains the front ring is so dirty look at this it’s very easy it’s encrusted back rings are not that dirty but look here so dirty I don’t understand and the same in the other side look backside clean front side very dirty so what we are going to do now is to clean the rims with oberon cleaner only that and you will see the result will be amazing I have the oven cleaner here but we are not going to use it yet first we are going to clean the ring with some water and one old t-shirt that you have at home so but for this one we are going to do only half of the ring so we can compare the result so we start cleaning like this [Music] okay not bad for water this car is only one and a half years but I did it with very old cars and you don’t get this screen only with water but let’s see with oven cleaner because it’s going to be very very very shiny that final this one doesn’t look that good at all with only water this product cost less than 2 euros and look I let you drive for 5 minutes meanwhile I was cleaning the other rims okay like this is fine we are going to do the same in the other dreams and we are going to let this work for 10 minutes look at this I got this no wheels perfect look at this so shiny like new ok let’s go and remove this oven cleaner to remove the oven cleaner we are going to use water and the same t-shirt but now look at the result [Music] okay let’s see [Music] look at this it looks amazing compared with all one crazy this crazy okay almost all the bottles gone if you want to clean two cards you need two bottles I think one bottle is enough for one car but not too much more let’s finish the green this let’s take a look to the front one the other one it’s amazing result let’s check there is no much left check this out amazing let’s take a closer look is fantastic result [Applause] so shiny lot new I’m going to finish to clean this one I hope this video has been useful for you try it let me know what is your experience like this video subscribe to the channel and see you in next video [Music]

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