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Hey guys. So we’ve done cheapest Mom, cheapest woman, cheapest man, but guess what? I have another very
cheap Mother for you today. Y’all remember
this woman, right, who reuses her boiling water?>>This is my reusable boiling water. Yes, I know,
it may be a little chunky, but it saves me from spending
more money on my water bill.>>She gonna reuse chunky water. Her kids don’t finish the ranch, she gonna put the ranch
right back into the bottle.>>Every food and drink
that we have in this house…>>See, she’s pretty cheap, but we got another one today.>>Apple Melecia’s obsession to
save money is her driving passion.>>Keep in mind. Her name is Apple.>>What is that? Oh, look. Kids leaves toys all the time. If they’re unclaimed,
why not pick them up, and take it home with you, because they’re free.>>Yes, they might be free. But so is an infection, so are germs, they’re literally everywhere. Why don’t we just eat out
of a restaurant’s garbage can while we’re at it? You know, just like
go to a restaurant, wait for people to be
done with their food, and take the leftovers. I mean, anything to
save money, right Apple? But I mean, who does this? I wouldn’t even let my dogs do this. Like if I see
a dirty used dog toy that magically ended up in my backyard, I don’t know if my
neighbor’s threw it in or something, like I will throw that
shit away hella quick. I am not letting my dog play with
something that other dogs have played with. But I mean, that’s just me. She out here, taking used toys
that she found in a playground, and giving it to her daughter. I mean, I’m hoping she cleans it,
sterilizes it with bleach or something, but shit’s even missing a tire. It’s missing two tires. What you gonna do with a broken car? Come on Apple, you got to really
use your head in this situation.>>It’s perfectly fine. We just wash it off, and it’s clean.>>It’s missing two wheels.>>She could still play with it, Vic.>>It’s broken. If you find a brand new iPad,
or I don’t know like Elsa doll, Moana doll, whatever the hell
kids play with these days, and it’s like new, yeah, okay. I understand just taking it, but she talking
about just cleaning it. You don’t want
like germs living there, and germs are gonna
stay inside the plastic, and oh, you’re triggering
the germaphobe in me. Like I cannot understand
how somebody could give that to their kid.>>When we first had Chloe, I noticed her being more
frugal than she normally was.>>Suddenly, I stopped
producing breast milk, so now I collect
breast milk from my friends.>>See, I’m not a mom. I don’t know if this
is weird or normal. I think it’s weird. Aren’t there like baby formulas
that you could give to your kids? I mean I can’t imagine
going up to my friends be like, “Hey, pop that titty out, real quick. My daughter, she’s hungry. See, I can’t do that myself,
so can like you do it for me?” And it’s just chilling in her freezer. They’re all labeled. How many friend she
got giving her milk?>>Amy is from my yoga class. Jessica is actually
one of my co-workers. Chloe prefers Jessica’s milk
over anyone else’s breast milk. I mean this is her fave. She’ll drink the others,
but this is more her preference.>>So you’re telling me
little kids have a preference, what kind of breast milk they drink? I didn’t know there was like, “Oh, here. This is the one I like, it’s a preference,” and hold up, she gonna take it
from someone from her yoga class? Like what, she just
gonna see any pregnant woman, “Hey, I know this
might sound really weird, but I just stopped
producing breast milk myself, and I was wondering
if I could have some of yours.” I don’t know about you guys. I’m not a mom. I have no experience with these things. I don’t know if this is normal, but I just think it’s a little weird. You know, like I would just
give my kids something like baby formula that you buy in the store. Like you don’t know
what’s in other people’s milk. Man, I understand if
it’s coming from you, but if it’s coming from other people, you don’t know what’s in it. I wouldn’t give my kid other people’s milk.>>Free breast milk saves Apple
over a thousand dollars a year off the cost of fortified toddler milk.>>Oh, okay. So it saves her
a thousand dollars, but her husband just looking at her, like, what the hell? Even the baby looking at her, “Mommy, [bleep] wrong with you?”>>I think a baby made me
more obsessed with saving money. People buy baby wipes,
moist towelettes, but instead, I like
to make them at home.>>Okay, I know. I get it. Babies are like really expensive, but she taking this way too far. I hope you gonna use all
this money you save for college, for the baby, or something.>>Okay. There you go. You have moist towelettes.>>Tell me why the moist towelettes looking a little dry. They’re not even moist. You put like this much water. It’s gonna like hella soak it up. Goddamn woman, that roll of
tissues looking drier than her tits. Hey, she said it, not me.>>Wipe my hands with it,
and I’ll wipe the tables, like my kitchen table,
my kitchen counter. This is totally reusable still, so I use the wipe
to wipe to her bum with.>>Hold on. She’s saying she will
wipe down the table, and then reuse the wipe that
she just wiped the table with, to wipe her daughter’s bum.>>Okay Apple, this is
when you’re taking it too far. I feel like her kid is gonna
get an infection or something. It’s like germs do not exist to her. First of all, reusing kids toys
that they could have like slobbered on, you don’t know where they’ve been, and now you’re gonna wipe down a table, and use that same wipe to wipe your kid. Why? You making them yourself anyway. It’s like you got hella wipes.>>The changing table is
one of the most expensive things that a new mom has to buy, so instead of spending $200, I got mine for free at
a gas station that was going out of business.>>Oh my God. I like how behind her
is a ton of clothes. It looks like she spends
hella money on herself, but she gonna be so
cheap with her daughter. Like look at this. Are you serious? She even duct taped it to the wall. Y’all can’t just put down
a towel or something, and change the baby’s
diaper on the floor? Or like on the table,
or a counter, or something? I didn’t know you had to buy
an actual baby changing table. I mean we never had that growing up. I think my mom would just
change our diaper like anywhere. But this girl,
this is just, the duct tape and everything just holding it up. What if that duct tape is like, Yetus to the fetus, and just decides to drop one day
while you’re changing her diaper? This is a safety hazard. I’ll tell you, I feel like this
girl doesn’t care about her kid. What did you guys’
Moms change your diapers in? I want to know. There’s even like
scribble and stuff. Like something tells me
she didn’t even clean it good.>>I thought its kind of weird, things from the gas station aren’t clean.>>People use changing
tables all the time, so, why not use this one.>>Maybe because it’s dirty,
and from a gas station? I’d rather change the
baby’s diaper on the floor.>>She’s also found a way
to save $450 on diapers themselves.>>And cut the sleeves off. Then fold the flaps, and there you go.>>Okay. See that’s not bad. But I mean how many t-shirts
are you gonna go through doing this? And I’ve heard about cloth diapers. They’re supposed to be legit. This is actually a legit hack. I mean this girl, Apple, she trying to be
a walking lifehack video, except some of the
life hacks are really stupid. Now that I think about it, I have seen her before, I swear. I have seen her. Oh my God. It is her. Here she is, Apple again,
buying used lingerie.>>Buying lingerie in the thrift store is a great way to spice
things up in the bedroom.>>Yep. I’m convinced. She does not care about germs. Germs do not exist to her. I would not buy used underwear. I didn’t even know
they sell used underwear. Would you wear used underwear? Comment below.>>Some people think that
shopping at a thrift store for lingerie is gross. You know, I don’t see
anything wrong with it. I wonder how many people have worn this. Looks a little crusty too.>>Bitch said it was crusty. She said it, not me. She said it was crusty,
but she’s still gonna smell it, and wear it. Girl you wild. She just gonna walk out
of the dressing room, into the store, and just check yourself
out in the mirror.>>That looks cute.>>Oh thanks.>>I said okay, who am I to judge?>>She’s wearing the underwear. She’s dead ass wearing
the used underwear. It’s alright if it’s a little crusty. Man, if I was her husband, I would be like, no. Spice things up? Hepatitis is not a spice,
you nasty b–>>What in the world?>>Girl, that does not fit. Just take it off. Go home to your child, please. This is so uncomfortable.>>Tags on the back actually.>>Oh, is it? I’m not sure. Sure. $2.99.>>$2.99 is a little
out of my price range.>>$2.99 is a little
out of my price range. Then don’t buy it. You know, you could
go to like Walmart, and get brand new
underwear for $2.99 Who would’ve known? If you got to smell
something before you buy it, you probably shouldn’t buy it, especially if it’s underwear. I mean we talking about
a sweater, t-shirt, used stuff, that’s all Gucci. But when it comes to underwear,
you don’t know where that’s been. Actually, you do,
but you choose to ignore it. Anyways, here are some more
acceptable ways to save money. These are probably stuff
that we’ve all done. Oh, like this. You know when the soap
is almost finished, good old fill it up with water. I’ve done this all the time. Like some soap is like really thick, and I don’t like that, and I like it when
it’s like watered down. I guess that’s normal. This mother who took all
the Christmas wrapping paper, she’s saving it for next Christmas, because she’s reusing it. Look at some of these pieces here. How could you even reuse
some of these pieces? I mean, even I do this. I save some wrapping paper if it’s
like a big piece that is flawless. I will do that, especially with tissue paper. If it’s like fancy tissue paper,
I will take the tissue paper, and I’ll save it. Guilty. Oh, call TLC. SSSniperwolf, you a cheap– I used to be a lot
cheaper than I am now. This mom saved some of her
kids’ Halloween candy to use it in Easter eggs. Mother, this is
like withholding taxes, but for kids. Like take their candy,
give it to them a few months later. But wouldn’t be like stale and crusty? No, no. Whose moms is this that
put plastic cups in the dishwasher? Can you even do that? Wouldn’t they melt? They’re plastic. This mother who uses
so many coupons that every receipt is as tall as her, or you just bought like
three things at CVS. Some places got hella long receipts. I don’t know why. This mom who always
sneaks snacks into the movies. She got two Cokes, M&M’s,
Nerds, a half-eaten candy bar. Oh, we good to go. Legit thought, my mom used
to do this all the time. Every single time that
we would go to the movies when I was a kid, she would make popcorn, put them in brown bags, she would bring soda, she would bring candy, she would bring like everything. We would prepare for the movies, and then we wouldn’t
spend a cent on food there. I mean, we never complained about it. We didn’t think it
was weird or anything. My mom would just give me
a bag of popcorn from her bag, and be like, here you go. I’d be like, cool. This mom who uses butter
containers for leftovers. Lowkey, this is actually a good idea, and a butter container for popcorn. Hey, it actually worked. Can’t complain,
it’s actually good life hack. And this one who uses a
butter container for the bath. Man, who got a butter
container that big. My butter container like this big. We got a huge ass thing. America, where people go
through a gallon of butter a week. I mean, some of these are pretty good. Some of them are straight-up stupid. Well, I hope you learned
a way to save money today. Or I hope you learned that
some ways are just not worth it. But yeah, that’s all for today. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to
hit that like button in the face! And comment below if your mom
does anything cheap like this, and subscribe, join the Wolf pack. I love you guys so much. Thanks for watching. Bye guys. [Music]

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  1. giiirrrll that underwear prolly been pooped, peed, whatever in. like that's not it sis, you really gon needa let that go that's hus nasssttaayyy

  2. Mah mother changed our diapers literally anywhere when we needed it who needs a fricken whole changing table at home my mom changed us on the coffee table with a towel or whatever she needed

  3. "hepatitis is not a spice" im dying๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. my parents arenโ€™t even that cheap at all, I just realized xD
    yeah, my mom sometimes shops at thrift stores, and tbh I prefer going to the thrift store over going to Walmart. But never in a MILLION year, wear USED UNDERWATER.

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  6. Ok first off this bish dumb

    The reason y she stoped producing breast milk was cause her kid donโ€™t need that shit no more

    Her kid is too old to drink her freaking moms breast milk!!!

    Her kid could freaking die!!!

    She a dumbass๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

  7. I donโ€™t wanna wear some wins bra or underwear bc they might have crush or funk all in they underwear bc they might have doo doo stains on there underwear

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  9. Mom actually do trade breast milk but my grandmas sister her kids were allergic to her breast milk so my grandam breastfead her sisters kids

  10. Apple: 2.99 is out of my price range
    Her daughter: I want Thomas minis
    Apple: nah it's out of my price range but this thousand dollar tv isn't
    Me across the ile: ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  11. Apple: Suddenly stops producing milk, and collects milk from friends.
    Me: You could just use a formula or goats milk but okay…
    Apple: Gives it to her grown child, who looks to be able to eat regular food
    Me: WtF-

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