Changing Your Tire? You’re Doing It Wrong

Changing Your Tire? You’re Doing It Wrong

rev up your engines today I’m going to
show you what not to do when changing a flat tire you don’t want to damage
anything you want to do it right here’s mistakes that people make that
you shouldn’t do don’t just start by jacking it up in the air you want to
remove the hubcap but has any then just loosen each lug nut now you
want to do this with the car on level surface on the ground because if you
jack it up in here when you try to loosen them it’ll just keep spinning
around so loosen each one just a little one it’s not gonna hurt anything just
loose them a bit with them on the ground then before you Jack it up make sure the
car is in park to end the emergency brake is on tight so the car doesn’t
roll and of course do this on flat level solid ground if you’re in a muddy area
just drive slowly with the flat tire till you get to a flat surface that’s
strong I’ve seen guys Jack them up in the mud and they just sink back down
into the ground if you get the tire off and then it sinks in the ground you
can’t get the other one back on so you want solid level ground you’re doing
this on if you got to drive a little while big deal drive it don’t try to do
it on a hilly area works at a big angle or where there’s mud or even a whole
bunch of gravel you want to go where there’s solid ground when it comes to
Jack it up know where your jack points are in this case there’s two not just
one here and one here you pick the jack got pushed down would
come in between the two notches as you can see here it fits right between the
two notches so you can jack it up then you tighten the valve and start jacking
just do it a little bit at a time and remember the toy is flat so you want
to get it way up in the air otherwise when you put the new tire on
it won’t fit cuz it’s not higher so it’s better to jack it up a little bit higher
but it’s a bit too low now as you can see it easily comes off to nothing job
once you already have the things loose sometimes you gotta kick them cause
they’re old get them off and there we go and look now the charge magically not flat anymore it’s only flat on the bottom on the weight
side we got the other tire onto the trunk and put it on and get your dirty old
spar in the trunk and before you go any further check the air pressure
I checked mine all the time so it’s got 32 psi that’s fine
and you roll the tire on and line up the holes they only go one way and put them on
finger tight the wiggle a little to get them on real tight I’m gonna spray a
little wd-40 on this one all cars like this that it rusty spray a little in the nut and some on the bolt then you can use your socket you can get
a little more turning pressure there that started it now once they’re
all snugged up get your socket so they’re snug all of them there’s the last one then we’ll let the jack down down it goes we’re not done yet
now we’re gonna get them super tight then on the ground with a brake on so
nothing I’m moving I will never come on we’ll just do them all and check
just to make sure yeah nothing so now you know how to correctly change your
tire and it’ll go down the road the wheel won’t fall off and you won’t
injure yourself doing a job anybody can do it just as long as they know what not
to do like I just shown, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car
repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  1. Also, tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern, across from each other until they’re all tightened, forgot to mention it in the video

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  2. Dont RIP your ebrake you are supposed to push button then pull brake lever then release button to set the brake. That is a really good way to wear the gear in your ebrake.

  3. When I have a tyre fail on my ox-cart I have to get a blacksmith to rivet a plate over the break as a temporary fix and lash the metal tyre onto the wooden rim. When I get home I take my 5 feet diameter spare tyre and get that onto a fire of hot coals to heat up so I can sweat it onto the wooden rim on the wooden wheel which I have removed – first unhitching the ox of course.
    Wedges under the three wheels mean nothing can escape . . except the ox if it ain't lashed to the hitchin' post.
    When the correct temperature is reached a spit tells me its time to get my stable hand to help lift the expanded tyre on to the wheel and hold hellish tight while the contraction sets in.
    Hose the whole kit an' caboodle down and then offer the re-tyred wheel to the wooden axle and put the tie pin in with a wedge pin to hold it.
    Question is . . . am I doing it right 'cos my grandpappy did it thus an' his grandpappy did suchlike. No good'll come of these motor vehicles with no beast to pull 'em and petroleum spirit to get hold of all the time. Progress is progress I suppose but . . .

  4. Should also said that the lug nuts don't need to be tight AF, seen so many people overtighten the hell out of them then struggle to take them off later when they need to, they should never be torqued with an impact gun, if u have aluminum wheels then each lug shouldnt be more than 100 ft. lbs.

  5. Hey scotty I recently bought a seat leon 1.8 tsi with 160 hp. Do you have any tips for this baby ? Btw I love your videos. I've be learning a bunch of things from you

  6. Speaking of jacks, I have the Bahco BH13000 (45 kg / 100 lbs monster) with lift capacity 3000 kg / 6600 lbs, anyone else who got it?

  7. The way cyclists do the chainring bolts is to gradually tighten every second one until they're all up to tension. That way you get better alignment. It only works if you've got five bolts, not four. I would do the car the same way just in case. Old habits are hard to break.

  8. Scott you forgot to mention that the volts should be tightened in a criss cross sequence to the wheel seats evenly. Also use a torque wrench and tighten to spec, if you have one.

  9. So what if you change a tire and it throws out you alignment? I wouldn't ask except it threw the alignment out the opposite direction it should have gone and also now when I press the brake it pulls hard to the tire I changed. To clarify. The alignment was out before I changed the tire, tire needed to be changed, when changed the alignment went the opposite direction. It pulled to the tire I changed and did not pull when I hit the brakes before the change, after change it pulls harder to the other side and pulls to the tire I changed when I hit the brakes. What went wrong? I know the alignment shop will take care of that but I'm doing the brakes myself

  10. Don't Shock The Jack when releasing! Where is your sequence? Put 2 threaded bolts at top so that no super weight is on just one bolt,(big heavy tires) take the weight off the wheel slightly when breaking the lugs loose. Shame, Shame! But I still and will enjoy your vids….Stay Healthy Scotty, Your The Best!

  11. Also shove the tyre underneath the sill for extra protection just in case the jack fails when its jacked up.
    Also every now and then your supposed to pump the jack with the screw undone abit and pump it a few times to distribute the oil inside.
    Makes your jack last longer.
    Then don't forget to tighten it back up when finished.

  12. I realize this is a "side-of-the-road" tutorial, but some things…

    Gotta be sure you don't overtighten your lug nuts, and lubing them makes that a lot easier to do. A torque wrench should be used to tighten lugs at the next opportunity.
    If you're lubing for anti-corrosion purposes, fluid-film or anti-seize is the better choice.

  13. When engaging the handbrake push the button in first,same again when disengaging.if you dont,overtime you will wear away the cog and one day your car might roll away!☺

  14. No star-pattern recommendation for tightening the lugs? No recommendation of using a torque wrench (if you have one)? Tisk Tisk.

  15. I took my car to a tyre fitter yesterday and they cross treaded the bolt on my rear hub, I rang them up to tell them the problem and they said they will rethread it for me. Is that safe or will it come loose again? I'm not sure if it will need a new hub

  16. And NEVER change a tire on the side of the freeway. Keep going until there is a safe area far from traffic. Your life and the lives of others is not worth the price of saving a tire or rim.

  17. My biggest fear in changing a tire has been positioning the jack incorrectly and damaging the vehicle . Who knew it was as simple as looking for notches ☺️ Thanks Scotty

  18. Some prefer this way of doing it: Park car at the top of a hill, parking brake off, leave in neutral, jack it up, then loosen lugs. LOL Down the hill it goes.

  19. I think the "dirty old spare" got that way from being part of tire rotations.  If any one didn't know, if you have a real spare tire (a full-size spare tire) you can include it in tire rotations and doing so will stretch out the life of your four other tires.  It's an old school thing that most people can't do any more because most cars don't have a full-sized spare tire.

  20. Scotty, I traded in my 2015 Prius for a 2019 Ford Transit Connect 3 months ago (I know, but I wanted a van to convert into a camper since I moved to Az.) and already had to take it to the dealer for an alignment. Anyway, I blew up and cursed out the service rep because I waited an hour after my van was finished before they gave me the keys. The service rep kept saying he was waiting on the paperwork, waiting on the paperwork, waiting on the paperwork before I told him I want my [email protected]&king van now and a few other curse words in front of 10 or so customers. He stormed off and got my car (without any paperwork) and walked off. I don’t plan to go there again. So now I am wondering where do I go to get my car serviced? Can I use Toyota dealer or something like that, or look for a mechanic on yelp? I was happy to have moved close to a ford dealer to service my car, but now it is not an option. Also, should I try to get my paperwork? The alignment was covered under warranty, and I don’t know, but I doubt if they rotated my tires (at 5k miles). Thanks a bunch!

  21. I jacked my car on a hot day and my jack sunk in the asphalt. Don't do that. And if you're tire is stuck and kicking it won't get it off try using the spare like a batting ram. Just Pick it up and hit the stuck tire with it and knock it Loos.

  22. You being a mechanic for X years you would know there are SEVERAL ways to remove a tire from a car …
    But hey i'm not making these videos to make $$ either so …

  23. What not to do when changing a flat tire:
    Call AAA – have tire fixed – drive to son's mother's house and whack her with a tire iron!

    Scotty, how could you?! 😂

  24. No star pattern? No torque value? No dirty reference picture for when you "start jacking"? I thought this video was supposed to correct issues like these? lol

  25. Scotty, I'm pretty sure I've been doing it right… but great video, I'll be sure to share with my friends. Thanks for your videos, you've been helping me keep my car in good shape for years!

  26. Scotty, your doing it wrong too! Your supposed to tighten the lug nuts in a star pattern and torque to 76 to 80ft lbs for your Toyota

  27. @scotty Kilmer I have a big question I need help with I have a check engine light on and it reads pcm not sure what’s wrong I bought a used ecm and my car won’t start I know you need to have it reprogrammed to your car but not sure should I fix the original or the used one I bought need help !!!!

  28. I suggest having an X shape lug wrench in the trunk …those L shape ones with the slightly obtuse angle are problematic …slip off the lug nut easily

  29. Drove 3 miles on a popped tire, by the time I got to where I was going the rim had ripped thru the tire but had no scratches. Had to drive that far cause I didn’t have a jack or a tire wrench.

  30. Hi, I want to put new tires on my Honda Crosstour 2012, what brand do you recommend, I like quality so I dont have to keep rebuying. These are the factory tires and I think they are maybe getting old, miles are low though. Shouldnt I replace them after 7 years? Thanks! You are so funny.

  31. Hey Scotty got a 2012 chrysler 300s. Brought it to dealership for a recall. They did 3 airbags and transmission update and some other one. Was driving perfectly before upgrade now bucks at times and revs higher when in sports mode. Should I bring it back and have it reprogrammed to original settings ?

  32. Two tips.
    Don't over-tighten a lug nut you put WD-40 or anti-seize on. It will feel easier than the others.
    If doing at home with a torque wrench, you even have to adjust your target for any lubrication.
    2. I have a hard rubber hockey puck I put between the jack and the uni-body jack point.
    Sure, it sinks in a bit and puck will eventually need to be replaced but I think it helps avoid bending the metal.

  33. don't forget to get the spare out of the car first if possible, that way you are not getting out with the the car on a jack, plus if it is flat the car is not on a jack whilst you getting pumped up

  34. If you use a torque wrench to tighten nuts, you never want to put lubricant on the studs. If you do, you will over-torque the nuts and damage the threads. Torque values are listed in the manual for dry threads. I made this mistake once and it popped the stud. A mechanical engineer at the nuke plant I worked at told me you can over-torque the nuts by as much as 40 percent if you apply lubricant. He suggested to use a wire brush to remove rust, etc. from the threads, as well as the nuts.

  35. I don’t agree with you 12345 the way you loosen the nuts. It should be opposite side the nuts. I’m sorry if I make you feel bad.
    Don’t teach the people do the wrong thing man.

  36. bonus tip: place the tire you take off under the edge of the car, that way if the jack slips you don't hurt yourself or the wheel. my dad always did that every time he changed a tire, just to be safe.

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