Changing a Flat Tire on a BMW or MINI – BavAuto Space Saver Spare Tire Kit

Changing a Flat Tire on a BMW or MINI – BavAuto
Space Saver Spare Tire Kit Hi Otto here for Bavarian autosport. In today’s DIY video we are going to show
you how to use and install the Bavarian autosport space saver spare tire kit in the event of
a flat tire on your BMW or Mini. Now most BMWs and Minis produced from the
mid two-thousands on were delivered with run-flat tires and don’t even have a spare tire on
board. Now while a spare tire and run flats may sound
redundant, think about these points. Now with these points in mind Bavarian Autosport
has developed space saver spare tire kits for most BMW and MINI models that include
the space saver spare, the vehicle jack, a lug wrench, and a safety wheel chock. There’s also optional items to include and
heavy duty scissor jack kit, lug wrench, roadway safety devices, wheel alignment tool, wheel
lug socket kits, and a nice storage bag for the trunk. These items are all for sale on our online
store at bavauto.com. Here we have the bavauto space saver spare
tire kit in the trunk of the car. The storage bag is secured to the trunk tie
down rings. Everything we need to fix the flat tire is
in the storage bag. Here’s our basic spare tire kit. We have the vehicle lifting jack, the wheel
chock, the lug bolt wrench, an optional wheel alignment tool, and the optional safety triangle
that’s included in the bavauto vehicle safety and first aid kit. Our first step is to assemble the triangle
and place it about 50 feet behind the vehicle to warn oncoming drivers that we are working
on the side of the road. Next, we place the wheel chock at the diagonally
opposite wheel to assure the vehicle will not move as it is lifted. Before lifting the vehicle with the jack slightly
loosen all of the lug bolts. We’ll now place the jack into the jacking
receiver pad. Locate the jacking receiver pad under the
rocker panel. The receiver pad will be a hard rubber female
socket. Lift the jack and place the top of the jack
into the receiver pad. raise the jack to that the foot is directly below the receiver pad. Continue to raise the jack until the full
wheel and tire assembly is fully off the ground. Lift the wheel and tire high enough so that
there will be adequate clearance for the fully inflated spare tire assembly. Remove the lug bolts. Remove the flat tire assembly and put it safely
behind the vehicle. We can now install the spare tire assembly. Line up the lug bolts in the hub with the
holes in the wheel. We like to use the optional bavauto wheel
alignment tool. The tool threads into one of the lug bolt holes
and greatly simplifies lining up the wheel an the lug bolt holes. Install the lug bolts. Remove the alignment tool and install the
last bolt. Snug each of the bolts but don’t fully tighten
them at this time. Lower the jack and remove it. Tighten the lug bolts. Tighten the bolts in a star or criss-cross
pattern. The supplied lug wrench is designed to provide
proper lug tightening torque by pulling on the handle end of the wrench with moderate
force. Once the tire is fully installed gather up
the tools and place them in the storage bag and put it in the trunk. Even though and spare tire is something you
hope to never have to use, you now have the peace of mind of knowing that you can take
care of a tire emergency and get yourself back safely on the road. Now if your BMW or MINI does not have a spare
tire kit, you can order your space saver spare kit in our online store at bavauto.com and
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spare kit, we’ll get to producing our next DIY video.

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