Change ZR380 Stock Rim Color – PS4 Glitch (After Patch)

Change ZR380 Stock Rim Color – PS4 Glitch (After Patch)

Welcome to a new video on my channel. Today I will show you a glitch with which you can change the original rim color of the Annis ZR380 in the After Patch variant on the PlayStation 4. As you know, no arena vehicles are shown in the ifruit app, which means that the ifruit glitch method is out of the question here. I always looked for a way to change the rim color, but I didn’t find one on YouTube or Google until I accidentally discovered one myself. I don’t want to withhold this from you of course let’s start with the preparations for today’s glitch. All you need is your own bunker, an arena workshop and a modd RC bandito with F1 tires. Unfortunately, I do not know whether this is also possible with other modded rims. If any of you can answer it, please write it to me in the comments. In the comments, I also linked a video in German and English on how you can mod your RC Bandito yourself. how you can mod your RC Bandito yourself. this glitch is still working. Plan enough time because the glitch will not work the first time, for example it took me a good 20 minutes. and a friend needs a couple hours. So that you can transfer the rims of the RC Bandito to your car, it is important that you have already entered the bunker in your current session, otherwise the glitch will not work. You don’t have to do anything in the bunker except for a short stay. If you now have a mod RC Bandito and have entered your bunker, go to the arena workshop so that we can start with the actual glitch. First, drive your Annis ZR380 to the workshop in your arena. Once you have arrived there you do not have to do anything other than leave your personal vehicle with a circle and then confirm with the X key. So get out of the car, run over to your RC Bandito and open the Modifications menu with the right button. You do not have to modify anything here either and can exit the modification menu directly using the circle and then the X button. Go back to your ZR380 and get in so that the actual glitch that is relatively light, but still requires good timing can begin. Now hold down the Options button and press the Left button on your controller as soon as you release it. Did you do everything correctly Bugt like in the video, the animation when driving out. If the car drives out normally or just opens your break menu, you didn’t do the glitch properly. You no longer need to walk to the bandito but you can try again directly until you have made it. But if you have done the glitch correctly, you will be pushed aside and you will not be able to move. To be able to move again, simply go to the first person perspective via the touchpad and carry out your personal action by pressing L3 and R3 simultaneously. Your ZR380 should now be in its vehicle storage area with F1 rims. If this is the case, you can get in and drive back to the arena workshop. Since you got there we are almost at the end and take the last steps. Now select in the modifications list the rim color that you want to have on the original ZR380 rims. but think carefully which color you want to use because you can only change it later by doing the glitch again. Once you have selected your color, simply press the X button to confirm the purchase and then go to the tire samples in the modification menu under “Tires”. Go down one line here and select the second tire pattern (white lines), but have not yet confirmed it. Now it is important that you confirm the purchase by pressing the X and then the Circle key very quickly in succession. If you have done everything correctly, the original Zr380 rims should have adopted your color. If not, you have to switch back to the second tire pattern and try again If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments and of course I’m happy if you liked the video and you show me with a thumbs up! At this point I also say goodbye and wish you much success in copying! Greetings WhiteWidow!

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