Centerline’s NEW Wheels! || SEMA 2019

Centerline’s NEW Wheels! || SEMA 2019

– Hey, what’s going on, guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. – [Both] With Junior. – We’re at SEMA 2019 and this time, we are in
the center line booth. Check out what they got going on. So, jumping right into it, this new wheel is called Gravity, and it’s not like our typical
wheel that we show you guys, ’cause it doesn’t have a giant lip, it doesn’t have really
clean, super thin spokes, but it’s still really interesting, really cool, and neat design. – Yeah, it’s more like a turbo style– or turbine style, sorry.
– Yeah. – And then, the size this comes in are little bit different, as well. So, it comes in a 79,
29, 2010, and a 2210. So, more on your smaller
end as far as sizes go and stuff like that. It’s not anything big an
crazy with this wheel. – But, I can totally
see the 17 inch styles on your Jeeps or your Tacomas, some sort of off-road build, but at the same time, if you’re going with something
really, really large, like we keep seeing a whole
bunch of Gladiators here on 40s, a 2010 or a 2210 on 40s,
something like that, will look absolutely killer in this wheel. – And, it’s got a lot going on. So, it’s got a raised lip here, it’s got the whole name punched into it, it’s got separate little
windows here versus here, and it’s a directional styled wheel, not a true directional wheel, but I think with the
style and how busy it is, that doesn’t matter. It’s got a lot going on, but in a good way. It kinda draws you attention
in towards the design of the wheel.
– One thing that’s really unique with it that you’ll see when we
show you other wheels, the rim of this wheel
is really, really wide, kinda like what you’d expect to see on a bead lock or simulated bead lock, but they don’t have the hardware on here, which kinda cleans it up a little bit. So, if you’re doing that
blend of off-road look with a little bit of show scene, you kinda get the best of
both worlds with this one. – Yep. – I think that covers it.
– Let’s jump to the next one. – Yeah. So, now we’re looking at the Quake. This one is your more
typical custom offsets wheel that you’re gonna see, and Jared’s gonna look at his phone so we can tell you what the sizes are. – Oh, this one’s an easy one. It comes in 2010 and 2012. – So, the sizes that most
people are gonna run anyway. This is really, really
similar to the five four four, which you guys don’t know, drops RCA S-center line, all part of the ATD brand, so that’s why they can borrow
some of the similar styling. – [Junior] I didn’t even
see that until you said it. – [Fuller] Yeah, it’s very, very similar. – [Junior] Not very, very similar. I think it’s got a little
bit of the elements of it. – But, it’s clean, it flows really well. I think this one has more. I don’t know if it’s the milling or the size of the windows, but it looks like it just flows more. It’s got more directional look to it. – And the milling, especially, makes the spokes look really thin because it almost makes it
look like there a spoke here, and then a little bit here. It doesn’t look like a giant, chunky area. The milling really breaks up nicely to make it look like
there’s really thin spokes kinda going throughout. This one does have a smaller rim versus the Gravity that
we just talked about. So, something else to keep in mind. Definitely different look,
and you can definitely tell this one versus this one, that one’s got the
simulated bead lock look, this one’s a little more showy. – Center cap, too, although
it’s a little bit bigger, it is really clean, ’cause the sides are
just perfectly straight, so it hides in there nice. This would be a good one to
run the spike lug nuts onto. – For sure. – Okay, onto the next one.
– Next. So, next up we have the
Center Line Tangent, and you’re gonna see this come, this isn’t a finish it’s gonna come in. These are samples just
to give you some ideas and you could actually do this. If you have a paint guy, powder coat guy, someone like that, you could actually go and get this kind of stuff done, but here at SEMA, they always try something new, something different, something crazy just to give some attention and something a little different to show off with these
new wheels and styles. So, Tangent. This is the finish it’s gonna come in. It comes in sizes from 17 by nine all the way up to 22 by 12. So, you have a lot of
versatility with this wheel as far as what you can do with it. – Kind of a hybrid style, too, as well. You get a lip, and then they add in a step lip, and they add in concavity. So, it’s got the features of pretty much every wheel ever, which is something that
you don’t always see on a truck wheel.
– But, they still kept it pretty clean as far as the overall look. – Yeah, it does not get too
busy, in my opinion, at all. The milling is nice, too, ’cause it kinda brings down the size of some of those spokes. So, not super, super chunky, but still a really clean look, again with that directional
styling on there. – And again, this one’s
got a different rim than the last two of ’em did. Chunky rim, normal, and
this one’s kinda got– – [Fuller] It’s like an inset. – [Junior] Yeah. So, some different. It’s cool to have something different, depending on what you’re going for. They basically have a
different type of wheel, or a different style for you. – Definitely a lot of
options with Center Line that I think a lot of people don’t have Center Line as this big name that they’re looking at, but when it comes down to it, if you wanna get really specific or really picky on your build, then there’s a lot of
options from Center Line. So, we got one more to look at. – [Junior] This guy’s only
gonna come in your 12 wide. So, it’s a 2012, 2212, 2412. – Yeah, the scope is very similar, I think to the Gravity, but it has more of a lip, it’s a little bit more of a dish wheel, it’s kinda pushed in there, and then obviously, all
of this machining going on really brings it out. I love how this part is machined, as well. Then, you got the black inlays, and then another black section before it goes back to the machine face. – [Junior] Yeah, there’s windows here, windows here, windows here, windows here, and then lugs. There’s so many windows going on. It’s such a busy wheel, but at the same time, in these big sizes, it gives you a lot to look at and it kinda draws your attention and to check out what’s going on. – I think what people don’t know, too, is the more milling and
machining you add to wheels, it always drives up the
cost to make these things, but Center Line’s doing a good job of keeping the pricing fairly consistent, so you don’t have to
pay a whole bunch extra just to get these styles. – I think that’s about all we got. – Cool. So, that should be it. As soon as these wheels hit the website, we’ll get the link updated, otherwise you wanna check out these wheels and a whole bunch more from any of the ATV brands, I will put the links in the description so you can click on those. That’s – And, make sure to subscribe. We got a bunch more videos coming at you for all the wheels here at SEMA 2019. – Peace. (chill music)

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  1. I love how shawn puts his 2 sons in front of the camera to sell wheels and tires🤣🤣🤣the little white boy calls himself junior so he must also be named shawn,makes sense to me

  2. I really like some of the color options that they featured at the beginning of the video… please tell me they are production and you'll have them on the website asap? (specifically the LT8 w/ black inner milled middle ring)

  3. @whistlindiesel just destroyed yall on his new video… he said yall know nothing about the wheel game!! Not sure if he was kiddin or not it was stiol funny

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