[CC/FULL] A Girl Who Can See Smell EP05 (1/3) | 냄새를보는소녀

[CC/FULL] A Girl Who Can See Smell EP05 (1/3) | 냄새를보는소녀

Hello? It’s me. Where are you? Why? Come out. I’m in your neighborhood. Do you know where I am now?
What makes you think that I’m home? Right now, you’re eating ramen at home. I can hear the TV sound too. Come out now. Is your place far from here? Did you have to cross
rivers and climb mountains? What’s wrong with you? I stopped eating ramen and
came right away because of you! Why are you looking at me like that? How could you spend
your time at home like that? What? What don’t you like now? Aren’t we practicing your skit? Didn’t you say this is your last chance? So you’re here to practice? Why, you don’t want to do it? I can go if you’re busy. It’s not that… Since you came all the way here,
we should at least practice. Where should we practice? There? Or there? Didn’t you say that you
were eating? Follow me. He always just walks away first! Wait for me! So, what brings you to Seoul? I brought $20,000 with me
to live in Seoul like you! I want to get a place with a
lot of sunlight with $20,000! I’ll live in Seoul! Now, don’t be shocked
when I tell you this. With $20,000, you can only
get places that are dark all the time! You must be lying! Everyone knows that here, except you! How will you be able
to live in Seoul like that? I will live in Seoul no matter what…! Check, please. Someone has already paid for your bill. Pardon? He wanted me to tell you that the
countryside isn’t that bad to live. I sincerely apologize for being
a burden on the team. I’ll pay for my sins. I thank you for the kindness and generosity you’ve offered
to someone like me. I’m so sorry! Detective Choi, thanks for
catching me so quickly. I might have committed
more crimes if you hadn’t. I’m sorry. Our time together wasn’t long,
but I liked spending time with you. I liked our time too. May I shake your hand? [Police Identification] [Tak Jae-suk] – Clean up everything.
– Okay. The personal trainer
murder case is now closed. It was an imitation crime of
the barcode chain murders… which caused a great deal of
confusion in our investigation. We shall resume the investigation
of the barcode chain murders. Please focus on collecting
evidence regarding Joo Ma-ri’s case. Let’s get moving. This may be a cliche,
but she really is cold-hearted! I really want to quit right now… but I have to survive until my retirement… Let’s move! You got your new car today.
Didn’t you say that you’ll treat us to lunch? Hey, even my Elena Vashilivashivanova hasn’t been in it yet. Let’s move, then. You’re touching the lane. I think you should go more to the right. Just like that…
Straight… Stop! Okay! Is it okay? Yes. Should I go more to the left? What if others dent my
car with their car doors? This is brand new! We need to be honest. This isn’t brand new. You just bought a car
that has 60,000 miles on it! Shall we? Wait! Let me go more to the left. This is enough, Detective Ki! Okay… Hey, don’t open the door! Only open it once I turn off the engine! What is this? The roof! There’s a man on the roof! Fence off the area, Detective Yeh! [10 minutes ago] Thank you for coming.
Thank you, come in. Thanks for your invitation, Chef. Welcome. Did you find the place easily? Of course, thanks to your directions. I was as fast as the wind! What is it, Chef? As fast as the wind… Please come in. Yes. It must be so delicious! You can sit here. We don’t have much time. Why isn’t our food coming yet? Please wait here, Cho-rim. I need to check on the kitchen. Sure. What are you doing? The guests are waiting. Why are the dishes not going out? I haven’t received the confirmation. Where is your boss? Where is Chef Hong right now? He went to the
rooftop to get some spices. But he hasn’t come back yet. This isn’t my restaurant, but since you’re
busy, I must do whatever I can. Redo these dishes, and these are
fine to go out to the guests. Yes, Chef. Is Chef Hong out of his mind? Chef Hong! What are you doing here? Chef Hong! Well… This is… No one else is here. You’re under arrest, flagrante delicto. Wait, listen to me. That’s not it… This area is closed off.
No one gets in, no one gets out. It’s a murder case.
Thank you for your cooperation. Please clear the way! Please! Chef Kwon! Let’s go. Excuse me! The area is closed off. I’m sorry. – It’s fine.
– Thank you for your cooperation. Do you know him? Yes. He used to work under me. He just left my
restaurant and opened his own. Why did you kill him? There is a choke line on his neck. Did you suffocate him to death
and then push him off the roof? I refuse to answer. I need my lawyer. Okay. You can call your lawyer
from the police station. Detective Choi. Yes. I’m so sad… Chef Kwon didn’t have
any scent on his hands. So he couldn’t suffocate the victim. It’s okay. That’s the same scent! He’s the murderer! Kwon Jae-hee is indeed rich! He told his lawyer to bring
him a change of clothes. I really like his fashion style! I should ask him where the
jacket is from during the interrogation. Do you think they will issue
a warrant for his arrest? Of course they will. He was alone on the rooftop
from where a suffocated corpse fell. A search warrant will be
issued tomorrow morning. I need to talk to you, Officer Choi. I was just at the rooftop, Officer Choi. The spices that the victim used
to grow didn’t have that scent. And that scent wasn’t on
Chef Kwon’s hands either. The scent on the victim’s neck
was something very strong. And I saw the man who
had that scent on his hands! I saw him too. I clearly saw Chef Kwon’s face
staring down at the fallen corpse. This is frustrating! I’m telling you that
Chef Kwon didn’t kill him! Chef Kwon’s hands
didn’t have any scent! None! He was the only one on the
rooftop when the corpse fell. It’s a very clear piece of evidence. He really didn’t kill him! It’s impossible! Just think about it. There was only Chef Kwon
and the victim on the rooftop. As they were arguing, Chef Kwon pushed the victim toward the
edge while choking him… And as the victim lost
power from the choking… He couldn’t help but
to fall off the building. That’s not it, Officer Choi… Anyway, Chef Kwon is clearly the murderer. Don’t say anything anymore on this case. Seriously… I won’t tell you any more even
if you come back begging! Another interrogation? Drink it. It’s from Oh Cho-rim. From Cho-rim? She told me to take good care of
you since she knows you’re innocent. If we don’t find anything during the
search of your house tomorrow morning… they won’t issue a warrant for your arrest. Please let me know if
there’s anything you need. Sure. Thank you, Officer Choi. Right. Oh Cho-rim was worried about your dog. She’s worried about it being alone at home. Ah, Moongchi… Hey, Moongchi! Long time no see. How have you been? Do you want to come home with me? This scent is… The scent of Joo Ma-ri’s perfume… Right, she was Chef Kwon’s girlfriend. I guess it’s her souvenirs. Let’s go, Moongchi. Let’s go, Moongchi! Oh, my! I’m sorry, Cho-rim. Did I startle you? No, it’s okay. Are you here for Chef Kwon? Yes, I heard you’re taking Moongchi. Yes… Please take good care of Moongchi. I think I’ll have to be here for a while. I see. Good night, then. Dr. Chun… This is very embarrassing,
but I don’t think I have no other choice. It’s okay. Tell me whatever you need. I went overboard a bit too much
while expanding my business. There are financial statements in my home that will damage
me once the cops see them. Please do me a favor to keep it with you. There are three boxes with wine
bottles in them next to the sofa. The middle one has the books. Joo Ma-ri’s diary. According to her friends, she used this
company’s notebooks to write her diary. Please take note of this as
you search for the diaries. Before her death, Ms. Joo swallowed
the key to the box that had her diaries. That means she has written down
the name of the murderer in her diary. I think we’ll find her diaries if
we search Dr. Chun’s place. I don’t understand why we
can’t get the search warrant. Because there’s no evidence against him. We must find something first. When Joo Ma-ri’s diaries went missing… people automatically thought
the murderer took them. Inspector, we have the search
warrant for Kwon Jae-hee. Okay. You can leave it here. So the person who took the
diaries must be the murderer. I think we should go now. There are time limitations… I get it, dude!
Now… Let’s comb through everything
in Kwon Jae-hee’s house. Let’s go.

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