Caster Semenya: Birthplace of Dreams | Nike

Caster Semenya: Birthplace of Dreams | Nike

Caster Semenya, the quickest in the world this year. All dreams come from here. They come from the dust. You dream it and then you do it. There are a lot of opportunities out there. You may be poor, but you are not poor here. Even if you’re coming from a dusty place like this, you can be whoever you want. Semenya might just have enough to hold them off. I don’t think people thought I would be great. Only when you do it that’s when people start believing that okay, but how far will she go? All the spectators are here at the finish. You line up and then they’re going to start calling, Caster Caster Caster Caster… It all started as a dream. I’m grateful that I grew up in this village. I knew that I loved sports, and I know that sport will get me where I want to be. I didn’t know how I’m going to get there, but I knew that by following my heart, I’ll get there. I moved from the dusty place to the city. When I came here to Peter Mokaba for these competitions, I was not intimidated by people, I was intimidated by the professionalism. Guys are using blocks for starts. I’d never used them. It’s not about what they have. You may have all those resources, but what I have is that power in me to defeat. They started to realise “she’s a danger,” but they didn’t know how dangerous I was. Commonwealth Youth Games, that’s when I created that fire. That was the beginning of my career. On her way to victory here, my word, is there any end to her talent? And she’s just running away. Is this as some people have suggested, something as an act of defiance? I knew from age five that I’m different from other kids. At home my sister would be like, “you look like a boy” I know I look like a boy… So what? What is it that you’re going to do about it? There are a lot of kids who look up to me. Nice. I moved from in the rurals to international stage. I have to share my story with them. Come here my little friend. From home I was taught the only way to love yourself is to accept yourself and appreciate yourself. I want them to believe in themselves, but the most important is that they must love one another. We want to build a human, before we can build an athlete, before we can build a leader. When I grow up I want to be… I want to be like Caster. You’ll be like me, don’t worry. I’ll make sure of that. Come here.

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  1. Beautiful message from a great human being and athlete. She is an inspiration. Let's learn from her instead of focusing on things beyond her control. She embodies a positive message.

  2. This is a very good story and inspiring.

  3. When she switches to her home language because she is around elders who don't speak english. When she says " you are gonna become like me, and I'll make sure of that" to the kid. This is why I'll always love and respect her

  4. So, even after the CAS report exposes the truth that Caster has the "body of a biological male" INCLUDING male XY chromosomes, Nike continues to glorify this phony. Nike is a company of fools who don't give a damn about the rights of TRUE women.

  5. I mean no disrespect but if i close my eyes i hear a male voice. And her face is kinda like a nba player. But she is talented and a woman she just have a high testosterone and strong facial features

  6. When we debate whether or not she can compete with women as a biological woman but defend transgender people. If you can explain it, I’ll listen.

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