Cash Slaves: Inside the Dystopian Fetish of Financial Domination

Cash Slaves: Inside the Dystopian Fetish of Financial Domination

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  1. Shut the fuck up bitch financial dominationThis is sexual predatory behaviorMental illness is real And she’s taking advantage

  2. I have the rarest fetish in today's world.
    I'm a straight white man with a job and I love to take care of my wife and child.
    I give her all I can, and when I have no money left, she treats me to anything I need.

    Our daughter says please and thank you…….and dare I say it………. "BLESS YOU" when someone sneezes.

    I know….. liberal Democrats are throwing up now and some butt hurt bitches are running for a safe space.

  3. These denominations are disappointing.. A 42 grand hit was the hilt??

    "Hey give me $50!"

    42 dollars a min didn't sound too bad tho🤔🤔

    But how often does ANY of that shit happen???

  4. I hope these women get raped by a power drill and throats cut there taking advantage of mentally sick ppl who need help this is an addiction and there manipulating them same crime as one of us taking advantage of someone with a mental disability allot of these men have families and these women are ruining lives no wonder why men treat women bad these bitchs are prime examples these men seem lonely and heart broken but this isn’t the way to get female attention

  5. Like FUCKING REALLY BRUV…. that smackhead looking bitch in Tennessee.. fucking low life people just getting free money…. how can MEN be that stupid…..

  6. These are some lying ass women they are ugly as hell if you take all of that Bondo and paint off their face a hunk of shit coming out of a cat's asshole would look a million times better than these wenches on this video this is all fake it is all a skit For Your Entertainment nothing more nothing less

  7. that "madeline" chick is a perfect example of why its bullshit. going on about how she and other bdsm themed con artists are somehow better or more skilled than any other Dom or Domme when all it is is just another con just another game playing with the weak willed they find.

  8. this is soo retarded i dont know if i should be sorry about those pay pigs or be happy those fucktards some time soon hopefully they ll go bankrupt,die and wont pass their shitty genes to a next generation of 0s…

  9. This is why it’s imperative to only play nocturnal games with someone you can totally trust.
    Not random internet sociopaths with overly painted faces and gaudy shoes.

    If the attraction is the corruption itself fear not,its to be found in everyone the world over…the trick is to temporarily wake it and flirt with it.
    Not get married to it.

  10. Women are Hypergamous by nature , most of them are only after your money 12:06 it's a fact ! )Another reason why I'll never be married ) but this financial dominatrix shit should be illegal , those bitches are taking advantage of these poor men that clearly have some mental issues or sexual addictions.
    I am a wealthy man ( from 0 to multi – millionaire ) and I worked my ass off for years before I was finally able to take a break and slow down , I can't fathom why on God's name I would waste my money like that ? This shit makes me angry and I feel pity for these men .

  11. Shortly after I'm thinking that old guy would still have a normal life if it weren't for the internet, queen bish says, oh yeah, it's definitely the internet.

  12. I'd never sell my soul. Satan is a liar. I'm ashamed to be human after watching this. Disturbing as hell. Sick, weird, dumbass people.

  13. Women have just become utterly useless in 2019 lol Picture paying these whores hahaha Super sucker emptying themselves out for these goofy broads

  14. People shaming and then they're financial slaves to politicians, bankers, job bosses, spoiled kids… Judging makes you distracted from your own shitty reality.

  15. I have two woman who pay me extrodinary money ,sometimes sex involved ,once went without sex for three to five weeks was quite long at the BEGINING .get out there guys ,it's all out there for the taking ,I fell in to it ,painting a very wealthy house .i FRST got a xjr bike bhought for me brand new ,serous guys go get it ,

  16. wow i feel really bad for this guy he seems so lost 😞. This is an illness not a fetish because i believe if your willing to risk your health and quality of life then your obviously not in the right state of mind or this fetish came about from being physchologically unwell. Either way i hope this guy finds peace and reconnects with his family.

  17. Sure why not. We’ve already conflated capitalism with religion; capitalism with politics; and now capitalism with fetishized sex. In some ways, this symbolizes how capitalism fucks us

  18. This is the most ridiculous fucking thing. Fuck all those terrible women, taking advantage of these poor mentally ill men.
    How can you live with yourself being lost to a sea of greed and selfishness?

  19. I am into femdom and I belong to my domina. These girls are actually frauds. My domina lets me have what I want when we go shopping she bought me clothes worth over 4000 euros last time we went to Belgium. She is extremely wealthy and she had me professionally branded as her property. The 2 doctors who started and finished the branding are both dominas too We all belong to a discreet group. I am the only Irish guy in the group. The event we had in September was out of this world we all went to a secluded house in the middle of England for 3 days of pure heaven. The things I seen and did left me in no doubt that I belonged to a powerful group of women. Now this is femdom. Not the fake fraudulent crap.

  20. Mauricio Luciano
    #MeTooMovement is a SHAM…These bitches are THIEVES. I hope the IRS is watching. Jesus invented ASS to MOUTH for BITCHES like these. ;o)

  21. Most slaves only want the fantasy of giving up their money so they pay pittance or ask for outrageous shit like for you to give the money back

  22. stealing with extra steps lol
    these guys are something else
    I'd rather spend all that money on prostitutes and rot from STDs and actually have sex then do this stupid shit

  23. This should be illegal, there should be a cap on transactions on porn/sexual sites. This isn't BDSM, this is psychological abuse. The rule of "do no harm" as a rule is totally ignored here. Fuck this.

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