CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Toys “R” Us Items!

CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Toys “R” Us Items!

I’m gonna do some break dancing here guys break dance time go wooooo what’s going on guys welcome to cash or trash ten strange Toys-R-us items that Brian went to toys r us and looked for and you tried to find the Strangest stuff you can find the idea of today’s video Is that I look at these ten strange toys R us toys? And I let you know whether they’re cash or trash Similar to the time when I did enjoy or destroy and everyone freaked out because they’re like you should have given the toys to kids Who couldn’t afford them? You guys the toys that I destroyed were the sucky ones I would be a complete monster if I gave the sucky toys to kids. What’s the matter with you? Huh? You want me to give the crappy toys to kids hey? Yo this toy isn’t worth me owning. How much you have it alright? Like what? Stop you mind your business. I’ll mind mine. That’s how we do it. That sasthias well The thing is nobody knows Like you can’t like just because you see me like breaking something doesn’t mean I don’t give to charity like you can’t assume that I Don’t give to charity that’s not cool guys. Let’s begin dude. Let’s begin bell icon I said the fine you that’s All right click it dude click the bell icon what’s my review? oh Laser arrow, battle set so this is laser tag, but in the shape of a bow, but I still doesn’t shoot anything laser laser To high-powered bows for laser battle action with a lot of these laser toys like we did it We did a similar video oh laser tag? Headgear wait wait. What securely fits head they use infrared technology, which is not a laser I really don’t know if this uses that but I do know that a lot of them use infrared technology So let’s find out dude. Let’s let’s let’s find out what you get is it an actual laser or infrared? I mean, if it was an actual laser than it’d be accurate if it’s not a laser I can shoot the wall and still get you dodge your opponents and strategize with your teammates, okay? So it says you can dodge you can’t dodge infrared infrareds just pwwwwt oh I thought it only came with one pretty Simple snap it in My toes close to shoes on a set bro. ooh Look at these internals. This is this is something else for sure you got like little receivers and lasers in there So maybe it might actually be a laser. I assume you have to shoot each other’s bow How is that going to work though? Uhn they should have made something that kind of attached to this and then you wear it on your head Because with these kind of things like someone’s just going to be like well No, you can’t cover that up because then it won’t shoot because it probably shoots out of this too however. You can just do this Tighter I mean, but that’s how you walk around with a bow you know mean when you’re walking around with a bow you’re like Did I get you did I really get you I wasn’t even pointing at you uh yeah Okay, well obviously it’s not meant to be used this close. Okay. Give it the benefit of the doubt okay? Go way way way back there. I’m like dodging you. I’m just like You got me. Let me shoot at the ceiling dude. Oh, oh because it’s ceilings black, but if I shoot at the Table, I Was kind of in it with you? So what about this? I shoot at the wall So do we just say it bounces off walls? it’s the white wall because if I doodle against the carpet This can’t be the technology that you use for laser tag If this is the technology, maybe that’s why laser tag is always blacked out, so it doesn’t bounce little Fishy Fish orange lucky clownfish whaaaat image backfilled Malibu foresight So the Russell’s like wow that fish is scantily clad we cannot approve that for our website. oh Dang it. Can’t oh, that’s kind of cool music plays You know I bet Luna would actually like that. Oh, what thats creepy. I’m scared always on the go ok got it lets see it Brian do I have to add to the cart I have got it for you already so for mad oh It’s small quite little fishy not big fishy Touche touche they do they do say it’s a little fishy right on the box. Oh It opens easy packaging a-plus packaging a-plus dude. That was super simple. I feel like this right here it Should be like grating cheese or something oh, I see it’s a cage for propeller in there. That’s kind of cool now I didn’t realize it was a propeller because I’ve always seen like all of these like little fish toys They always try to make them like flap There’s their tail, and it just doesn’t work, but this this might work this might work although I don’t think is this automated you think how do you turn it on now? fishie go Oh look look look if we look real close You can kind of actually see if we flip it if it’s flipped there you go now. It’s open oh Okay, here. We go here. We go. Just a little work although That’s good because this is a kid’s toy and batteries can literally kill a kid So you want it to be saved you want it to be screwed in oh? gee Okay, so the way you turn it off. You just break the fish’s neck and then you put it on okay. We ready Let’s let’s get some water here dude wgfjegfefkjop efgileygcsdjb Okay, okay That’s cool It really likes that left side. I know doesn’t it’s going it’s going everywhere okay? Hey, what’s that a little dude? We’ve got an even like came up, and then it’s just like do a little splash now. Let’s see what it does like this It’s fast so the last and final question is can I can I can I let my daughter use this I need to essentially see if I Can like hurt my ooo did you hear that three-Plus My that’s my fingers ha ha ha Why do I keep doing that It doesn’t hurt that bad. I approve thats a Matthias seal of approval it comes with a kiss oh osos bot Evo the Smart and Social robot toy ok So this is this is one of those like to buy guys what that means is that since this is like a hundred dollars I? Want to know if you guys want me to actually buy this product test it out and show you so how this works basically We ask you guys to like the video if it gets a certain amount of like that lets us know if you actually Want to see this product that’s how we use the like So we use it just as a tool to let us know whether you want to see this product So give this video like since it’s cheaper. Let’s say eighty five thousand likes and We will find out for sure if you guys want us to test out this product and take a look well, that’s cool Dude, okay next product that one’s on Layaway spy gear protect your stuff Okay, so it looks like it’s a motion sensor It’s a motion sensor that you that you aim at maybe your stuff so that when your stuff moves it triggers. Oh oh my goodness it worked dude. I hulked it out So there’s a little motion sensor. There’s a little trigger. It doesn’t seem like there’s many other options, so I assume if I click this Okay, okay So I turn it off okay, so that’s kind of cool so it’s dead simple right so if I click this on and wait a little bit and Move in front of it It should trigger Okay, okay. I see the light flashing now. So here’s here’s how it works, right? You see the light right there how it’s solid once it starts flashing there. We go now it’s it’s primed I don’t want anyone to use my my mouse there oh Sensitive dude. What’s the distance though? I’m going to pointed at me right now I’m about an arm’s length away wait for it to Trigger all right triggered. Hi Hi Let’s see okay, so The distance is about this much for a toy Not bad. I would say for toys not bad I wish I would have had this I don’t know why shouted I WISH SNAKE But yeah that this is the key dude now people can’t snake put it by your door Just right, so people walk by yeah, there you go That’s the key like you put this right right as your door opens your little sister or older Brother not an older sister or younger brother and that specific order will never enter your room again, I? I think that’s a cash it yeah dude you didn’t expect it did you Relax you know how many people voted against you slamming it a lot of people did that’s why I just splid it all right now People vote against it and sliding things Tom just set it down nicely okay? Everyone got so shocked because they’re like how do you know the products even good? It’s like broke what he slammed it And you’re giving it a negative review because it’s broken, but he slammed it. He’s the one that’s broken it, okay So, what is this dude? This is a tarantula fight with light fight with light dude the most painful kind of fighting I will shine a light at you a blue light and that will hurt you deeply With sorrow okay? So I get the the idea with these things is that it’s a similar kind of like Ir light in which You know you can turn it around and like shoot it but it may it may be Plagued with the same issues that any ir toy is plagued with that has to do some sort of simulation fighting if you shoot left It’ll still get you even though you’re on the right let’s find out before Begin let’s watch a little video that Brian’s prepared for us x bug battle Tarantula defend your tower or bunker with quick speed and all that was creepy look like a dancing bones You can team up choose a side high and see who till the headbands so are they included? are they not well now. I’m disappointed dude. You got a gray one got a red one Okay, which one am I? Does that me their both one they’re both? Well? I’m controlling them both with this how do you There you go. We did it. Oh no, we didn’t There’s nothing in there to change the frequency I think we’re going to have to do what we’ve been trying to avoid Brian this entire time read the instruction manual Over my pickle chico. Oh sweet. We did it somehow. This is really creepy looking. I’m not gonna lie to you? okay So you got me now when it glows red that means you got me and I’m disabled. I can’t move No, no, I know now that’s going to take forever is now keep pushing me off the edge. Oh No, wait. Let’s do it right there go What thats right hey your toast dude nooo oh son no no no round two best out of three Come on. Dude. I hit you like twice there we go I got you no dude why is yours more powerful than mine noo no come on Think it’s safe to say that these are cash it It was actually somewhat difficult to shoot each other so you actually had to back up and aim these are a little bit more Difficult which is better you don’t want it to be so easy to just kill the other player otherwise you have to just have to thats not even the fun part of the game, so Cash it next product next prom micro, missiles. Oh micro missiles shoots up to 75 feet that’s Actually really far and we have a little target right here You stretch it between your thumb and your fingers, so the idea of this is like. It’s like a mini zing bow almost you take your thumb you take your forefinger, and then bada-bing Bada-boom right? Oh And you latch it in like that. How do you hold it? Oh there you go? That’s how you hold it So you hold it together like that you know what to do bro? you know what to do this know you know what to do this may hurt I’m thinking this don’t aim for my head. I still need my head did that hurt no it didn’t ooooooooow ok that really stings So that’s kind of cool. I mean, this is like like stealth mode almost You know what I mean, you can just feel like nobody knows you just like owwwww You just have to get good at it. Though, okay? So it’s like a window thing like I can know didn’t really work Too hard, I think There you go. I did it much softer. I know you guys can’t see it. It’s over there Cash it, I think these are these are good uh you and then when you’re out of ammo, oh got him oh? Whoa that’s kind of intense sharper image at first. I thought it was just sharped aimless You’re jokes off to you guys. I’m sorry so the idea of this is that there’s multiple wheels right? There’s tons of different wheels so it’s almost like Conceivably it’s Unflipable untipable Man, I wish I’d tires like that on my car, dude. oooh So that’s how you steer it. It’s steers somewhat similarly to a Hoverboard how there’s like it’s really only like – there’s only two wheels There’s no steering Mechanism, but one wheel goes while the other one doesn’t like you That’s what you can kind of turn around it seems to go fast though It’s obviously not going to work on the desk, so let’s let’s try it on the ground here So the idea here is that both go forward? This is really difficult to control there we go back Its almost easier to control if I’m holding the remote upside down So if I want to go forward like this so forward with that I’m getting adjusted shot guide. It’s so difficult to control okay here. We go. Finally other than shot. There’s a trigger right on the top It essentially goes both legs forward Next time so I can go and tip it like that And then I can actually start going forward and backwards and things like that. wooow err See that. It’s like a breakdancing remote-control car The only issue with it. Is that yeah maybe you’re like in pressure friends that you do some cool tricks But Iii, can’t get anywhere with it like That’s cool Shuttle run into me. I’m going to do some breakdancing right here guys break dance time gooo It looks like a fish out of water Guys may be able to control a little better. I’m not going to say trash it Because I just feel like I’m a nest with it. I and I do think this is pretty cool watch More spy gear I see surprised dart launching action speaks foreign language part of surprise whoa that’s intense for a kid betting no joke? Huh? Accessory clip hidden attack just a dart gun right and it only loads one at a time if I’m not mistaken if I am mistaken Who cares? Yeah, yeah, they really got it in here dude, and I were it is like Security 8 times They’re like no spy is going to get this Whoa okay, so these are different than nerf in the fact that they’re actually sticky, so they’re not suction But they’re very sticky, but I feel like this will get dirty over time and just not be sticky But also you can rinse these off okay, so I’m fully loading this puppy right here. I Cock it back like that. Oh oh You don’t think it’ll reach. You cock it back like that, and I’m just like whatever dude Yeah, so it’s not good. That’s barely made it do dude Well look what landed it like landed you see see how it landed there got him right in the neck dude I have to say this one is a trash it. It’s not good it barely Goes like 10 feet and they have like kind of a small like x shot nerf guns that go like 50 feet dude Get that instead Guys before we move on to the next couple products make sure you click that big Old subscribe button down below cuz you’re not going to want to miss these videos what ooh gosh No, oh, what is in there? It actually comes in more than just the dude. What is this football? I Think this is football football dude, but its a ball It’s literally a ball that’s supposed to look like a football, but it’s totally circular So here’s the reason why I’m so so peeved guys because in two other videos Brian has gotten these things ok enough goes in the ball when you flick the nub You kidding me right? Oh oh and these are clearly a Ripoff of dude perfect clearly a ripoff of dude perfect because you’re supposed to do trick shots And they’re all like dressed up, and then try to make it look like dude perfect. You’re supposed to put the ball on this guy’s a little extra nub on his hand then you bend it back and It’s supposed to fling ooh It just really doesn’t work. I’m like every time you bring this product to your dude. I’m surprised It’s still on the shelf maybe either they can’t sell it or they’re selling hot so let’s see this time that came with something extra Yeah This time it came with something to do trick shots with there. We go. I Did it now you gotta try and do a trick shot It’s going to literally take me a year because this is so inaccurate Look, I bet I bet I can’t I can’t even hit you with this ball. If you’re like 5 feet from me Let alone that little hoop It literally went backwards ok oh that was that was not Intentional right in the eye you guys spent hours practicing Just get a real ball kids be the dude throw it on an actual hoop ewww, toxic waste slime liquor. Yes, slime liquor sounds like an insult dude well at least I am not a slime liqour like your mum is ooh Watch the video. There’s a video a slime liquor Slime liquors who wants to lick slime we do was that my voice who wants to that like strip that sounded like me dude Slime liqour delicious sour slime one coming in blue rasberry lime Liquors taste great see that kid dude? he’s just like dead in the eyes so the idea is that you ewww I thought it was like a candy like a hard candy no dude It’s all like gookie right there – I’m supposed to lick that there. It’s like. It’s like coming off on the edges and everything tastes like blue raspberry. I think you’re supposed to like do it like this, so the fluid gets through there This is my life now slime liquor extraordinaire. I feel dead inside It tastes like I have like an otter pop a blue otter pop. It’s not for me I’m not going to trash it because I feel like maybe as a kid I was never a fan of the gooshie like you know Like they had a tube of candy where you just squirt out into your mouth like I was never a fan of that I always wanted like everything like Individually wrapped and like so I can like take it one at a time whenever I wanted that was my thing this isn’t my thing I can see how it’s how it could appeal to people so I’ll say it’s a cash itl plus They give you a lot in there see ya thumbnail right there that odd-looking shaped thing it’s weird It’s literally meant to be used with your phone or your iPad. It’s very strange. It’s a strange item That’s why you need to click it and see me over there, so I’m going to show you it All right high five

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  6. Something you need to know about infrared light. It does bounce off objects, but it can be a laser. I think these laser tag toys are meant to be used outdoors. Indoors the IR light is too bright and bounces off everything.

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