CASH or TRASH? | 10 Ridiculous Walmart Items!

CASH or TRASH? | 10 Ridiculous Walmart Items!

I hate how much my ear sticks out Iron Man with like slash Mickey Mouse I’m dead inside (Intro Music) What’s going on guys, welcome to 10 ridiculous Walmart products! It’s a little warm in here too I’m falling asleep If i fall asleep by the end of this video… I apologize Brian went to Walmart all by himself again dude! I’m so proud of him that’s why he’s moving on to Team Edge soon Cuz now he’s a big boy I’m such a nice boss! Maybe it’s because i talk to him like this so that’s why he’s leaving Who cares? Really? I know you guys care dude I know! So do i I’m just masking the sorrow with my pain! Jokes i mean He found 10 products that he thinks might be funny might be cool might be lame But it’s up to me to decide whether i cash it or trash it And before you get all shook about me throwing away stuff… I’m not gonna give trash items to kids If, if i think it’s a trash it Then it’s not a good item why whould i give that to a kid? Before we begin though… I wanna make sure of one thing… That you click that bell icon down below to get notified of my videos! Cuz i comment back in the first 30 minutes! And i say hey what’s up? How’s it going? But not much else Ok? My hand is getting tired Nah i’m just kidding i’ll comment back Let’s begin! Wubble! Wait we tried this already No. Oh this is a giant wubble! Oh Wubble! Wow what a Wubble! Wouldn’t it be wonderfull if this Wubble was wow tastic? I lost it Yeah The stongest Wubble ball ever made Is that girl inside the Wubble? Can i Wubble inside a Wubble? Includes a Wubble pump! Looks like a bubble but it’s like a ball Check this out! Before i open this there’s a video Play’s like a ball! Oh my word it’s ginormous! Stongest Wubble What?! That guy just did a freaking flip! We invented expandium! The strongest stretchiest Wubble material ever Expandium is better at resisting punctures Expandium? And keeps Super Wubble Squishy Floaty, bouncy fun everywhere With the new Super Pump and deflator Super Wubble starts out small What is this material? EXPANDIUM! Wow! Super stretchy! Super strong! Oh Jeez! Oooh ma jumbo One stop shop right there dude That’s pretty cool. You don’t have to plug it in! I dig it dude! Insert bellow No! Put this stuff on it. Lubricant Wubble Lubricant! Oh, that’s wierd dude Alright! Loop it Oh Oh my! Oh, it’s just popping right out Why is it popping right out? If you don’t puncture it you should start pumping it It says you can’t puncture it! It’s just pushing it right back out dude! This Wubble doesn’t wanna ba Wubble’d! I, i literally cannot blow it up I’ve never had so much trouble with a bubble There we go! I’ve never had so much trouble from a bubble! DON’T TOUCH MY BUBBLE!!! It’s a lobbell I’ve never had so much trouble with a bubble! Guys sing it with me! I’ve never had so much trouble with a bubble! Brian get’s so shook sometimes about surtain meme’s That’s gonna be a meme dude Isn’t is guys? On our channel! Just like… Mobo, oh you got a Mobo Pro? It shakes Brian up dude I lost it! Wait! Wait! OH! OH! OH! Relax, Brian! Goes down the court! SHOES! Try to pop it Go on let me do it! I hold it Punch through! Punch through! Hey! No! Hold it closer to you! NO! Hold it closer! Oh, i got you dude! Oh, i ripped it! OOOHH!!! Well there you go! There is a hole in that Wubble! And now i’m dead inside I’ve never had so much trouble from a bubble! That’s a trash it dude It popped immediately! What’s next? Ooh, Marshmallow Shooter Sweet! Shoots many marshmallows 30 feet Do you guys remember that challenge? I think we tried this exact one That was a bigger one Was it? You… You’re literally the worst i’ve ever seen at this! Those are defected marshmallows Are you allready eating marshmallows? The same problem we had with Brian on the Team Edge that we have here A minute there’s food he just starts eating in the middle of the video Relax, dude! How do i get that thing out? Isn’t there a piece of paper in there? There we go! And there is pa, i knew there was paper in there I was like, those are fake marshmallows! Here’s what you gotta do Gotta essentually load her up Wit all da marshmarlows Do it! Do it! Guys. I think i have enough marshmallows now Then i load her up Like… Like that Which way does it shoot? There Right here? Yeah Are you sure? OH! What?! It shoot backwards! Wow! Ok so… Here’s how it shoots ok Wow!! Why would i look right down the barrel right after it did that? Oh, dude! Marshmallow trickshots! OOOOOHHH!!!!! You got it? YEAH!! OOOHH!!! I’m so good at this! I NEED MORE MARSHMALLOWS!!!!! Dude, thumbs up for marshmallow trickshots! Am i right guys? That’s a cash it! This next item is a like to buy Guys This is the real deal Ok I’m gonna say 150000 likes Ok? Em i would say more 200000 likes? I’d say 200 this thing is Do you even think they can get to 200000 likes? Like I dunno if i believe dude The videos get over a 1000000 views So if 20% don’t even wanna see it… Then why buy it? Yeah i guess you’re right Why buy it? So 200000 likes So Likes You can confirm with madpad on game theory Have absolutely no value to getting more views! So we use them as a factor of gaging your interest So give this video a like if you would like to see us make a video with this board It is an offroad dirt electric skateboard Look at those tires on this thing dude! Look at that! Look at those motors on the back! That is no joke! 727 dollars! 22 miles an hour! Can you emagine going 22 miles an hour on dirt? Just randomly hit a rock and you’re like, mmh that’s it That’s my life It’s over Just as you fly you’re like i’m dead inside 1600 wats Wow this thing’s powerfull guys! Like this video if you wanna see this As a future video This one’s on lay away Halo slide action Is this like, oh boom co there you go So it’s a Nerf competator Covenant plasma overcharge blaster I, i, i don’t know i’m just like I’m like a fan of Nerf right Cuz Nerf like thier darts are just great So many people get so shook when i rate a product bad that they like People are alowed to like different things! And i’m aware that i’m an adult testing a kids toy right now I’m aware of it! Ok Self aware here! About that But i’m not rating if i’d use it I’m rating If it’s good for kid use I’m rating it like from my like Let’s be real here i’m a kid inside It’s intended use Yeah for it’s intended use That’s how i rate products You got that Wubble sock stuck on my hand Sing it! Nope Do it or i’m not continuing Nope I’m not I’m not continuing dude You’re gonna be late to your meating You’re delaying production You’re gonna be late to your meating You’re delaying production Sing the song dude! How hard is it to sing the song Wubble in my bubble There it is That’s not at all what the song was! I Tried I’ve never had so much trouble with the bubble until i met Wubble! oww That’s for not singing my song Wow This shoots hard These things are hard plastic too They’re like not a joke Acurate dude! oooohhh… Daddy found a new toy dude! I hate that i said that Now let me shoot at your hand Let me show you It worked! It worked! See he just brought in this weapon A Nerf gun And now we have the boom co gun Let me know which one hurts more Don’t look OH! Jeez! Stop looking dude! Which one? You know The 1st one here right in the sencitive neck spot What’s the sencitive neck spot? I dunno I, I’m torn i feel like this one’s more accurate Did you feel that? I felt that buzz my head I dunno, they’re pretty close This is pretty accurate dude! Let’s see how accurate this is It’s pretty accurate too! I think i need another round two I actually say This is a cash it! That’s the first none Nerf that i said cash it i think Next item! Were gonna watch a video of it before we actually try it Spygear video walkie talkies They think they come up with a better name Oh my gosh!! The dog got the hat! Have you seen him? Spygear video walkie talkies let you video chat I have a feeling that it’s gonna be really, really, really, really crappy quality 2 way audio video transmission 160 feet! I mean that’s not bad You can do it in your own house Works without wifi! Works without wifi I just really wanna see what the screen quality is That’s That’s what’s gonna make or break this product If i were a kid This would have been really, really cool idea How do i get this out dude Wow There’s really literally nothing, nothing else other than these Alright! Peeling off those fake screens there And I’m gonna turn them on Ok! That’s the camera right there That’s the screen In case you didn’t know how this works Oh! I, i held it and it’s doing something now There we go! I did it! I put this down like this Badda bing badda boom Oh, look it’s like a little facetime feature! That right there is the little picture in picture! So that you can kind of see yourself The screen is not good quality! Not by any means But it was most likely a cheap kids toy What happens when i shut it? Nothing It doesn’t turn off or anything What happens if i talk through? Ooohh So you have to hold the talk though hi, how’s it going guys? Alright, Brian do you wanna go see how far we can go Ok buttom floor Oo He’s, he’s droping signal He’s droping out Oh Oh And we lost him I can say with pretty good comfidence Oh! Wait, wait he came back Just he’s Just he’s face is like! I can say with pretty good comfidence that that was actually more than 160 feet And through alot of thick walls in the office! Right through that concrete wall we lost him! Let’s just hang up I didn’t hang up on you at all! Literally right when you went into the warehouse i lost you But the warehouse is like a thick solid concrete wall All in All This is definitely a cash it! This would have been such a cool toy to have as a kid For the price I would say this is not bad quality To stream video Is an incredibly complicated thing to do Especially wirelessly And down through all the walls and stuff So it’s getting a place on my wall Cuz i wish i would have had this one as a kid Well, one of them is

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  1. I wasn't expecting much from that ribbon wand, but it was surprisingly entertaining! Which one of us do you think had the best moves with it? After this video, go check out "CASH or TRASH? | 10 Strange Toys "R" Us Items!"

  2. when you shot the 2nd arrow at bryan i could not stop laughing whpshh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so funny

  3. Says the wubble bubble is a trash it because it popped fast. YOU LITERALLY WERE TRYING TO POP IT YOU BULLY!

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