CARS 3 Lightning McQueen Mack Tool Kit and Hauler Toy Unboxing

CARS 3 Lightning McQueen Mack Tool Kit and Hauler Toy Unboxing

– [Assistant] Family fun for everyone! – [Narrator] Hi Assistant,
what do you have? – Cars Three toys. – [Narrator] That’s right,
so Mack’s Mobile Tool Center, and it comes with Lightning
McQueen and we got the talking race pal, Lightning McQueen. He actually talks and not moves. – Yes, right. – [Narrator] That’s right. So we’d like to thank
the people at Just Play for sending these to us, right? – Right. – [Narrator] So thanks
Just Play, now we’re gonna open up these toys, and
see what they can do. – Yes. – [Narrator] Let’s start with
the Mack’s Mobile Tool Center okay?
– Okay. – [Narrator] Okay Assistant,
so here is Mack’s Tool Kit, now watch. Push right there. It makes real sounds doesn’t it? – Yes, and you wanna do, start that over. – [Narrator] Alright,
so that we open this, it’s so, it’s so big! – So you push, watch this! – [Narrator] Open. Then look, it all opens up, look at that! And it’s got, intro
Lightning McQueen right here. – [Assistant] No it
had a cow to build him. – [Narrator] Yep, it goes all the way up. – [Assistant] I didn’t do that. – [Narrator] So watch,
it goes up and down. And then here’s Lightning McQueen, right? – Yes. He already has a wheel put. – [Narrator] Assistant already
put one of the wheels on. But watch this, so you know what, put him on right here
and watch what we can do. – Oh we’re gonna lift him up! – [Narrator] That’s right, he lifts up so. – How? Oh. – [Narrator] Pretty neat huh? So let’s go on up there,
Lightning McQueen, and see what we can do. – So I’ll check the tire temperature. – [Narrator] Pressure.
– Pressure. – [Narrator] Let’s look at
this a little closer, okay? Okay Assistant, so here it is, it comes with a lot of cool
things, it comes with the, open ended and closed ended wrench, and then you can even hang
some of your tools right there. This right here, is a ratchet, and you can use a ratchet
to actually install things or put it on. – This does make noise. – [Narrator] We’ll hang the
ratchet up like right here. – Is there a, oh.
– You’ve got screws, and look you got all
these different wheels. So we can do red wheels,
or we can do yellow wheels. – Red and yellow. Or one side red, and one side yellow. – [Narrator] Okay, so you’ve
already put one yellow wheel on, right? – Right. – [Narrator] Alright. – So that side’s. – [Narrator] So that is
how you could put it. So let’s do the rest okay? Alright so here is,
Lightning McKing, the King. – McQueen. – [Narrator] McQueen. Alright so, show me how
you could put a wheel on. – So this is the main tool. So you put this wheel on
and you put the screw in. – [Narrator] Oh and then
you probably use that, or you could probably use this little screw driver too right? – Yeah. – [Narrator] Let’s see, you put that on. You hold Lightning McQueen. – The screwdriver, it goes
like on and off, that thing, that you’re doing. – [Narrator] And then the other way is you could use the ratchet. Right here, which is the ratchet. So we take this off, and
then we put the head on. And then watch this Assistant, ready? – Almost.
– Take the ratchet, and then you can go, just like that. Hm, I think it’s on! – Let’s check the temperature. – [Narrator] Tire pressure, right? – Tire. It’s not in all the way. – [Narrator] I think it is. Oh you’re right, it’s not in all the way. Alright, so why don’t you
put the tire gauge on. Right there, right. And then you squeeze it, and then watch. It actually moves, see. So watch right here, so watch it move. Oh so you got some air in it. Keep puttin more air in. Good job, so watch. We’ll let it go, alright. See how it’s movin. Good job. Okay, so that is, that wheel. – So we’ll do another wheel. – [Narrator] Let’s do another wheel. – I think the ratchet could go like, this, nope. I thought like the other one,
the other video that we did. We can also put up the trunk. – [Narrator] And it also
comes with these different screw drivers that we
can use with, got em. Flathead, and it’s got a phillips head. – Yeah it’s still not in all the way. – [Narrator] I think you got it now, what do you think? Let me see the ratchet. So we can put a different tool on it. So right now, we had this tool on, right? And then we could put
this one on, like that. And then, you can just, screw it on in. – It sounds more like a. – [Narrator] Oh and look Assistant, underneath the hood. – What?! – [Narrator] I think you can take, hm, you gotta adjust the engine. If you use your wrench,
insert the closed ended side. – What this one? Okay. – [Narrator] That’s the closed ended. Or we can even take the screw driver, and do an adjustment. This will probably make
Lightning McQueen run way better. So let’s put this side in right here. – Cause we don’t want him to quit racing. – [Narrator] Right in the middle, right? – [Assistant] Yes. He’s about to become. – [Narrator] The fastest,
more successful race car of all time. Alright, so should we put a yellow wheel, or should we put a red wheel on the front? – Hm, yellow! So they can match. – [Narrator] Well there’s
a red on over here. So red, and then so we
should put red up here? Alright, so put the red in, and now I’ll put the screw. And put it in rest of the way. Good job Assistant. – Thanks. – [Narrator] And remember,
once we install that tire, we’re gonna have to
make sure that it’s got good tire pressure, right? – Yes. – [Narrator] Aright good,
you got it installed. Now let’s check the tire pressure. – Okay. – [Narrator] And I really
like how we can put all of our tools and things like that right here on the side of us. – It’s good. – [Narrator] It’s good, alright. So if we put a red one here, what color should we put back there? – Yellow. – [Narrator] Yellow, okay,
so put the yellow one on. – We need to lift him up. We need to lift him up. – [Narrator] There he
goes, he’s lifted up. You can’t see it, can you? So I’ll put it right here. So we’ve got him lifted up like that. There we go. Now she’s gonna, oh you need a bolt. – Now I’m gonna put it in. – Now she’s gonna tie, the rest of it. (upbeat music) Good job Assistant. Working on Lightning McQueen. Are you excited to see
Disney Pixar’s Cars Three? – Yes!
– Me too. – I think it’s a great movie. – [Narrator] Oh, Mack’s
revvin his engine, isn’t he. – It’s probably gonna be a great movie. – [Narrator] I know. You liked Cars One and
Two, they were funny. You like makin, it would be fun if we could
put the tires on later too. – Yes. Hint, hint, hint. (laughing) – [Narrator] Okay, I think
you got that bolt in. Let’s check that tire
pressure now Assistant. – Okay. – [Narrator] Oh you lowered him down, let’s check that tire pressure. – I lowered him down. – [Narrator] She’s just gonna put it on. What does it look like, is the tire pressure good? – Yeah it’s good. – [Narrator] Alright so
we’ll put Lightning McQueen in there.
– Hey this bolt isn’t good. – [Narrator] Let’s hang up
the rest of these wheels. – What, there’s extra wheels? – [Narrator] Yeah there’s extra wheels. And then these are extra bolts, so will you put the bolts
on the side right there. I think they actually go like that. – Oh, cool. – [Narrator] So there’s that. And then we can put these
little tools like this. – It’s like a hangout. Okay. – [Narrator] And then I
think that goes right here, on the bottom. Oh perfect, and that
can go right like that. And then we can close it up. Oh nope, this doesn’t fit like that. Oh we’ll put that on top, right. – On top of what? – [Narrator] So we’ll close it up. On top of Lightning McQueen. And then we’re gonna see, another cool, oh look Assistant, we didn’t lower this. That’s why it didn’t want to close. – Wait a bolt, fell. – [Narrator] Uh oh, it fell. Alright, put it on in there. – Okay.
– [Narrator] Good job. Alright now, close this side. – We have some of these things. – [Narrator] Well that’s
because we’re gonna do something with that.
– Ah ha! – [Narrator] You know what we’re gonna do? – No idea. – [Narrator] We’re gonna
take the phillips head, and we’re gonna close it up, and you know what’s happened? – What? – [Narrator] Mack’s
wheels need to be fixed! So you could put this in here. – Really?
– Yeah. Watch this. – I’ll check the tire pressure. – [Narrator] And I’m gonna. Alright Mack, how are you doin buddy? – He’s doin good. This wheel needs a lot more air. – [Narrator] Alright, keep
puttin the air in it Assistant. I’m gonna tighten this one. – This wheel’s good. I’ll try this one. – [Narrator] I’m gonna tighten
up his front wheel too, right here. – I’ll get these for more air. – [Narrator] Good job. – This one has air. Wow, this one has zero,
that’s why he’s going so slow, so hard to get to his show. His show! – [Narrator] They’ve
got to hurry Assistant, we’ve got to hurry so
we can get to the show! So that he can race. – This isn’t fully closed. – [Narrator] Alright, that’s good. Alright now watch this Assistant. One of the other things I
wanna show the people at home, is watch his head light. Look they light up! Isn’t that cool? So that is, the Tool
Center, Lightning McQueen. – Which is really cool. – [Narrator] Alright Assistant,
now hand me the talkin race pal. Which is right here. Now we’re gonna look at it next. Okay people at home, so here’s talking Lightning McQueen, now watch, I push his hood. – [Lightning McQueen] Comin through! – So cool. – [Narrator] And he talks. – Really cool. Major cool. – [Narrator] Wow so this is a lot, don’t bite my Assistant, don’t bite her finger! Lightning McQueen! Oh you know what, I don’t
think this works on that, but you can pretend right. – Yes, it’s just like a stuffed animal that you can sleep with. It’s also like a pillow. – [Narrator] It’s like a stuffed
animal that talks though. – Yeah, when you need somebody to talk to. I wanna hug you. (laughing) And then he says, woo
hoo, I’m getting hugged. – [Narrator] So that’s the
talking Lightning McQueen. – And see if I hug him again. – [Narrator] Let me see his
lips move one more time. Ready? Ready Lightning? – [Lightning McQueen] Comin through. – [Narrator] Pretty good fun right. – Comin through. – Alright Assistant, so we’ve
got the talking race pal, Lightning McQueen. And then we’ve got the big Mack Truck. That we’re gonna put Lightning
McQueen together, right. – Yes. And also one of the coolest
things about all of these, is,
– It’s from the movie Cars Three!
– Yes. But, isn’t it funny how
none of them have a driver to drive them? – [Narrator] That’s because
the cars drive themselves! – They do? – [Narrator] Come on! Don’t you remember that? When the radiators spring, and they’re all their own person. – Oh.
– So that’s pretty silly. Okay people at home, which do you like better? We’ve got Tool Box Mack, or
talking pals, Lightning McQueen. Leave a comment and let us know, right? – Right. – [Narrator] And also remember to, – Subscribe, follow us
on Facebook and Twitter, and our secret spelling word is gonna be, – [Narrator] Cars. C A R S, spells, – Cars, it says it right there, so. – [Narrator] So type
that into the comments. – Comments. – [Narrator] Alright
everyone, have a great day! Right Mack? Oh he’s ready to go. – Bye! – [Narrator] Bye everyone! – Bye, it’s loud in here, not anymore. Bye. – [Narrator] That’s cause he’s talkin. – [Lightning McQueen] Pa-chow! – [Narrator] Hey there everyone, thanks for watching out video, now make sure that you subscribe
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