Carlisle Trac Chief Skid Steer Tire Product Review

Carlisle Trac Chief Skid Steer Tire Product Review

hi guys, Brian here from Ken Jones Tires today’s product review the Carlisle Trac Chief skid steer tire the carlisle trac chief is classified as a
conventional standard duty tire meaning that it is a good quality entry
level tire is the first level in a three tear
product line. Carlisle offers two more superior premium tires in their sid steer line if you’re a rating them good better best track chief would be rated good flat profile and open lug design uh… design provide excellent traction
and cleanup, maiing the carlisle trac chief great tire choice for all your general
purpose applications and has a built-in rim guard that protects the rim from debris and other foreign material carlisle trac chiefs are the choice for many OEM skid steers and sub-sompact tractors the general purpose applications of skid
steers mini skid steers garden tractors back hoes subcompact tractors and Ariel lifts The Carlisle Trac Chief is a bestseller because of
its quality economical price

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  1. Very basic tire. Bought 2 x 25×8.50-14. In 1 year the side wall blew out on 1 and the other tire's side wall was deforming. Compared to my original GALAXY SUPER INDUSTRIAL LUG R-4 tires which lasted almost 8 years with no blow outs but just side wall cracks (the reason I replaced them) the Carlisle Trac Chiefs are definitely a standard duty tire. I do not suggest using these on any serious farm or commercial equipment.

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