Car Tire Rotation Tips : Car Tire Rotation: Rotate Wheels

Car Tire Rotation Tips : Car Tire Rotation: Rotate Wheels

Okay, now we have all four tires and wheels
on the ground, so what we’re going to do is rotate them. Since the front wheels are the
driving wheels that actually pull the car, what we want to do is cross the front two
and move them to the back. So we want our driver side wheel to switch to the passenger
side rear wheel, and we’re going to want the passenger side front wheel to go back to the
driver side rear wheel. And then the rear wheels, we’re just going to bring forward,
so this rear wheel is going to be on the front up here. The rear wheel on the passenger side
is going to move forward to the passenger side front over there. So the easiest way
to do this is swap these tires first. Then after we do that, all we have to do is
switch the front from the back.

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  1. my tires have an arrow on them, showing what direction they go. so if I cross over and bring back, the arrows point backwards.

  2. This so much of bullshit!!! Nowadays tires have a specific rolling direction and should not be put rolling backwards. If the tire rotates wrong way, water will be pushed towards the center of the tire, which causes hydroplaning!

  3. this guy should be shot in the head for not knowing that the tire has specific direction of rotation. Even I know that as a lay person.

    If you want to do the tire rotations, you should either swap front and back on the same side. IF you want to switch sides as well, you need to unmount the tires from the wheels and then switch them..

  4. @asitmc I was just thinking the same thing too. I work in a Garage, and we do front to rear, rear to front because alot of the vehicles we get have directional tires. I mean, if the customer wants to do the cross rotation, that's fine by us, but they just have to pay the dismount/mount and balance fee of course. lol

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