Car Tire Rotation Tips : Car Tire Rotation: Remove Passenger Side Wheels

We’ve taken the tires off the driver’s side
of the car, now I moved over the passenger’s side of the car. We’ll start to take the back
one off then the front one off and you’re probably wondering why do we even rotate tires.
The reason being on a car like this, this is a front wheel drive car, so the front wheels
are actually what drives the car. The transmission is hooked up to it and they’re the turning
and pulling tires so they’re going to wear down faster than the back tires that are just
along for the ride. They’re just going to follow wherever the front ones go. So as that
tire wears faster than the rear tire, they become uneven so we need to swap them and
let the back tires catch up. And you just want to try and keep all four tires wearing
down at an even level, get the most use out of your tires.

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