Car Tire Maintenance : How to Use a Floor Jack to Lift a Car

Car Tire Maintenance : How to Use a Floor Jack to Lift a Car

Hi! This is John on behalf of
In this video clip, I will show you how to properly use a floor jack. When using a floor
jack, the first thing you want to take a look at is how much weight it can support. This
floor jack will handle up to 3 ½ tons of weight which is quite a bit less than our
vehicle weighs. The next thing that you want to do is position the floor jack underneath
one of the lift points of the vehicle. Next you need to pump the pipe adjustment arm and
make sure that the points come in contact with your lift point on your vehicle, and
you can go ahead and continue to pump that jack until your car has been raised. When
you are ready to lower your vehicle, all you need to do is turn the adjustment handle in
a counter clockwise position slowly and it will lower your vehicle.

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  1. My manual says to turn the lift handle counter-clockwise all the way and pump the handle rapidly then turn clockwise when finished!

  2. actually its different for vehicles some cars you can't raise them in the area as this video shows you otherwise you will bend the fuck out of your fender or just that area

  3. also if you car does have a lift point yes it is okay to use the jack on the lift points but you should use rubber flaps otherwise the lifts points bends too

  4. @bennett5058 I wouldn't because you never know how strong the cinder blocks are the could crack and collapse. I good pair of floor jacks is between 10-20 dollars.

  5. '
    this jack must use a vehicle chassic, frame, axle,,,
    jack can not use a door, weak floor, motor, radiator, arm rod, transmission, drive shift, gas tank

  6. I don't use a jack to often, so I'm glad this video taught me to turn the handle to adjust the lift of the vehicle. This video was straightforward and to the point. Thanks a lot.

  7. What a worthless video. How about showing us what a "lift point" looks like, and where they are found on the car?

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