Car Tire Maintenance : How to Remove a Hubcap

Car Tire Maintenance : How to Remove a Hubcap

Hi! This is John on behalf of
In this video clip, I will be showing you how to remove a hubcap. On this particular
car, there are classic caps that cover the lug nuts and what these caps do is they will
hold on the hubcap and they will lock the hubcap to the lug nut bolts. So what you need
to do is take a socket and loosen up each one of these and then see if you can pull
the hubcap off. If not, you might need to loosen up some of the other ones a little
bit more and it should pop right off. To replace the hubcap we are going to follow the same
procedures. We are going to position the hubcap over our lug nut bolts and tighten the retaining
caps down. Lastly you just want to test it to make sure that it is not going to fall

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  1. hey just wondering… why would either of you guys be watching a video called 'how to remove a hubcap' if both of you are obviously so great in the automotive department….???

  2. @everythingizcool2me I know i was wandering around expertvillage n i saw this and got curious. its common sense you dont have to be "great in the automotive department" how hard is it to look at the hub cap and see that 4 simple plastic caps need to be loosened.. come on now

  3. Is there anything i can use to "sub" for an socket??? if not,, could you tell me where i could find one of those???

  4. In fairness, I've always had vehicles with solid rims. When I had to do a brake job, I didn't know if the center piece snapped out because of how the hub cap was molded to look like several pieces put it togetheer. I didn't realize these plastic nug luts screwed onto real lug nuts so thanks for this video.

  5. Hi this john, I sound bored cuz I do this so often , that I forget some folks don't know how, and therefore I can't believe this video is needed but here we go….hahaha

  6. the 'lug nuts' on my hubcap are fake, just plastic pieces that come on and come off by pulling them. the rest of the hub cap is really fit on the wheel and ive tried loosing it with the sides but its barely moving.

  7. What if Plastic piece does not come off and is stuck on how do u get it off Please Help! .What do u use to remove the plastic piece?

  8. i have vitz car model 13 but no spare wheel i hav a camical bottle and air pump pls guid me how i can fill the chemical in tyer

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