Car Mods That Will Get You Pulled Over

Car Mods That Will Get You Pulled Over

(police sirens wailing) – Is that the same car, dude? (suspenseful music) – License and registration. – Officer, I don’t– – License and registration. – (mumbles) registration. – You know how fast you were going? – 60, 65. – 63. – Isn’t the speed limit 65? – Yeah, it is. Where you boys headed? – We’re–
– Wisconsin, Dallas. – Wisconsin, Dallas for a car show. – Wisconsin, Dallas huh? Almost made it. (upbeat hip hop music) – Now dude, you know I got pulled over for the most ridiculous
thing the other day. I’m just out enjoying
myself, I got the new exhaust on the car, I’m
just going out for a rip and instantly, almost instantly I got the cherries and berries in my rear view. (upbeat music)
(car engine rumbling) Oh no, no no no no no
no no no no no no no no. I knew it, I knew it,
I knew it, I knew it. – Hi there.
– Hello. – Is that a Greddy? – Yeah it is actually.
– Just listening to it. – Rev it up a little bit. Yeah, yup. Yup, way too (bleep) loud. – Cops in Wisconsin may not
like the sound of my car, but at least we’re not like
those fools in California. – Dude, you think that’s bad? The other day I was out
minding my own business and then wham, Five-0 in the rear view. Oh (bleep).
(police sirens wailing) – Oh, Jesus Christ. Can you even see out of this thing? – No. (bleep) I’ll admit it, I can’t
see (bleep) at night, 5% on the windshield may not have been the best idea but I thought at least a light bar would make up for it. – Tint, huh? That’s some whack (bleep). You’re not gonna believe what
the boys in blue got me for. Oh man. Oh, sh. (car engine rumbling) – Are you kidding me? Between the decals and the banner, can you even see out of this thing? – No. – Nobody can freaking see around here. – These stickers are
dangerous and inconvenient, but I sure do love Fitment Industries. – Yo, yo, yo you guys think that’s bad? I got pulled over for the
dumbest (bleep) before. – Yeah 10-four we’re gonna be 10-76 there. So, just got dispatch
to robbery in progress, here down at the local Walmart, so we’re gonna go that
way, team up with a couple officers make a tactical entry coming from the back side
probably is the sum of it. Oh, and that can wait, this
guy’s got no front plate. (police sirens wailing) Out of the car, out of the car now. Out, out, get out of the car. Show me your hands, on the ground. Get on the ground, face away from me. On the ground.
– What did I do? I swear these are some of the biggest reasons cops pull people
over but there’s no way I could drive a stock car. – Really, stickers, tint? You guys sound like you’re 16 years old. Back when I got pulled over it was ’cause I was jammin’ out. (bass filled music) (police sirens wailing) Oh my god, are you serious? This is bull (bleep). Oh my god, he’s short too. – Turn that garbage off. What are you even listening to? – Excuse me?
– What is that? – Have you never heard of Lil Nas? – [Officer] Doesn’t matter, here you go. – Definitely has a height problem. Ever since I got a ticket
for bumping that hard, the song just was never the same. (upbeat music)

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  1. Whats the fastest you've gone and gotten a speeding ticket for? We wanna hear this! Reply below!

  2. Got pulled over for flashing underglow. Which i read is illegal here in miami. I unhooked it and they let me off with a warning. Also got pulled over for doing 40mph through a school zone. Also for doing 20 miles over the speed limit on the turnpike.

  3. I got pulled over in a stock car with 3 huge mufflers and no exhaust leak because the exhaust was too loud … People used to ask me if i drove electric because they couldnt hear the engine nor the exhaust. I managed to talk myself out of the ticket tho but still

  4. Got pulled over a few years back when I had my accord because "my music was too loud". I didn't even have a radio… It was a car a few cars in front of me

  5. Bro music is always gunna happen. I love to jam my setup but when you got 2-18” subs on 10,000 watts it’s still a constant thing, even on half volume

  6. I got pulled over for one of my license plate bulbs being out. After a half hour they had me get out of the 1981 Econoline van, no windows, and there were three cop cars. They sobriety checked me and said it was one of two license plate bulbs out.

  7. I got pull over for stupid $hit because my car is a cop magnet 🧲. Cop pull me over on my rsx because i got aftermarket retrofit projectors put out 6k. Also got pull over on my prelude because cop say he didn’t see my sticker on my license plate and think its over due..stupid cop also give me a warning that car air freshener is illegal and can’t be hanging on your rear view mirror because it’s blocking on coming object…i say Wtf

  8. I don´t drink so i´m driver when it comes down to going out. Every time they see me get out of club and into a car, they just rush me.
    Honestly, not even mad. Kind of glad that they actually care.

  9. The trick is to drive an inconspicuous sleeper. No stickers, no tint or any of that crap and keep the speeds & sounds legal and no one will bother you

  10. Got pulled over in Switzerland for driving a Miata with Pop ups. He said well thats a really nice Oldtimer that you got there and let me go…

  11. They wanted to argue that i was speeding but couldn’t prove it so they got me for having an air freshener hanging from my rear view mirror and for a loud exhaust.

  12. That front plate thing is something else. Like most cops won’t bother you for not having back plates but no front plates will get you. And the cop seemed like he was gonna draw his pistol.

  13. Meanwhile, I'm in California with an unrestricted exhaust, brackle tune, banner, 5% tint, no front plate, and Im dodging the $1000 state reff ticket left n right lol

  14. All of these are me😂👌🏻(except the stickers). But I live in Idaho and the cops just gave up pulling people over for stupid things cause of all the open header farm trucks

  15. Pulled over for once for tint, another time for no front plate, and lastly tinted headlight covers (by a bike cop….yes, bicycle). WI is great.

    Actually, these were all the same car. A red '96 Beretta Z26.

  16. I'll flip the scales a bit to something that I didn't get pulled over for but I was sure I was gonna be: came round a corner and went 5k rpm full send whilst simultaneously looking at this nice ass Holden commie coming the other way, not realising there was a cop directly behind him. If I didn't have stock exhaust I would have been done for sure, I also didn't have my P plates up at the time because I'm a freaking idiot and forgot to swap them back to my car the night before

  17. Red halos in one specific city in KY. Cops everywhere else I have went have said and done nothing, they often even wave when they see my car. Same officer that stopped me for the halos also wrote me for tint (11% total on side windows) which is something else that isnt really enforced in my state.

  18. Buddy of mine got pulled over at automotion last year for having his front plate in the windshield and dark tint he aired out and they were gonna try and give him a ticket for being to low

  19. Even when you’re mods are legal, they start looking for sh*t. Got a fix it ticket for having a faded month sticker on my plate. Not year sticker, not “unreadable” sticker, a faded month sticker. My car was an almost completely stock just lowered 1/2 in and aftermarket rims and tires on a 1971 240z.

  20. I got pulled over driving a buddy's Q50 RS400 because he had no front plate. Oh yeah, and he had a loaded Makarov in the glovebox. But in Montana, that's normal. 5-0 left the gun on the passenger seat before checking out the registration.

  21. I got pulled over for having a front plate in my window and tint. But it was alright miss officer was DUMMY THICC!!!

  22. Hell yeah, I'm from Milwaukee. I had an Apexi N1 muffler replica and I would get pulled over left and right in my Integra. Even with the silencer tip lol

  23. Lol I got pulled over for having a Puerto Rican flag on my rear view. "obstructing visibility" lol Milwaukee cops be on bs

  24. @Dakota hey what's wrong with us people in California you just mad that we dont have to warn our cars up in the morning

  25. Got pulled over for speeding (it was a couple weeks after I got my license, just a warning for 42 in a 35, got a radar detector after that and I've been fine since.) Got questioned for being in my car at a public park after hours with a female friend. Also got a $512 ticket for parking in handicapped (dumbass me lmao).

    I've had my car (V6) straightpiped for several weeks now, and still haven't been pulled over lol.

  26. My dad had a mustang with tint and a catback, in San Diego. But since we are a military family and our permanent residency Texas with Texas plates they could do nothing🤣🤣😈😈

  27. lol got pulled over for no front plate before. I asked where they would like me to put said front plate and after looking at the front of my car they agreed and left me alone 🤣 90 300zx so yea not finding that plate bracket anywhere.

  28. Cop pointed to my rear tire which was bald at a meet and said “Youre under arrest for driving slick tires” … ran away so fast 😂😂😂

  29. I go pulled over 3 times in an hour on my motorcycle. The first was because I hit gravel and skidded to a stop. 500 for stunting… thrown out in court..
    Second was because he thought I had no turn signals, motorcycles don't legally need turn rear turn signals where I live. Third was for a "random" helmet inspection. Where they dinged me for loud exhaust. Which was tossed out because the bike was stock

  30. I used to own the charger had 5% tint stickers on my windows and exhaust never got pulled over for that got pulled over for speeding however now I drive a Nissan and I get pulled over for a loud exhaust when I don't even have a custom exhaust

  31. I have a car but the funny s..t I even pulled over for riding a bike without no license and being searched for guns while you tell them you're coming from and jod interview 🤔 um lol

  32. I got pulled over for not having a front license plate a second time literally 3 minutes after being let go by another cop the first time. Had the guy radio into his buddy to confirm that it literally just happened.

  33. Its funny how bad American police are for pulling you over for nothing ive never been pulked in the uk and both cars are not stock by any means and both are loud af haha

  34. Some rookie cop flashed his flashlight at me and pointed to the side of the road idk who he was at the time so I ignored it when I took a left that’s when he put his red and blue lights, got out of his crown Vic with an attitude “why didn’t you pull over when I told you to pull over?!” I said “how was I going to know you were a cop when you blinded me with your flashlight” he claimed I was using my high beams but I restored my headlights so they were brighter and he just let me go

  35. Really? Stickers and “Bass???” Hahahah

    All my old skool tickets were for being too LOW… for some reason your headlight center has to be at least 24” from the ground…. impossible in a lowered 59 Dub.

  36. Everyone come to Kentucky lmao. Cops don’t care about your exhaust as long as it’s not pro-mod drag racing loud. Don’t care about tint almost at all as long as it’s not on the windshield. Only time I’ve even heard of someone getting pulled over from a windshield banner was when my friend put one on his Miata that was the same solid white and probably the same width as the one on the focus in this video. (He always had to duck his head to see red lights. Even ran one with me in the passenger cause he couldn’t see it was red) Most of my truck friends have systems that shove like 2 drunk guys about to fight. And Kentucky doesn’t even require a front plate.

  37. I got stopped twice in one night for no front plate. Now the messed up part is that I do have a front plate. I have a Evo X license plate mount on my Lancer. So they’re only argument was that they didn’t see it in the center. It only takes a few seconds to scan the whole front of the car. #NotTodayOfficer👮‍♂️

  38. I got pulled over for playing loud bass on my subs, officer asked how much are they, where can he get them and how to install it, thst was epic xD

  39. Got me for a rosary hanging on my rear view mirror and license plate smoked cover, you can still see the plates..ticket for obstruction of my view and modification on plates

  40. I got pulled over because my spoiler was "too high" but it was like 2 inches above my hood, and my license plate was a little foggy but still able to read.

  41. Yeah one time i got pulled over anh all he said was " derpa derp your cars kinda loud ( not too loud just a monte carlo with a aftermarket exhaust)

  42. Thankfully i've never been pulled over yet. Guarantee you that it happens today though since I commented this.

  43. Got pulled over for going an undisclosed speed and just happened to be listening to Remember the name by Fort Minor. fml

  44. Going 80 in a 20 at 3:00AM, dont do that tho its mucho unsafe but its a straight flat 2 lane road with 2 turn offs. But managed to not get a ticket 😉

  45. I was pulled over the day I picked up my WRX, 3 hours after signing all of the paperwork actually..I gave er the beans and the beans bit back, as always..

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