Captain Phillips Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Tom Hanks Somali Pirate Movie HD

Captain Phillips Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Tom Hanks Somali Pirate Movie HD

[Music] everything okay I don’t like the look of that they’re coming in fast this is a mask Alabama we are an unarmed freighter we have two skiffs approaching with armed intruders potential privacy situation copy Alabama you should have let your crew and get your fire hoses ready yeah chances are it’s just fishermen they’re not here the fish this is not I drilled the rural situation [Music] what 30 degrees listen up we have been boarded by armed pirates if they find you remember you know this ship they go stick together and we’ll be all right everything gonna be okay look at me look at me Shawn I’m the captain now captain Phillips can you hear me captain Phillips can you hear me [Music]

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  1. if you knew what the actual situation was, you would know that this was a real thing that was all over the news and the pirates where actually somolian, so stop complaining about something that really happens and is correct in the movie.

  2. I wish we could see some other people's point of view other than them! it's starting to get real annoying seeing them and only them especially when most of us know they aren't…..Ya allah!

  3. No! They committed a crime like Trayvon did when he attacked and ruthlessly assaulted Mr. Zimmerman!

  4. somalis are not mixed with arabs we are the original people of the horn of africa cushitic tribe like oromo n afar somalis mixed with arab are a minority

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  7. oh! This is great! I remember when this happened and America's elite forces saved Captain Phillips life. True heroism serving the American people! 

  8. This is what happens when some people take more and a lot people take nothing at our big country ( earth ), that hacker said for Captain u took all the fish, don't be fooled py appearances there were hackers dressed another cloth and they fooled even wise people, if you need see what I'm seeing as a emotional u can see the captain Phillips when doctor ask him u are fine but he crying due to mix emotional between sad and scarey and disappointed
    Thanks to Director.

  9. Im Malaysian and I watch this movie trailer again right after our MT Orkim Harmony ship hijack incident. Thank goodness our navy had successfully saved the ship crews from the hijacker.. 🙂


  11. Such propagandize to show the westerners as the good guys when in fact they are behind the collapse of Somalia.

  12. pdhl akting nya bagus kyk pro tp kok upah nya setara tukang sapu restoran.. jgn krn dia org somalia bisa dibodohi 🙂

  13. so whats the difference between Afrikaans and Somalians (those pirates are somalians correct?), do they have a different language n culture? or are they literally the same thing except they live on different parts of africa. Also this movie was great! that african actor was superb

  14. Piracy where hostages are taken for ransom is almost exclusive to the Horn of Africa. What do you want them to do? Say the Pirates came from Finland?

    Grow a pair, nobody gonna change facts to save your feelings

  15. ffs all these people saying "this promotes people hating people from that country" even tho this is based on a true story and waseant as a re – cap on what happened

  16. In germânistan, æ somali butt-pirate haz been čhardžed шidh rejpĩng twō disabled mεn in æ kare-home ænd mûrderĩng one of dheir wivez: /watch?v=SEr04Ft9bQk&t=357s

  17. Ce film est fantastique et très bien fait on apprend beaucoup de chose (je l'ai regardé à l'école en plus 🤣 ) c'est très bien fait et on apprend beaucoup it's a very good movie

  18. These Somali pirates got nothing on the Golden age 18th and 17th century Pirates in the Caribbean.

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