hi I’m Leona chin Malaysian Motorsports
athlete and I do travelogs , videologs and motorsport videos guess what I sold one
of my drift cars through the mudah dot my app so I’m delivering the
drift car to the new owner today and I sold it at a lower price so I need to
swap off the rims with this set so let me show you two of my drift cars we have
this one S 14 and this s 13 is the one I just sold so this S 13 has a
rocket bunny body kit 18 inch rims so I’m gonna take this
off and swap it with the other ones let me tell you a bit about the history
of this car, this is my ex Gymkhana and drift car the s13
is also been with me for a very long time and it’s very sad that I need to sell it off but
I need to clear off my garage so it’s time to say goodbye to this car today’s
the last day we’re gonna put the car down
tighten the wheels with a torque wrench okay so the new owner of the s13 has
just arrived and he brought along the tow truck to tow the car since it’s a
track car so this the last time I go to see car in this condition I don’t
know how it’s gonna be next time bye-bye car so one car is gone but this car still
available for sale the Nissan S14 it’s up on sale and mudah dot my app so check
it out thanks for watching. Do follow me on my Facebook and Instagram and see you
in my next video bye bye

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  1. So sad. I'm sure u did sob as a petrolhead. That's the reason why I didn't sell off my 21yrs kancil that's had been mod turbo and it's a manual. Even I less drive it nowadays but when I drive it when I back hometown that always put a smile on my face.

  2. Saya suka video anda! Kehilangan kereta adalah begitu sedih! Saya berharap anda menjadi kaya tidak lama lagi!

  3. Love you guys so much. Thank you for subscribing. Please share the Link on your socials. ❤

  4. I always feel sad everytime I sold My Car..always has a attachment..Spending Time to Modefied, Thingking How to make it a Awsome Look..Then One Day She Has to go..

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