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  1. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!! There's a lot of information packed into this video, quite a bit of preparation and fact-checking went into this, and I know it's a massive amount to consume. I learned an immense amount over the two days I spent at their facility learning about the testing, and I believe this video captures what I saw very well for only being a 20-minute video. It was fascinating learning about how much testing goes on that we rarely hear about, and it was super cool to see the viscosity and wear metals analysis with time over the 20k mile drain intervals (as demonstrated towards the end of the video). It's a long video, but I'm quite proud of how it turned out, and I appreciate those of you who'll take the time to watch from start to finish – really tells the whole story! Thank you all and Happy New Year, let's have an amazing 2018!!

  2. Oil life has direct relation with how many gas gallons are spent, but it would be no easy to control total amount of gas, it is easier to use an average and convert to miles. I have already studied it, even oil consumption has direct relation too.

  3. I'll change the oil every 20k miles, if most of the time I spent driving on highway..
    If I spent most of the time city driving I still change the oil at 10k miles at most, 12k miles maximum.
    And yes, I change the my engine oil once a year despite low oil mileage if I don't drive the car much.

  4. Maybe only new engines! Because of the high of the sulfur level in diesel, you need to change oil- fuel filter 7500 km. Change engine oil 5000km-8000km

  5. Oh, the oil will last 20k. But the engine that the oil is in won't. We just won't put that on the sticker 🙂

  6. Thanks for the impressive articulation of a BUNCH of complex information as always, driving a 2013 Sonata with full synthetic..Hyundai says change every 7500 miles…I've got a lot more confidence to at least go 10,000 miles between changes with this information and solid testing!

  7. All fine and well having an oil that lasts 20000 miles, what about the oil filter? An oil filter will give up the ghost long before 20000 miles.

  8. In perfect conditions I'll last 20,000 miles. The're too many variables in the real world for the oil to realistically last that long. Maybe 10,000 if you're really nice.
    I drive a 2017 Mazda3 and it's fuel injected so I change my oil religiously. Every 4,500 miles. I will never push my engine not even close to 20,000 miles.

  9. I use Bardahl 5w40 full syn and change it every 10.000kms. No fuss and my engine is happy!!! 20.000miles???? Yep and my car can fart and burps.

  10. I use the best oil Liqui Moly Leichtlauf 5w40 in my Audis. Change every 5K no matter how long it's claimed to last.

  11. Marketing tells engineering what to make. Hehehehehehe. I think "Sure, will get right on it" translates into "Go F*** Yourself".

  12. I'm thinking Mobil must have bought shares in engine manufacturers… LoL…
    I know… no doubt, no argument.. absolute fact, that after 5000 miles, if I change my oil, the engine runs quieter again.
    Now, I'm not challenging the premise that the oil can last 20,000 miles, I am challenging whether you actually should keep oil in any engine for 20,000 miles.

    To me, regular oil changes are simply cheap engine insurance.

  13. I'm sceptical when manufacturers use round numbers. One year is very round. Also 20k per year intervals seems to be solving a problem few people have. My problem that I would love to see solved is longer time intervals.

  14. Great information in this video. Thank you!. Next time you are talking to your friends at Mobil, can you ask them to tell us what they do to get Dexos 1 (Gen 1 and 2) and Dexos 2 spec?

  15. I'm not saying this oil won't last 20,000 miles, I certainly wouldn't keep oil in an engine for that long regardless of the claims made, I run a B7 RS4 and I change the oil and filter every 4- 5000 miles and that's using what I would term half decent oil..(Shell Helix).. 9 litres every time.. lol.

  16. So are you & Mobil 1 said that those vehicles were tested up to 200K to 400K (19:30) without needing to change the complete timing belt kit & oil filter & spark plugs…
    Then why do so many owners are getting scammed to have oil/filter replacement at 3K?
    While vehicle manuals stated to do much earlier than 200K.

    And the other, what does, "no trans fluid drain/flush needed, it's a life time fluid" means?
    Seen many Hyundai transmissions gone out after 100,000 because fluid/filter were not done.

  17. So how does lowering the temp simulate a cold/dry start. The wear comes from when the oil has drained from the parts. The cold/cooler oil cannot simulate a dry start.

  18. and this video shows up why you need honda, if you're addin quart of oil every 500 miles you give a single sheet

  19. In a little older car the oil is going to get dirty. No matter how good the oil is after a few thousand miles, dirty oil is going to damage your car.

  20. For the high temperature oxidation test, they set the max viscosity change limit at 200% ???? Can you rationalize that? I would have thought any change more than say 10% is a failure. I also saw a lot of discussion on metal wear in this video, but any discussion of what an extended oil change does to the various engine seals was missing.

  21. I shall keep it simple,oil of the correct specification will last a very very long time(indefinite period?)I have the same oil in my truck(year of manufacture 2000) since I got it. and apart from a blown front timing case seal it goes as it always did.Shall I share with you how that can be?Filtration.

  22. 2 years later… Mobil 1 Annual Protection can't last 20k miles. Amsoil has more antiwear additives and detergents than Mobil 1, and contains a higher TBN, allowing the oil to not oxidize as quickly.

  23. Decades ago when Mobil 1 and Amsoil were new, the former ran an engine 100,000 miles on the dyno. I read this in an article in Popular Science. At tear down there was, for all observable methods, looked exactly the same as when it was new.

    And no one takes into account the fact that most engines use some oil. So, if your car uses a quart per 4,000 miles, your hypothetical 4 quart crankcase capacity gets a full change in 16,000 miles anyway! Modern oils and engines don't even really need changing. I know, radical, but where is the evidence?

    I run Mobil 1 oil and filter and don't change it until I feel guilty after a few years. My 2000 Buick GS with 190K miles still gets over 7000 miles on a quart of oil. Where's the wear?

  24. Very thorough! I am always interested in oil technology. Having rebuilt many engines and seen the inside of them under various treatment by their owners I can fully appreciate what the engineers have done over the last century. There are still vintage car owners who insist on 30W non-detergent and I can't agree at all especially after knowing this kind of information.

  25. Hey, try Amsoil… I must have done this wrong, but I tried 5 quarts of Amsoil… 4,000 miles later I had an engine warning to change my oil. Amsoil has 'sposedly been put in the war planes of the US. According to me, it failed. What did I do wrong?

  26. My dad used to change the oil in his Dodge cummins every 30,000 miles no joke, still drives it to this day, 26 years old and no problems. Oil does not degrade, sure it picks up particulates and acids but that's what the filter is for.

  27. Technically speaking, if you never replace the oil, it can last the entire life of the engine.

    It'll just be a much shorter lifetime.

  28. If you drive 20000 miles/~30000km between oil changes.. Half of it is the same oil come 20k mi. Because you will have topped it up many times in between.
    Driving 30k kms with an old Corolla is not the same as the same distance with downsized modern 7 speed thing. One revs 2500-3000 on highways, the latter revs 1500-2000. The newer engine has a more sophisticated temp control. Many engines have variable displacement&pressure oil pumps nowadays. Things have moved on from the Ford Y Block and 3000 oil service..

  29. – not even theoretically
    – practically from case to case
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    and o yes they are "domakini" and we slijepci
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    once some oil get some temperature is already burned
    – otherwise frying oil would be lasting forever

  30. Why did my Audi have variable inspection and oil change intervals of up to 45,000 km or 28,000 mls?

    Is European diesel better than American?

  31. I know people that change oil maybe at 60,000 miles and have 300,000 + miles on the engine. I am not so brave.

  32. Most engines will require up to 50% top up over that 20,000 miles. My engine would be bone fucken dry after 8 thousand.

  33. All marketing bs, if the engine is designed to work with a particular oil it won't benefit from "better" oil. Just do what the manufacturer recommends

  34. Welllllll, we have a few pickups on the farm here that are sitting at around 200,000 miles and I know they have gone at least 20,000 miles between oil changes, I'm sure one was pushing 50,000 by the time we discovered it hadn't been done. Non are burning oil or have suffered ill effects so far. This is with regular CO-OP branded 5-20.

    Myself I try to change oil about 10,000 miles.

  35. A good Group 4/5 Syn can last 20k. But you'll need a by-pass filter with much better filtering. Navy ships use "oil refiners" for their engines. You don't change 100 gallons every 30 days. Mobil 1 is just Group 3 so it's short on volatility and flash point compared with a Group 4.I doubt the engineers talked about the Group their oil is, or the synthetic base used. Very secret. Don't go there. But they know. I saw the base oil glass bottle of PAO which is synthetic. But ask how much is in their oil. 1-2% at most. Group 4 has much more.

  36. Ask them why they removed the APO from Mobil 1 and downgraded to Group 3 from Group 4 and kept the same price with no synthetic base?

  37. This is some great stuff I’m so happy I ran up on your channel and this video I’ve been so curios about if this was really legit or not! I do use Mobile 1 in my truck and always change at 5,000 but I really appreciate your time and work doing this for us! Thank you

  38. So the oil in low temperature because viscosity, in real wold the machine can't do that, so low viscosity in the oil theres less lubrification power, theres the big oil problem its wen the oil is at hight temperature, sorry my english lol, good videos i like your videos

  39. And for now is a good oil but in no time you see the same plastic bottle but inside there diferent and less expensive constrution oil

  40. Follow your manual at the end of the day, it has the manufactures Knowledge in there despite of what any oil company say…

  41. 1:10 – The funny thing is that, at least anecdotally, many consumers simply don't seem to believe the stated "20,000 mile" claim. I'm not even sure I do, even after having watched this well-made video documenting all the science and engineering that goes into this! Maybe this particular marketing department isn't as data driven as it should be; are most people really going to trust their engines to run that long without changing the oil? Unless maybe it's a fleet that stress-tests their oil anyhow, I think we all know the answer!

  42. 5k any conventional around 8k any synthetic in USA this stuff is so cheap so they brain wash people to do it every 3k to make more money bussness first 🤣💵🤣💵🤣💵🤣💵

  43. I just use there normal extended performance 0-20 full syn and change it at around 10k miles. and my cars manual calls for 10k oil changes anyway and manufactures usally call for worst case and since I mostly high way dirve I have no fear on my 10k oil changes. idk about 20k ones tho but I don't put enough miles on a car to do 20k a year anyways

  44. 5W-30 after 20,000 miles is sheared so much it usually thicker than 20W-50, so if you ask me. Yeah, replace oil every 5,000 miles.

  45. Polo 9N – 10w40 – changed it after 25.000km, car still running like a charm with 135.000km ..after all its still a car , not a moon rocket

  46. If an oil sample is removed every 5000 miles you would need to replace that with fresh oil, wouldn’t this alter the test results?

  47. And now someone will test the oil in his backyard garage using his kitchen tools and will tell u awh Supertech is better than Mobil1 AP

  48. Well I wouldn't wait that much but once a year on full synthetic oil rated 7k-10k works fine for me 300k so far and no problems or sludge. Some people say every 3k but that seems like over kill. Unless you have a engine known for sludge build up because of poor design or something. Also a Clogged PVC can sometimes cause Sludge issue.

  49. Jason, if you don't consider the R&D costs, would you say that the cost of ingredients between the cheapest and most expensive motor oils are pretty much the same?

  50. Curious; these tests are performed on an engine in a static environment. Have they already accounted for an engine in a dynamic state, meaning actually driving around, G forces, not just oil being forced to or away parts of engine internals, but internal parts themselves, if ever so slightly, being further apart or closer together during acceleration, deceleration, turns? Granted it is not intended for Formula 1-level forces but still may have some effect.

  51. Real world and lab type tests are completely different.
    Real world has long periods of moisture absorbed into the oil along with settlement of particles and starting from cold etc.
    A 20,000 mile interval also assumes that all the moving engine components wear at the same rate. Engine oil also gets contaminated with fuel especially in direct injection systems. (Fuel is injected directly into the cylinder instead of intake port)

  52. This is part of a marketing campaign.dont change the oil every 10000 cause you need to buy from us another car in 2 .3 years,otherwise will go bankrupt

  53. I work at a Kia dealership and all diesels are serviced every 20k, the only exception is for the two years I have worked there one engine had blown up and that hadn’t been serviced for over 50k and had non genuine filters, when the sump was taken off the oil could be picked up like a solid gel

  54. For me the sweet spot is between 5k-7k miles on full synthetic. Thought I usually change it at 6k. Never had an engine leak or blown head gasket, no knocking, nothing.

  55. Are they talking about not doing an oil change in 20,000 miles or are they talking about a full tank of oil lasting that long without adding more cause I need more oil every month 😂

  56. Oil must last a long time as a friend had a 1.8 Vauxhall Cavalier and he never serviced that car, all he did was top up the oil, when it was low and he did 90000 miles before he sold it and it ran fine!

  57. Dino oil actually is good for 7,500 miles in most application. I don't by intention go that long though doing so in the past never did any harm that I could discern. I doubt going 20K or a year on any synthetic will cause any harm as long as the vehicle is driven normally and the engine is in good condition in the first place

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