Burley Trailercycle Moose Rack | Instructional

To install the Moose Rack you will need a
5 millimeter hex key. To start, grab the rack stay and remove the
5 millimeter cap screw. Position the stay on the rack as shown. Reinstall the screw loosely to attach the
stay to the rack. Don’t tighten the screw all the way, that
will happen later. Repeat this process on the other side with
the remaining rack stay. Position the rack over the rear tire and align
the threaded holes at the rear axle. Fasten the rack to the bike with the 5 millimeter
button head screws. Repeat this step on the opposite side. Next, you will align the rack stays with the
threaded mounting point on the rear of the bicycle. Then fasten them with the appropriate screws. These screws are not included in the Moose
Rack kit. If the stays extend above the top of the rack,
you will want to remove the stays and cut them to the proper length. Before removing the stays, mark the appropriate
area to cut, which is below the top surface of the rack and at a least a half inch beyond
the stay block. Cut the stays to the appropriate length and
then feed them back through the stay block. Be sure to replace the rubber end caps. Reattach the stays to the rear bike stay. Adjust the rack so it’s riding level, then
tighten the bolts on the stay block to lock them into place. Repeat this process for both rack stays.

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